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I have been playing the demo and I have loved it!

It does seem that you have missed the oil sump section of things tho.

The oil pan / system lead directly to engine longevity

I.e. short sump, long sump, dry sump (like MB 6.9), centrifugal secondary oil filters(Land Rover Discovery Diesel), short filters, long filters, filter quality. I could go on for hours about the oil system :wink:

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Hello everybuddy,

I do aggree with your point about the oil system. But bringing up the oil system isn’t just it, there’s the valve-springs for example, all the bearings, the material they’re made of and the coating/plating, there are ceramic coated pistons and many different ways of making an aluminum engine block.
Such as melting alloy balls to an engine block like BMW is doing it. Or increasing or decreasing the manifold inlet and outlet size. Valve size and so much more, but I think, it is indeed important to build in the oil system. I mean, you can’t bring up all opportunities and technologies into the game, but the most essential things are needed.

Nontheless, I’ve been waiting for such a game for years and searched the internet for something like that. Never expected to find it by accident while youtubing.
But what I’m really excited about is, the forced induction and inline 5 as much as v10. LOVE those engines!

Great beginning for a game of that kind, keep it up Automation guys!

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^He’s got it right, there is a lot of other stuff we’d do first if we were to cover EVERY detail.

Need to avoid :wink: