Super Light interior: Higher quality = less weight?

Just a small grievance that’s been bothering me, but when trying to create a car where light weight is the main focus it’s currently better to use the most basic interior rather than the designated “super light” option. Would it be possible to make the super light interior lose weight when increasing quality? It seems to me that if an engineer set out to design an interior designated “super light” the lightest one would be considered the best. It should also, in my opinion, be the lightest available interior as is rather than being equivalent to the standard option.

agree on this, superlight to me always seemed as carbon fiber bucket seats etc.

Carbon fiber bucket seats and carbon fiber interior will always weigh more than almost no interior at all, that is what the “Basic” interior is, just the bare minimum to be able to sit and drive.

It has been suggested that super light be renamed as "sport"to remove the weight connotations

yeah, and as there is no explanations on what is what, basic to most people will appeal as say Golf MK1 basic

It’s funny that you mention this. How is it that people refer to basic as older designs and stuff?
Basically, 2010s basic absolutely wouldn’t be Golf Mk1 basic. 2010s basic would be something like a budget version of a Hyundai i10 or something, which still could have electric windows and proper trimming on the doors and dashboard.

@on-topic: Yes, I believe that Killrob confirmed that it will be renamed to Sport as it is confusing at this point. Maybe there should be examples on what basic, sport, standard and the other options are in what years to avoid the misinterpretations.

ok, for 2010 basic… i’ll say Dacia Sandero or something like that, just the bare minimum to drive

@topic - if the term sport is used, then there should be a racing interior or something, like Ferrari F40 or more recent Porsche 911 GT3, no nonsense interiors…

sport to me sounds like Recaro seats and stuff, so it just feels sporty, but weigh a metric ton

Which is exactly what sports cars nowadays are for the most part :slight_smile:
Yes, we’re changing the name to Sport. I think there are too few examples of cars that use actual race trim interior to warrant a different solution than “Basic” at the moment. It works form a gameplay point of view.

Maserati MC12
Ferrari F40/F50/F60
Lotus Elise (best example)
Lotus 7 (and all of the kit cars)
Porsche 911 GT2/3
A/C Cobra

just to name a few

can’t really call it a race interior, but it’s really close, 2 seats, steering wheel, dash and maybe a heater

Yet, the Porsche and Elise come with electric windows still and such? They have still quite some decent trimming inside and I wouldn’t call them Race but Sport. I never seen the MC12 interior and the others are too few to really create a different interior tab for.

I think something to keep in mind (and I’m sure the devs are) is that this game is about being a car tycoon. A lot of us will want to make their companies specialist in high performance cars, but we don’t want to unbalance the game by having all nice things for top end sporting cars at the expense of the lower end bread and butter models.

with all that i wanted to say - more quality should be tied to weight reduction to a degree

Yes, I agree with the sentiment, but no, that is not good for gameplay because it is contradictory with every other interior package that gets heavier with more quality and should. Also I would argue that more quality would not make the interior lighter either, it would look nicer though.

The F50 cannot be compared to the F40 interior-wise. Check out the /DRIVE video on this. The F40 is basically stripped.