The Heart of The Desert [Challenge]

We’re now in the Middle East everyone!

This includes countries such as Doha, Bahrain, Qatar, the UAE, Kazakhstan, Iran, Pakistan, and more.

Your goal is to create a car for the Middle Eastern market that can be used in most of the Middle East.

Car must be from 2000s or beyond

The rules:

  1. There are 3 car classes:

Cheap - $30,000

*The vehicles should be thought as to bought in bulk - material costs under $15,000

Regular - $50,000

*The day to day car - Throttle response at least 40
*Yearly maintenance - annual cost for engine less than $3,000

High end - $80,000

*Quiet. A luxury car should be under 60 decibels while a hypercar can be up to 80 decibels.

*Some luxury amenities - at least 60 on comfort

Each of these are subjects to similar rules; the general rules goes as follows:

  1. The car must be able to seat 4 passengers

  2. The engine must have a reliablility score above 60

3.Environmental resistance of 50

  1. The emissions standards is relative to weight:
  • Under 2,000 pounds
    emission number under 80

*2,000 pounds < weight < 4,000 pounds
-emissions number under 150

*4,000 pounds < weight < 6,000 pounds
-emission number under 200

*6,000 pounds < weight
-emissions exemption: Would be classed for heavy duty
-If it can not be used commercially. You will be penalized with $5,000 added to the total cost

  1. The engine’s components can have up to a 10% stress tolerance.

  2. Quality sliders can go either -5 or +5

  3. Fuel economy based on class and weight:


  • under 2,000 LBs: must get 15+ MPG

  • 2,000<weight<4,000: must get 15+ MPG

  • 4,000<weight<6,000: must get 10+ MPG

  • above 6,000 pounds: must get at least 5+ MPG


  • under 2,000 LBs: must get 20+ MPG

  • 2,000<weight<4,000: must get 20+ MPG

  • 4,000<weight<6,000: must get 15+ MPG

  • above 6,000 pounds: must get at least 9+ MPG

*High end

  • under 2,000 LBs: must get 30+ MPG

  • 2,000<weight<4,000: must get 25+ MPG

  • 4,000<weight<6,000: must get 15+ MPG

  • above 6,000 pounds: must get at least 15+ MPG

Hopefully there would not be any confusion, if so, ask me if there is any.

Hope to see you all make something for the Middle East.

To note:

  1. All car bodies are allowed.

  2. If a vehicle weighing over 6,000 lbs can be envisioned for commercial usage, then it can be exempt from emissions.

  3. The Middle East enjoys particularly vehicles that are able to be maintained easily.

  4. It’s rough in some parts, so know what to prioritize.

  5. Cheap and regular should use regular fuel. High end vehicles have more options.

  6. If the vehicle is on trial for being over 6,000 lbs, it may use compressed gas of any sort.

  7. All seat and interior types are allowed.

some inspirations would go a long way to what you envision for each car group, as would a bit more of an idea of what we should be making, rather than just a wall of rules.

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AFAIK Automation does not list decibel numbers anywhere so how are they going to be calculated?

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Have you made any cars that meet these restrictions? It’s always a good idea to know if it’s do-able before you post the challenge.
You haven’t specified a year. Or fuel requirements. And if you don’t explicitly describe acceptable catalytic converters, you WILL be asked. (EDIT: See below)
Edit: American gallons, or real ones?
Although most people can convert to and from metric, or change the game settings, you could even (as an uber-wise host) show them in your parameters, making life easy for those who choose to partake.

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If that means high end vehicles can use 95 RON, but other classes are limited to 91 RON, then this rule could well be more of a hindrance than I thought.

Also, I’m assuming model/trim and engine/variant years must be set to 2020, which is as late as the game allows.

The engine noise

Edit: I have now lowered the fuel requirements for all classes.

Another thing to note is that SUVs and trucks are able to have a tolerance a of 5 MPG deficiency.

In effect, it lowers their minimum fuel economy threshold by 5 mpg - but is this in UK mpg or US mpg? Also, are there any rules about octane margin? If not, I’m assuming it must be set to 0.0.

Regarding if it is in US or UK MPG, I would prefer US MPG for the sake of ease.

So yes, trucks/SUVs would have their threshold be reduced by 5 MPG in order to be fair.

The octane margin is a case to be made, and here is what I would say for it: as long as it is in the reasonable realm of possibility; it would be allowed.

Honestly, I have no clue about the margin. I would like some feedback regarding to that.

For an example: An vehicle in the cheap class that is between 2,000 and 4,000 pounds would need at least 15+ MPG, however if the vehicle is a truck or SUV; the car could run with 10+ MPG.

The year would at least be 2000. Fuel requirements are made in each class regarding the fuel they can use. Catalytic converters are not required if they are in compliance of the emission standards provided



Is this going to have a deadline? I don’t see any deadline mentioned. If so, what is this deadline?

@happyfireballman - Couple of questions-
Have you made vehicles that fit into each category?
Do you really mean $6k for maintenance…12% of the cost on a $50k car…$120 per week?

Finally, sandbox tech points at +5?

Definitely the last one…Environmental Resistance of 70 on ALL cars or just the high end ones?

The yearly maintenance cost of the engine seen on the engine designer.

Is it that you question the resistance as if it is impossible or if it applies to all classed of which it does.

The resistance to the environment is required as mentioned, some parts are really rough. If you do dabble to explain why 70 is high then you can expect some response to aid the challenge.

70 Environmental resistance is high. I had to make my test car in 100% aluminium with Q+3 on both chassis and body to get exactly 70. Cars that I have IRL only score around 30-40.
Have YOU made cars that meet these requirements? Doing so will help you refine not just your skills, but the ruleset (which could come in handy for your next challenge)… and help players fine tune their builds (possibly leading to more interest).
My experiment (in the “cheap” category) has a yearly engine service cost in the hundreds, engine material costs under 2000AMU. Noise is only 40.6 (I’m not sure that noise is in dB, I think it’s a scale the dev’s randomly made up). It falls well below budget, and is marginally under 50 comfort (the target for your “High End” category). It is, of course, as pretty as the titular food item from the movie “American pie”… after.

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