Superchargers and Turbos

When will Super Chargers come in, and are we able to do Twin Charging (like upto 2 superchargers and a turbo per cylinder maximum)? Some of the cars I would like to design I would like to incorporate upto 2 superchargers (anything more than 10 cylinders in my opinion is unnessesary) and one engine is a V8 with Twin Super Octo Turbo charging (Real 2020 Model C Warrior, engine is a DFITS-OT Warrior Engine).

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There are very few production cars that use twin superchargers (though there are a few) and there is yet to be a production car to have turbos per cylinder so it’s highly unlikely that these options will be added to the game.


Please, just please, don’t ask these things. Before asking a question, check it hasn’t been discussed before. The search function is there, as handy as Google, please use it. Thanks :slight_smile: