The Engine Startup and Revving topic

Hey everyone!

I saw the video of Jakgoe starting up and revving his V12 mercedes and I wondered, what if we all put our videos here of us starting up and revving up our car?
This way we can get a nice collection of a lot of different types of cars doing this! :smiley:

I will record my own soon! Please post yours here!

Here’s my car. Sorry for the crappy audio/video and my horrible scratchy voice. :slight_smile:

No videos of the green car revving yet (will post them when able). The silver car had glasspacks to the factory tips, all else stock.

@07cobaltgirl = I love the burble on the overrun. That will be mandatory on all my future cars. :slight_smile:

haha it gets even better later. I’ve done so much to it since this video. :wink:

Only car I’ve ever owned worthy of this thread sadly I don’t have any more. I do have an idle exhaust clip and a clip of me driving down a dike road late at night, though.

This was my '73 AMC Hornet, factory 304 warmed up with a mild Edelbrock cam and intake manifold, Holley carb, and dual Flowmaster exhaust.

My current car, even if I had a ZZP exhaust and an atmospheric BOV, would sound like a moaning dog with a sinus issue.

I suppose I will put my Mercedes’ clip here so they can all be in one place:

Mercedes Start-Up

Maybe I should start up and rev my Mum’s Peugeot… xD

Oh you should Pleb! Im going to rev my car in a bit!

Here it is! Citroen Saxo 1.1i powahhhhhhhh!5674&authkey=!AAy3GkdJV9G4zYo&ithint=video%2cmp4

I’ll join the crappy 4-cylinder corner with my mom’s Clio with rusty muffler.

ill join as well gonna wait till after my tune up and oil change though its almost a year overdue :confused: car is a 01 grand am 2.4

Alright, here is the great, the amazing, Pleb’s Mum’s Peugeot!! (Sorry for my crappy camera skills, and for holding it the wrong way so there’s black bars on the side… I hate it as much as you do, also, TinyPic seems to have stretched the video to fill the screen… -_-)

The car is a 207, completely stock. So, as you’d expect, it’s not exactly a gargling beast…

Not a gargling beast, but still…


And don’t you forget it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess I should gather one of my car driving. hahaha If you think the exhaust sounds nice, you should hear the intake. :wink:

Alright, alright, alright… Wouldn’t want to be outdone by the Peugeot/Renault crowd here. :laughing:

Starting up and “Revving” in a parking lot (didn’t have my heart into revving because it has a really low rev limiter in neutral):

And to show you my POWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (or lack thereof):

Onramps are so much fun! :smiley: edit: and you can see the boost kick in @ 3,000 rpm, awesome!

Since I no longer have the silver Mark VIII, here are a couple of clips of the green Mark VIII, taken this evening. << revving, neutral << part throttle, 1st gear

I got 2 vids of my old Audi S6



Just wait til I get me a video of the Prius. Extreme swag overload.

EDIT: Here is the beast, you should probably turn the volume up a bit. Start in EV mode, then switch to Hybrid mode so you can hear the engine start, with the weird silence of not having a traditional starter motor (and the weird noises a Prius makes on startup). Bit of revving after that too. Do be warned about the wind noise though when I go outside.

Time for a proper manly car

No-one can beat the awesomeness of this.

I don’t know what the best part of that is, Pyrlix… the chickens, the tape grille, or the smokin’ and dancin’ as you throttle that bad boy