"Super Strut" Supension?

As we know, high-performance front wheel drive vehicles, particularly those with strut front suspension, are notorious for torque steer.

There are manufacturer-specific variants of the strut type suspension designed to greatly reduce torque steer; Ford’s RevoKnuckle, Honda’s Dual Axis Strut, and GM’s HiPer Strut (amongst others) are fundamentally the same concept, split the vertical component of the suspension from the pivoting component of the steering:

I realize this is only relevant for the hot hatch niche, but it would be a nice option for building small, sporty FWD cars with enough width for either a transverse engine of reasonable displacement or double wishbone front suspension, but not both.

I wouldn’t say it’s only relevant for hot hatches, personally. If it gives room for effectively Double Wishbone suspension and a bigger engine, it could be useful for any FWD mid-to-high horsepower car.

i watched a video about it. it’s really just a mix of double wishbone performance and flexibility, with the strenght and load bearing capabilities of macPherson Strut. lexus is also already using this on their sedans, which is not a hatch, but i forgot which model