The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 49]

FITZ A100 Sedan


Friendly reminder: Less than 36 hours left!

So far I’ve received entries from @Lanson @mart1n2005 @Bbestdu28 and @FidleDo


The 1972 Fitz Monaco concept

By Bateman Design Studios.

Designed to look like a much larger and more expensive car than it really is, the Fitz Monaco is a bold new step for a brand used to making commercial vehicles.

Depicted here as a top-spec 1500 16 valve model, the Monaco has muscle car looks without the muscle car price.

But it still looks like a Fitz, with design cues taken from previous Fitz models and the current C100 that are then subtly modernised to create a fresh, but familiar look.
The car shown is a prototype, design and engineering details may change before release.

Fritz P49 concept



Styling by LMJ Design

1972 Fitz Cometa Concepto By AT-Pagasus Design Group

engineering and design details might change in development
AT-Pagasus Design Group, we can (not) design gud cars

Entries’ reviews will be uploaded probably during the weekend, stay tuned!


Any news on this?

A short message:
1st. I’m really sorry -again- for disappearing all of a sudden. This round landed between my final term exams for university so I was extremely busy. I know I should’ve told you, and I apologize for not letting you know.

2nd. Reviews are on the way. I was actually almost done with the first judging round when university exams came by, so I’m hoping to put it up this weekend.


First stage: Design concepts

Fitz Central Office, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Enrique Fitz is getting ready to receive the members of the directive board at the brand new design department. He’s nervious, since he knows they tend to reject any design that requires further development , but he’s confident that the future of the brand lies in one of the proposals that were handed to him. He needs to make these executives (including his own father and founder, Gregorio Fitz) realise that this is the way to take the company to the future.
Speaking of his father, he’s the first one to enter to the design room. The rest of the directive board follows in.
Quickly, Enrique leads them to the first proposal:

@Lanson - Fitz Inizio

Detailed review

Gregorio likes the proposal’s name, italian like himself and purposeful. At first glance, the car shows an elegant silhouette. The front presents a characteristic double grille, with the brands logo showing in the center. The vinyl roof and the double set of headlights, as well as the additional foglights stand out on this proposal, since these are considered luxury add-ons for a small family car. The overall appearance of the design is luxurious on the front and on the rear, but sober, almost empty-looking on the sides, with nothing more than the door handles and a very subtle trim detail (that doesn’t properly link the front of the car with the rear). The dark paint, although interesting, hides even more some design details, making it hard to appreciate them. Taking a closer look, the board’s chief engineer realises that the design lacks a B-pillar, which makes the car look more spacious than the usual car from this segment, but it also makes it more expensive engineering-wise. Finally, the rear end presents a solid and recognizable design, highlighting the brand’s name on the rear panel and a very stylish tailight housing.

Veredict: Acceptable, but not what we were looking for

Good frontal and rear design, but it lacks the overall design integration due to the empty-looking side profile. On the other hand, the use of double headlights, foglights and vinyl roof correspond to a more luxurious and expensive car, which contrasts with the goal of this new model.

@mart1n2005 - Fitz Caracara

Detailed review

Some members of the board chuckled a little bit at the name, but Enrique liked it, and found it quite original. The design looks much more vivid than the first proposal, mainly because of the bright yellow color. This allows to take an easier look at the general style of this proposal. This time, the vinyl roof stands out even more due to the contrast with the bright paint. The front has a very well integrated double-grille, with rounded edges that blend quite well with the double headlights. the front bumper also has some rounded edges, which make the car more recognizable from the more traditional cars. The side profile of the car shows chrome mouldings and design details well integrated into the vehicle, such as the brand name on the C-pillar. The rear end shows a solid, more traditional design, though the reverse light looked like it was put there at the last second. To avoid them taking a closer look at that detail, Enrique also showed the board some interior designs for this proposal, that looked very innovative and original.

Veredict: Acceptable, but not what we were looking for

Very nice design and swiftly integrated all around. The level of detail is pretty good, and the addition of an interior is much appreciated, but again the car presents a more luxurious styling than what’s desired. The use of double headlights and vinyl roof goes beyond what’s expected on a car from this segment, at least on the basic trim.

