Tech Pool no longer adjustable for custom cars

CSR159 is in full swing, and our competition has been put on full stop because the Ellisbury open beta update 6 has cause the tech pool to no longer be adjustable. In previous updates, there was the capability to modify the tech pool up and down to fit the type of company you would like to produce the car you are creating. Currently the buttons are greyed out and do not allow you to change their values. This affects existing custom cars, and newly initialized custom cars.
We’d really like this feature to return, it is an interesting component to design competitions.

The last update seemingly added the ability to keep a pool of different companies in your profile.
Here is where tech pool points and costs would be held, and it looks like it holds cars under their distinct manufacturer.

To be honest, I kinda like this change, despite the wrench it has thrown into our competition. Clearly some discussion will happen but I wanted to put fresh information in front of people so they can keep their builds moving.