The 1989 6k Championship (Epilogue - End of Season Awards, part 2)

Not mandatory to resubmit but since the game is updated, some stats may not be the same as when you submitted.
The stats and car export that will be final are the ones I receive until the 8th. After that, I’ll have taken notes of all the stats, and I’ll export all cars to beam at the same time, so if the game then gets updated again afterwards it will not make any more difference to the challenge.

So my advice is for everyone who has already submitted to check if the car has changed in the meantime due to the game updates. Resubmissions are valid until the deadline.

Little Timmy decided that bringing his Dad’s hillclimb car to an endurance race with his mates would be a good idea, what more can I say?

Boasting a 3.2 litre, homebuilt v8 powerplant (which is probably less powerful than you’re thinking), this homebuilt car is the result of slapping one too many wings on an old F1 car. Just don’t question how Timmy’s dad got his hands on one. It’s a sensitive topic.



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A single-seater may be stretching the bounds of eligibility too far - but it would be great for unlimited class hillclimbs.

Yeah the rules clearly state 2-seater min.

Actually the above car does follows all the ‘automation’ rules I made. In Automation it has the 2 front seats.
However I do agree that the car does not fit the purpose of the challenge and have asked him to redesign the car so the looks match the automation car(2 front seats and no hidden chassis)

... and now for something completely different....

1989 Seongu Kando II Endurance 89

Seongu (‘pioneer’) is the automotive arm of Korean industrial conglomerate Hangseong, more famous for its wide range of affordable electronics and appliances.

Manufacturer of small practical cars, Seongu wasn’t afraid to support teams wishing to create racing versions of its mainstay, the Kando family of cars, here as a hatchback in its 2nd generation towards the end of its lifespan in the late 1980s.

While the 3.0 V6 in this entry - installed by the Yamang Racing Team - wasn’t a Seongu engine, it at least had some connection with Seongu’s expertise in 3-cylinder motors.

Yes, another shitbox brand with a story by me, at least this time in the Earthverse.

Ok guys, deadline is approaching and there have been plenty of automation updates since I started getting the first submissions.

As a reminder, you can resubmit an updated version until saturday 8th at night. Whenever I wake up on Sunday morning(I’ll be on London time), I’ll take note of all the stats I need and export all the cars to beamNg.

If in the meantime another update drops that adjust the automation stats again or the exporter, I’ll postpone the deadline by a few days to allow everyone to recheck their cars.

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The next challenger apears, the Mjukost Sport from Mullemeck. Using its inline turbo 4 it will surely power itself to glorious victory and maybe some cheese.


Just a little 3.5L pushrod V6 coupe here, nothing to worry about.


From the workers at Huta Przewóz Białystok is the new Helios!
The Helios is built upon the chassis of the successful Przeno line of family cars engineered and built at our steel work factory in Białystok. For the new race car of the Polish People’s Republic, major redesigns were made. It looks just like the Przeno, however only the chassis and body panel design stayed the same. The body panels were remade with aluminum and the suspension is now double wishbone in both front and rear.
The designers at Huta Przewóz Białystok which liked designs to be simple, designed the Helios with a simple design, much like most other cars they designed.

Now for the stats! The workers at Huta Przewóz Białystok designed an all new engine. The engine is a V 60 with 8 cylinders at a displacement of 3,857 cubic centimeters. The maximum output of horsepower is 227.4 at 6,400 revolutions per minute and the maximum output of torque is 265.7 Newton-meters at 5,000 revolutions per minute. It is a cast iron block with aluminum head with single overhead cam with 2 valves per cylinder

Helios is front-engine front wheel drive with 5 gear manual gearbox. The top speed is 157.0 miles per hour.

The Helios was test droven for months before finishing the engineering.

Here is a picture.


It’s been a while…so here it is!

FMR StreetSport Xtreme.
1425 i3 Turbo
Goes pretty quick.


Deadline is finished and we’ve got 19 participants!

This was a lot more than I was expecting so be patient with me to process the entries.
I am very happily surprised with the variety of entries and we have almost every engine configuration participating; yes, we’ll see an Inline 3 going against V12s. I4 seems to be the most popular choice and there are 12 turbo’s vs 7 NA’s

As we speak the cars are already heading to the practice track.

Soon a short presentation and aesthetics voting. Thank you all for joining.



No, I’m still alive and it’s time for aesthetic voting. Some time ago I made a website for something like this and I thought it might be nice to repurpose it again for this challenge. It’s not very “modern” looking but it does the job. Or so I hope.

