The Car Shopping Round (Round 64): Tears in Heaven

There’s 16 hours and 35 minutes left for submissions.

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Whelp, time to finally enter my entry.

Dragotec Rapier

I went more for a luxury GT this time, since it’s supposed to be dailied, while being capable to hold its own on a track. I really loved the shape of this body, so stuck to it, and I hope thecarlover will enjoy it aswell. One major pain was the limitation it put up with the spoiler though, but ohwell.

edit: oops, looks like cooling glitched on these screenshots, the average reliability is supposed to be 73.4, with sportiness and prestige dropping .1


lol nice ad, that’s a novel approach.

Have you tried Razyx’s wings? Particularly the whaletail, it may have suited your rear bodywork… had it fit. I don’t know if it’d fit.

Thanks! And I tried his arco wing, it looked somewhat odd to me on the car, not sure what you mean with the whaletail though.

of the entries so far, it looks to be a close ass fight

I’ll bring it up when I get the time, but right now I’m a bit squeezed!

Right, finally, entry time. I’ve been trying to squeeze two deadlines: one, a presentation for the unit meeting, and this. Guess which one I finished first :joy:

In this day and age, Canada has, and continues to do well to stay well away from the brooding international instabilities. Whatever its residents say about the vagaries and incompetencies of its local politics, the rest of the world round, it enjoys a reputation for being a mostly progressive, peaceful country of sprawling diversity from which few evils have spawned (considering nobody knew who Justin Bieber was yet…). By extension, Canadians as a people are thought to be a far cry from their larger-than-life, chest beating counterparts south of the border with the notable exception of ice hockey.

How then, to market a supercar that confidently declares itself a supercar in capability and presence, yet remains unpretentious and friendly to both people and environment?

Completely fictional manufacturer from a presumably European country, Empyrean, presents the technological counterpunch to that Teutonic bus of yesteryear, the Infernus!

For a progressive businessowner comes a progressive car years ahead of its time, for years to come. Finally in the flesh nearly twenty years since conception, this is a car rooted deep in supercar values, but evolved with highly advanced technology that grants it a versatility never before seen. For the driver, the twin turbo 6.2L V12 engine has a specific output exceeding 100hp/liter, yet delivers flat torque through its very wide powerband from under 3k rpm all the way to its redline of 8800rpm so you’ll never be left short-shifted. The transmission is a highly advanced AWD with new electronically controlled torque vectoring, catapulting it from 0-62mph in 2.5s, the quarter mile in 10 seconds flat, and breaking 300km/h at the kilometer onto a top speed of over 380km/h. This car is one of the first to feature active aerodynamics and active suspension, harnessing extra control and downforce when pushing to the limits, exquisitely tuned to pull an unprecedented 1.3g on the skidpad while keeping rock steady.

But this is far from only a road monster. For the everyday person, the suspension is capable of raising the ride height at speeds of up to 50km/h for all the bumps and uneven surfaces. The fuel economy is simply unheard of in a car with this unparalleled performance, at over 24mpg. We would be surprised if a car this fast and this well-appointed was this economical within the next ten years. Pair this with a high quality interior and a full suite of driving aids, and you have yourself the city supercar that turns heads, the highway supercar that can cruise endlessly in addition to the most capable road racer the world has seen outside of motorsports.

All this comes for a (frankly ludicrously unrealistic) 158600.

Empyrean: the Divine in motion.


Wow, @strop looks great a truly classic super-car look and those figures certainly look very challenging to beat! @Dragawn I’m digging the look of that. Really puts a really distinctive look I haven’t ever really seen on that body style before. Another beautiful design @asdren with a very formidable power-train to back it up! I just hope my design can put up a good fight. Speaking of which I forgot to submit my rotating gif for my design.



adding that signature to every frame must’ve been so tedious.

@JohnWaldock i’ve made a tutorial on how to make it on the car sharing subforum. it’s down there somewhere…

@strop is now the odds-on favorite for this round… his car is just too good, like a Ford RS200 turned up to 11 and beyond. And it looks ace! :smiley:

thanks, but im so computer illiterate when it comes to making anything lol

stats wise strop biggest advantage is accel time, sportiness and fuel millage, while his other stats basically quite same as other entries. that 2.5s probably gonna cost some track time, but its turbo you could get about 0.4-0.5s faster than NA. still no worry from me

im betting on my drivability for this round, though i cant get 0-100 fast enough because no turbo

If I may ask, what’s your Airfield track time?

Howler Automotive reserves the Invisigoth name only for the maddest hypercars it builds. These are not necessarily very easy to control. When you sit into an Invisigoth, you’re supposed to know your go pedal from the stop one or you will soon be just as terrified as the innocent bystanders. But if you are worthy of the machine, it will take you places.

Quite comfy, like.

Real fast.

I’ve been caught up in BRC so I didn’t have as much time to polish it as I may have liked, especially the looks.

The engine I consider adequate.


Hello, Canadian Auto Salvage shop :joy:

Somebody had to do it. This time, I determined it would not be me :stuck_out_tongue:

that power spike is pretty gnarly, but you nearly double your torque in under 1000rpm and im wondering how drivable it is?

Okay, I take back what I said earlier about a field full of coffins. We just found the coffin.

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Even in a world where 20 different companies make supercars, we at Pearlite believe that there is still a niche that has not been fulfilled: the rally supercar. A supercar that combines the most bleeding-edge of technology with a go-anywhere, do-anything attitude. Introducing the Pearlite Volara Carbon.

Based on Pearlite’s popular Volara coupe, the Volara Carbon is redesigned from the ground up using all carbon fiber materials. It’s powered by a turbocharged 6.0L V12 engine producing 642hp. The power is sent to all four wheels, which come standard with advanced all-season tires. These 335/40R16 tires are designed to offer tremendous grip under any circumstances. Combined with electronic differentials, a reinforced skidtray, and offroad sway bars, the Volara is equipped with the latest technology needed to tackle the most demanding terrain.

This isn’t a car that you only take to the track or around town to show off. This isn’t a car that you have to hide in your garage for half the year. This is a car which you can drive any time, under any conditions. We WANT you to push this car to its limits in the snow, on the dirt, or anywhere else you can think of. Rallying on a gravel trail with 642 horses is something that has to be experienced personally to be described. But don’t worry; the Volara’s AWD and advanced driver aids will ensure that you stay safe while you’re having the thrill of a lifetime. If worst comes to worst, the carbon fiber construction offers top-tier protection. In fact, if you do damage your Volara, we’ll send our own expert mechanics to make it look as good as new. Everything will be covered under the warranty!

In addition to its all-weather capability, the Volara is a comfortable and efficient daily driver as well. Premium heated seats and a smartly designed SatNav infotainment system come standard. And with 24mpg combined, you’ll be able to experience the Volara’s exhilarating performance day in, day out, without breaking the bank.

The 2006 Pearlite Volara Carbon. The supercar without boundaries.


You’ve done what I considered doing, then backed away from! It definitely is an unfilled niche… wonder if that’s a major draw card…

Also what kind of track times do you end up getting with such good off-road rating?

1 hour left for submissions, if there are any procrastinators.