The "guess-what-car" game 2

Nein, also that had more different bodies. The car you need to guess was never anything other than a 5-door hatchback specifically, and no, other bodies under different names didn’t exist either.

Citroen BX?

Hint the Third: prototype, never entered production (neither did anything derived from it)

Triumph SD2 concept?

No, but that sounds interesting, thanks for mentioning it

Also, hint 4ever: from a country whose car industry isn’t widely known around the world (so it’s not French, German, American, Japanese etc.)


Hah, I knew that the country hint will make it much easier :smile: Congrats, that’s it - FSO’s hope for the future, for which they had no money. It could be something like the Škoda Favorit, but I guess FSO would be doomed anyway. Oh, and I hope they’d come up with a different name for export - “Wars” (read “vars”) is the legendary founder of Warsaw (in the most popular, I think, version of the legend, together with Sawa).

That bottom car is obviously not Wars, but that’s just the best picture of a blue one I’ve found (red and white examples are far more known).

Why the Mazda picture, was this vehicle related to the 323 in any way?

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Not at all, just looks similar I guess.

BTW, now I’ve realised… the photos of both the Wars and the 323 are part of the same picture, that I just didn’t bother to cut for posting here :smile: I’ve found it like that, didn’t find a separate photo of the blue Wars (or rather a shell of the blue Wars).