The Crate Engine Thread

Hi, I’ve seen some similar threads in the past, but not exactly the same as the premise I’m looking for. This is my first topic, and I thought it would be nice to have a place to dump pre-made engines for people to use in other builds.

It may be especially helpful to newer players who don’t quite have the expertise to make and tune an engine themselves, or for those who want to focus on design. If you plan to give permission for others to use your engines in challenges, et cetera, I would heavily recommend asking for credit. (and possibly linking this thread so people know where to find the fantastic engine from your car) If there are any veteran forum users that want to critique this post, please do, as I would like this to be a helpful resource for all players.

It would be nice if you followed the formatting in my post so it stays consistent, but if you don’t want to, or if there are any other stats you want to include, that’s absolutely fine.

Export to a .engine or .car file, then post in this thread, with relevant specs and possibly a little lore too. (helpful so nobody has to download a file just to look at specs) There’s no deadline, no brief, just a chance to share your projects with the community.


As of the Ellisbury Update, you can directly export engines, as .engine files; it works exactly the same as exporting/importing .car files.

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Really? I had no idea. Must edit

We used to be able to export engines on their own during the Kee engine days - it’s glad to hear that this functionality has been restored in the Ellisbury Update after years of it being absent from prior UE4-based builds.

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Right, now that the thread has been created, I guess I’ll start posting. This is Forrest Motors’ renowned 90-degree Crossplane V8 engine. The engine family and variant year are both 2015, and it will hit WES11 Standards in most cars with a bit of tuning. I consider this to be the best engine I’ve made, due to its power, reliability and remarkable fuel efficiency. The car I engineered this for manages 11.2l/100km combined, which is even more impressive with a near 500hp sportscar. This variant is the coveted ‘Blacktop’ performance engine, with a power increase, higher redline, and black valve covers. Supercharged version coming soon, but I have to wait for Al-Rilma.

Engine Code - V8A QC50NA Blacktop

Layout - All-Aluminium Naturally Aspirated DOHC 40-Valve (5 per cyl.) 90-degree Crossplane V8 w/ Forged Crank/Conrods/Pistons & Harmonic Dampener

Bore x Stroke - 96.2 x 86.8mm (3.787 x 3.417 in)

Displacement - 5047cc (307.986 ci, rounded to 308)

Power @ RPM - 482.1hp (359.5kW) @ 6,700rpm

Torque @ RPM - 585.1Nm (431.547ft-lb) @ 4500rpm

Redline - 7000rpm

Weight - 207.7kg (457.9lbs)

Reliability - 100.7

Efficiency - 22.2%

.car file is here with test mule, please ignore engineering, as since you’ll be putting it in your own cars, I didn’t want to waste time engineering a new one. (The forum won’t let me post .engine files, please fix, devs! :slight_smile: ) (15.4 KB)

For anyone who wants to use this engine in a Community Challenge:

Please inform me beforehand, and credit me in the forum ad. If you use the engine in one of your cars, I would like to be credited as a collaborator. It doesn’t take too long and I’d be perfectly happy to help tune the car as well (My design skills are terrible). It would also be nice if you linked this post and/or thread, so others that view the ad can bathe in the glory of my OUR fantastic powertrain.