Team ability

Hello to everyone,

my suggestion regard team ability,
I suppose that the company have engineering, research, production, administration, commercial and marketing teams…
Over the time each team may acquire experience ( skills? ) in determinate fields:
Engineering - engineers may have worked mostly on 4 cylinder in line aspirated solution rather than mcpherson suspension or fwd transmission
Research - researcher may have a lot experience on fuel injection or safety device
Commercial - company staffs may are very experienced in selling boring vehicle or sports car…
Marketing - same as commercial
Administration - administration staffs may have experience in cost reduction, or very large company or company efficiency
Probably each team have a manager, maybe this manager or white collar in general can be hired from a worker market with their wealth of experience.

What do you think about it?

Pretty much what is planned already, yes. The engineering side of things will come with the big update after the one that we release soon.