Testing car/Dyno

OK, Well I’m sure this will be knocked back because it will not be a major part of the game (or so the devs would claim) but I was thinking…

You have the engine testing, and for the complete car you have the test track. People are asking “Can we drive the cars” and the answer is no.

My idea, why don’t we kinda give half that? As in… You can test the engine as you do now, but when you complete the complete car, in addition to the test track, what about having a dyno room?

Like just a small room like the engine room where you build the engine and kinda of like the power/torque graph in the engine deginer have a graph that shows power/speed?

So the benifit? Well you get to actually watch your car come alive. watch the wheels spin and hear the engine rev. What benifit? Sure the same infomation can be obtained in the engine designer but maybe this could be tweak in a way to make advantage of this. People would be happy because they get to see their cars come alive (in a sense) and this way you can test all the variables that aren’t availble in the engine designer like, tamness, sportiness, acceleration, 0-60mph (0-100km/h) that sort of stuff, so the graph that is given @ the end of designing the car, maybe this can be dislayed as part of the dyno option

BUT know from what I’ve seen, Im sure this will be knocked back as too hard or not worth the input as it will provide minimal gain to the experince… if that’s the dev additude, we’ll im sorry but you ain’t going to get much respect from your players/fans

But yeah I’d be been to hear your thoughts on this suggestion :slight_smile:

Search “dyno” on site, this has been asked about at least twice in my recent memory!

Also, if you think about it, the engine designer already has a dyno (it’s just not the engine in the car so you’re only getting bhp), so there’s extremely limited benefit to this option.

If you’re interested to see the cars ‘come alive’, though, some headway has been made porting the engine files over to a physics based car simulator currently in development. Search for Beam.NG on these forums. Yes, it’d be another purchase for another product still in alpha build, but IMO it’s very worth it if you’re prepared to put some work in on your own files, because it’s a hoot! :slight_smile:

Yepp, suggested and debunked plenty of times, not doing it here again.

You do get a cookie for the “Projecting Hard” achievement you just unlocked though.