@Bbestdu28 - Fitz Beleza:

Detailed review

Gregorio raised a brow at this proposal. His son never mentioned that Fitz would be building small sports cars, nor he could conceive the idea of such thing. Enrique quickly added that the sport trim was just for show, but he knew that it could eventually be a real thing if Fitz got into rallying.
Other members of the board like this proposal too. The bold hatchback design has a clear sporty styling, with additional headlights, hood intakes and sport wheels. The overall appearance is very original and aesthetic, well integrated all around. The front presents an integrated design, with double headlighrs and a grille divided by a chrome detail. The side profile shows chrome mouldings and some details reminiscent of old Fitz designs. The rear end is simple but modern, and the hatchback design makes it already very recognizable, since there’s not many cars with this configuration. The interior also presents a sport styling, but more subtle than the exterior. Nevertheless, Gregorio was firm on rejecting this proposal.

Veredict: Acceptable, but not what we were looking for

Objectively a great design, with a recognizable and original styling, but the sports aesthetics isn’t part of the main focus for this car.

@FidleDo - Fitz A100:

Detailed review

Even though Enrique was the one showing the concepts, this time he was along the board questioning if this was really a good idea. The general aspect of this design. The front end shows a recognizable design, with a divided grille and the brand’s logo detailed in chrome. The double headlights are well integrated to the grille design, but the polymer bumper looks slightly out of place, since they aren’t mandatory by national safety regulations (yet). In contrast, the rear end has a weirldy balanced design; while the overall look is plain, the retro-styled tailights are very well detailed. These tailights, along with the chromed solid rear bumper, make the rear end of this car look like it belongs to a completely different car. Lastly, even though the side profile has some details, they don’t link properly the front and rear end of the car, and the paint color isn’t eye catching to keep the board looking for more details around the car.

Veredict: Not acceptable

This design has some minor defects (wipers mounted on the windscreen) as well as some considerable ones (mismatched bumpers’ design and materials). It also doesn’t help that this car body shape in particular has a rough quality.

@lotto77 - Fitz Monaco:

Detailed review

Suddenly the board gathered interest in the next proposal. Not only the concept’s name was quite noticeable, but also because of it’s size and shape, this concept looked attractive and dynamic, without being overtly sporty. The front highlights an edged gap which contains the characteristic double grille, along a pair of single headlights, as well as indicators. Both the badge and the brand’s lettering are included, making the front very reminiscent of Fitz image, without making it look like a truck. The side profile shows a modest design, but it doesn’t feel empty, thanks to the shape of the body, and to the bright paint that highlights some details like the concept’s name on the C-pillar. The rear end looks again more loaded design-wise. The integrated taillight housing and the black panel are simple but effective design choices.

Veredict: Acceptable. Goes to the next round

@Arn38fr - Fitz P49

Detailed review

Surprisingly enough, the tables turn around while taking a look at this design. Enrique thinks the overall looks of this car are plain and dull, while his father Gregorio thinks it looks sturdy, simple and reliable, as all Fitz should be. Aside from that, both agreed that the car barely resembled a Fitz. You could notice the double grille inside the black panel on the front, but it’s very different to the characteristic double grille present on Fitz’s trucks. Nevertheless, some members of the board like the proposal, particularly the unique shape of the side windows, and how the aesthetic vents integrate to the body. The rounded rear end with integrated tailight housings was also liked a lot as well.

Veredict: Acceptable. Goes to the next round

@Knugcab - Fitz Leveret 1500

Detailed review

Squared lights, angular shape and dynamic style. It definitely looks unique for the board members. They notice that the main theme of this car are the sharp edges around the it; even the double front grille has this treatment. The distinct front of the car is supplemented with an equally unique rear end, with a silver bar connecting the tailights and the indicators, giving the car a futuristic look to it. Surprisingly enough, the badge lettering is the most rounded thing on this concept (aside from the wheels, obviously), looking quite original and appealing. And linking both extremes of the car, the side profile highlights the straight lines drawn with mouldings and chrome bars.

Veredict: Acceptable. Goes to the next round

@T0M - Fitz Cometa Concepto

Detailed review

From sharp edges, to round edges. The next proposal puts a smile on Gregorio, since the retro-style of this car is very appealing to him. But the retro styling doesn’t overshadow some of the bold desing choices taken. The double grilles on this car are the smallest of all proposals, making the car look smaller from the front than it actually is. Together with the big, rounded headlights, the Cometa has a very friendly looking and recognizable front. The side profile is also quite unique, with a very curvy C-pillar and retro-styled door handles. Moving to the rear, the tailights housing resemble the early trucks of the company, but overall the car still looks quite modern.

