Super Luxury Sector

Just found out about this through steam today and as a current automotive engineering student at university it sounds really interesting! :mrgreen:

I’m currently on placement at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and was therefore wondering how luxurious we can make cars? The field is dominated by V12s (DB9, V12 Vantage, Phantom, Ghost) and advanced suspension set-ups as well as huge amounts of leather and wood. They also tend to have a bespoke element to them with more unique features (uplit Spirit of Ectasy anyone?) than ‘normal’ luxury cars. :wink:

The sector doesn’t tend to make massive sales but is definately a halo brand for both VW (Bentley) and BMW (Rolls-Royce) and each car sells for huge amounts of money. :smiley:

Last time we (testers) had the access to car designer, there was an option to fit your car with handmade interior…