Every participant will get a message from me with username password and the link is here:

Once you log in, you get to vote all the cars head to head until you run out of cars. Comparing two cars head to head means you choose for the one you think looks better and if you think they’re of the same level, then there’s a button bellow also for that.

If other users, who are not participating, also want to vote, send me a dm and I’ll fix you up with a username and password.


The first race will be held at Road Atlanta:

First report from the first practice session:
The cars were already going around doing plenty of work around the track as the sponsors were allowed around the paddock to take a look at the cars. The talk of the day has been that the stakeholders of the Zephorus Speedrunner were delighted with its looks and are keen into increasing the team’s funding.

Similar words have been heard regarding the Cordelia VTP “Remaro Edition” and Seongu Kando II Endurance 89.
Also around the paddock grumblings were heard from some sponsors who are threatening to pull out some of the funding because they were expecting something else from the cars. These are the HPB Przeno Helios, StiggyRacing Mawzda EX-8 and the Totally Stock V12 Baybee; they may have to resort to cheaper parts for the racing because of this.

But how are they performing, you may ask?
The fastest car so far at Road Atlanta has been the Formula Jank Turbo, however, it was seen spending quite a lot of time in the pits in between stints and an weird colored smoke was often coming out of the engine. The Undriveable V12 Turbo was a few seconds slower and it looks like the driver quite agrees with the car’s name as it had quite some visits to the grass around the track and very narrowly destroyed the car after a somewhat uncontrolled spin stemming from a suspension failure.
Also fast but also looking very unstable was the KBF F8 R.

The Mawzda EX-8 was the leader of the close pack of similar fast cars that followed this trio and this car was extremely consistent with its lap times and there were no signs of any stress among the pit crew.
Among cars who visited the grass plenty of times and flatspotted their tires more than just a few times were the Cordelia VTP “Remaro Edition” and the FMR StreetSport Xtreme.

Further reports with laptimes soon…


More news from Atlanta

here are the best laps from all the cars taken from this free practice session:

Also, I have given everyone an extra round of comparisons for the aesthetic voting. So just go to the link and use the user and pass you have been assigned.

PS: timestamps for all the laps are in the description of the video if you see it on the YouTube website


If I’m not mistaken, the Speedrunner is yet another trim derived from your CSR149 entry - but I’m guessing that although your 6k Championship entrant is FWD, the base car and/or your actual CSR 149 submission is/are RWD. I’m guessing that the reason you made your 6k entry FWD is that a RWD trim would have been too expensive.

At any rate, you have made three different trims of the same basic car, and they all look incredibly stunning from every angle.

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The first race simulation will be done this weekend(I know, I have been a tiny bit lazy lately)

But here’s the full 5 race plan:

1 - Road Atlanta, USA, 5h
2 - Lakeside Park Raceway, Australia, 3h
3 - Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit, Australia, 7h
4 - Brands Hatch, U.K., 6h
5 - Hirochi Raceway(medium version), Automationland, 4h


I want to apologise for taking so long with the results for the first race. I encountered some technical issues(mainly to do with my approach to the calculations) that are making me take much longer than expected. Also lack of free time has been an issue this past week. I have not forgotten about it and keep on working on it, just a little bit at a time. So be assured that it will all come out fine.

For the meantime, I can release the full results from the aesthetics voting. The first 4 got a small bonus and the bottom 4 a small penalty to the stats.

Complete order after all the voting:

  1. Speedrunner
  2. Vizok Svoboda 89m
  3. VTP "Remaro Edition"
  5. F8 R
  6. Ganner Glave
  7. Spec Runner
  8. Kando II Endurance 89
  9. Mjukost Sport
  10. CPV v6
  11. Undriveable Turbo V12
  12. StreetSport Xtreme
  13. Otari GRX
  14. Formula Jank Turbo
  15. Mawzda EX-8
  16. Batwing
  17. GTA
  18. Helios
  19. V12 Baybee


The Speedrunner’s livery reminds me of this Castrol-liveried FD RX-7 that ran in the GT300 class during the 1997 JGTC season:

That livery had more red and green area compared to the one Toyota used for the Celica GT-Fours that ran in the WRC from 1990 to 1995, and later the TOM’s Supra that competed in the GT500 class in the JGTC throughout the late 1990s, but at any rate it deserves more recognition, mainly for this FD bearing the same #55 as the 787B that won the 1991 24 Hours of Le Mans, and also because it has never appeared in a Gran Turismo game (or any other game, for that matter) in any capacity.