Veredict: Acceptable. Goes to the next round

After reviewing the last proposal, the board requested a 1:1 scale model of each of the remaining concepts for the final decision. This time, only Gregorio and Enrique would be reviewing the cars.

To be continued…

stock photos of each car for better comparison

ooc: Thank you for giving me some time to finish this. I know you may have been waiting quite some time for the results, but do not worry, Final round will be very soon!!!


Any news on this?




Final Stage: The Winner is in The Details

Fitz Central Office, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The whole batch of 1:1 scale proposals arrived a few weeks later than expected. It seems that Enrique delayed the prototypes to make sure they were as good as the initial renders suggested. His father, the directive board and each team of designers were pretty annoyed at that, but at least the wait was finally over.

The first proposal to be shown was the Fitz Monaco ( @lotto77 ):

As expected, everyone focused on the striking front end of the car. The slightly cut headlights and the boxy, unified grille gave the car a more engaging and sporty look, while the tailight arrangement on the rear give the car a sense of refinement… If Fitz could replicate these designs on the production model it could be an instant success. On the other side, the car becomes simple and plain when seen from the side. It could be barely recognized by the single moulding that links the front and the rear of the car.

The next proposal to be revealed was the Fitz P49 ( @Arn38fr ):

The simple looks of this concept is what makes it stand out, both in a good way and in a bad way. The good thing about it is that it has overall a very distinct appearance. It looks fresh and innovative, while keeping a soft appearance. The bad thing is that the concept sets itself apart from the classic design cues of the brand. The split grille is almost hidden on the blacked-out front end, and there’s very little left to identify the car, not just by desing, but also by the lack of lettering. If it wasn’t for the plates with the name on it, it would be certainly difficult to relate this car to Fitz.

Another hatchback was revealed next. This time it was the Fitz Leveret 1500 ( @Knugcab ):

The whole staff stood in awe at this one. Design details stood out all around the car. The angular shaped split grille, along with the squared headlights and rectangular tailights, and the boxy shape of the body gave the car an easily recognizable profile. That also allowed it to hide some odd design choices, like slightly misaligned headlights with the grille shape, or the fact that the front doors are somewhat longer than the rear ones.

Finally, the last contestant design was revealed, the Fitz Cometa Concepto (@T0M )

If the Leveret could be interpreted as a look into the future of car design, then the Cometa Concepto is clearly a lovely hommage to it’s past. The design stands out for it’s uniqueness and originality. The rounded headlights and tailights, big chromed bumpers, vintage handles and overall a more soft and rounded shape make it the most recognisable of all the proposals, which also makes it look somewhat antiquated. In fact, in a weird turn of events, Gregorio Fitz (Enrique’s father) really likes the concept for it’s traditional looks, even though it’s a novel hatchback, while Enrique itself despises it because it looks like it belongs to a bygone era.

After deliberating with his staff. Gregorio comes out to select the final desing that will go on to production:

And the Winner is...

@Knugcab with the Leveret 1500!!!

2nd: @T0M
3rd: @lotto77
4th: @Arn38fr


I think it’s obvious to say it, but each proposal that got to the finals (and even most of the ones that got eliminated on first stage) had really well implemented and executed ideas. I’m legitimately impressed by the quality of the designs, showing a lot of attention to detail and cohesion. I hope you enjoyed desigining your cars as much as I enjoyed judging them. (and yes, I’m reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally sorry for the delay, I know you may be annoyed for that, and it’s completely reasonable)


Seems like I am in a nice flow at the moment. My second win in just a few days, and my second ever. :rofl:

Since I am completely out of ideas even though I have tried to come up with something, and also needs to concentrate on IRL stuff for a while, I would like to pass down hosting though.

(If I am allowed to get a bit picky, look at IRL cars and you will find out that longer front doors ain’t that uncommon though :stuck_out_tongue: But I understand that it didn’t matter much since I still did win)


@Knugcab congrats on the win, but I’ll have to past on hosting as well
P2, feels nice to get a podium finish and also my second time getting P2 haha

Meanwhile it’s the first time I’ve gotten into the finals, let alone gotten a podium lmao.

I’ll definitely be able to host, just give me a few days to write everything up because it’s my first time doing this.