The Automation Photo Editing Competition [Round 5]

Welcome to the Automation Photo Editing Competition.

Photo by @ramthecowy, car by @NormanVauxhall

What is the Automation Photo Editing Competition?
Glad you asked! The APEC is a competition that helps to build and grow photoshop skills within the commuity. Think of it as a CSR for photoshop; rounds are simple to navigate with an easy formula to follow every round.

Here’s how the process works:

  • This is how you enter the competition. You make a post on this thread with your completed photo. Above the photo, you must type “Final Entry” (As such - ***Final Entry***) or else your photo will not be chosen.

  • All of the eligible submissions will be compounded into one poll. Voting will take place over the course of 4 days, with the winner being announced on the 5th day. If there are complications, I will ask someone to take over temporarily.

  • The winner of the challenge will be able to formulate the restrictions on the next competition. If the winner of the challenge does not respond within a day, the second place winner will be chosen. They have complete freedom to ask whatever they would like; for example, they may provide a photo to edit, or they may simple ask for a themed photo edit. They can provide a car for you to edit. However, they must DM me all of the information first. Afterwards, I shall post the round.

General Rules
A failure to follow these rules may result in disqualification.


Round 2 - Multiple Exposure (@ramthecowy)

Round 3 - Crossing Eras (@goblin95)

Round 3 (Dedux) - Automation for Playstation (@Chickenbiscuit)

Round 4 - An Iconic Livery (@Rk38)

Round 5 - The Great Wilderness (@Chickenbiscuit & @DeusExMackia)


Good idea, and it will allow people to improve on their photoshoping skills. The UE4 version looks so good that it made a lot of us soft and lazy, not needing photo editing to make good promotional material. It is long overdue we all got the dust off our editing skills.

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I like it, but my Kung-fu is not strong.

However I am more then happy to take 16k resolution screenshots for people who want abserdly high res source material.

Round 1 - STANCE | WORKS

Thanks @EnryGT5 for the Mountrouge Claymore!

Hey! Welcome to the first round of the APEC. For this first week, I wanted to start off with something easy to do and simple to create; thus, the theme is "Stance|Works."

Now, before you go and scream at me “ew, stance is nasty I hate stance what’s wrong with you,” I would like to inform you that in it’s somewhat more technical term, stance is simply the static car height; nothing more, nothing less. You can go with raised suspension or lowered suspension; whatever you want to make is up to you. This is why I chose this theme; it’s easy to reach out to the people and have you guys make what you feel like making instead of being restricted in the future to come.

In the future, the quote below will come from the previous winner and will not be hidden. The title image in the future will also be the previous winner of the competition.

Quote from Stance|Works to better understand the theme

"Stance|Works was founded in the spring of 2009 as a safe haven for automotive enthusiasts that had an affinity for pushing the boundaries of wheel fitment and stance. We view our vehicles as blank canvas and allow our imaginations to take over. 3 years have passed and Stance|Works continues to grow and reach out internationally, liberating people from close minded notions that cars ought to look a certain way or serve a certain purpose. "


Deadline: 11th of March, 2018, 00:00 GMT


Final Entry - MrComputah.


Loving the theme, although there’s not a snowflake’s chance in hell I can match that…

I’ve got a vehicle and use the green-screen filter but when I transfer it to a location image the colours are really dull and shit.

Do I have to cut it out of a normal Automation scene and paste it over my location image?

You don’t have to.

It sounds like you just need to put a curves layer on your car to match the lighting with whatever scene you put it in.

Final Entry

Lets get this going! This is a nice challenge. Idk how much time I’ll have to do this over the week so I just did a quicker one.


Just a quick reminder that we’ll be closing the first round in one week!

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Time for a second round of

Final Entry

Xavier Llobet and Rocco Martell are back again, bringing the Enso tuned Znopresk Zeta 1.7 XSX.

Once again, the European tuner company infamous for their extensive portfolio of modified BMMAs, Erins and Znopresks as well as a memorable performance in the Great Automation Run brings out a new piece to highlight the timelessness of the Zeta design. With sleeker lights, wider fenders, flush stance look, a modern carbonfibre diffuser and an exposed exhaust system, the Zeta is catapulted from the early 90s straight to a near cyberpunk-esque look, taking on a commanding presence despite it’s size.


Hey everyone! Here to remind you guys that I will close the competition in a little bit under an hour and a half. Please submit your entries before 00:00 GMT!


Sorry for the delay.

Voting will end tomorrow at 00:00 GMT.

Please vote for only one entry.

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Also, now that the competition is in the voting stages, any comments and feedback for the artists I’m sure would be greatly appreciated.

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Voting has officially ended!

Of our 15 votes for this round, the first round winner goes to…


There will be a new brief tomorrow at 00:00 GMT chosen by @ramthecowy.

Final voting breakdown:
12 votes - @ramthecowy
2 votes - @Chickenbiscuit
1 vote - @Mr.Computah


hahah holy shit this might be the first time I’ve won something outright after 2 years of second places

Thanks everyone, appreciate your support, again, have to extend my thanks to Andrea for lending me the car. I do have to admit this was a very simple but distinctive PS job, the two other options were way too hard to attempt within the time I had. Anyway, I’ve passed on my idea for the next round to Evan, so good luck to all again.


Round 2 - Multiple Exposure

@ramthecowy’s winning entry from last week.

Welcome to the second round of the APEC. Our theme this week is presented by last week’s winner @ramthecowy; the theme he provided was “multiple exposure photography.” Here’s what he has to say…

“Grappling with the basics of learning to use photoshop is time consuming and difficult but eventually as you gain expertise you look for new challenges, new looks. I never really got into art formally but am quite interested in getting into it, so I just wanted to see what artsy things you guys could come up with”


Original ruleset

Deadline: 26th of March, 2018, 00:00 GMT


Final Entry

The car is a modified version of a Brivo Roma from @CadillacDave.

“Background” image is of a skyline of Chicago


Can I put in more than one car in the picture, or should it be the same car?

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You can do whatever you want @goblin95.