Technical Intel Topics

just asking if there could be a dedicated sub-forum hosting topics about competition stuff.
Let me explain :
I sometimes make engines/cars dedicated for rallying and racing, and I have difficulties gathering informations.
I’m wondering if some people would like to do topics about F1, FIA Group B, WRC, NASCAR regulations etc.
Like a “Competition Regulations” board, with a “Rally” sub-folder, and then a “FIA Group B 1986” topic, where people could share what they know/found about engine specs, weight, and such.
That would be reeeally cool to have some.
Or maybe we could make this in just one topic, if we paste it into spoilers.
By the way, is there a “Spoiler” button anywhere ? That would be great while sharing pics and long texts.
EDIT : While looking at the US headlamps regulations, I thought it could be added as a “Stock Regulations” topic.

While making more and more cars, I think it would really be convenient to have info on the specs according to the year, like the emissions regulations in the 70’s US.
As well as having some tips about the car fixtures (side repeaters etc) and the average specs (fuel economy, power, cost, build time according to the car class like hi-end sedan).