The Hunt For A Star Car! - Blurred Vision [UE4 - Completed]

Inspired by @Fayeding_Spray 's previous challenge.


Hey, kid. If you don’t know me by now, my name is Clover Locke. You might know me from my previous work in The Place I Once Knew, The Race Against Time, and Air GL-0. I’m proud of these three films; I’m not one to gloat, but each did win at least 1 award each, and The Race Against Time even won an Oscar. I ain’t kidding around, kid. This is serious business.

This year, I’ll be directing the film Blurred Vision. It’ll be similar in idea to The Place I Once Knew, with heavy inspiration from Japanese culture; I like to reference from countries which aren’t really popular, you know? I’ve seen some Japanese cartoons, however, and I reckon that they could be the next big thing. But hey, don’t take my word for it.

The movie takes place in contemporary society, in the busy streets of Los Angeles.

  • The Kintsugi street racing gang, led by character Adam Caine, is taking over the roads of L.A.
  • Our main protagonist, Sasha Rouge, is a 21-year-old girl who’s got a big heart; but she’s also got a dark, angry side to her.
  • She’s got a crew of 4, too…
  • The jolly and enthusiastic Michael Mason
  • …The strict but (soon to be revealed) soft Angelina Griffith
  • …And quick-thinking and witty Jared Sekai.

This being a movie focused on racing, the choice of cars is essential to the movie’s style. We want our cars to fit the characters we have, and fit them well. Authentic car chases are a prime focus for this film.

General Rules

Stunt Trim Rules


Now pop on some sunglasses, and get cool.

Current deadline is March 18th, 00:00 GMT.


I made a mood room for everyone. You know, just to get into the spirit.


I haven’t given any thought to entering all-UE4 challenges up until now, but this one is tempting enough to get me interested at the very least.


That would make perfect sense for a hardcore track-ready variant of what I’m planning…


Does this also apply to the base car (which is being used for beauty shots)? And are there also any PU/ET limits for the engine?

Hmm, maybe it would be worth considering an exception for Michael Mason and permit people to submit a classic muscle car for him? I think it would fit his car agenda nicely and make him stand out when everything else is early to mid 80s.

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All the characters are completely open to interpretation. Hell, you could submit a Ford Festiva in drag, as long as it fits I sits.

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So I take it the “please, only '80-'85” rule is more of a strong suggestion than a brickwall, then?

I’d say it’s a brick wall.

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I like this sort of challenge. Except I have no clue where this fits in. It certainly isn’t black enough to be a villain’s car.


Oh. So I can’t submit the mighty Dolphine MK3… :anguished:


In that case…


Is the competition still open?

It wasn’t quite open to begin with, so I’m not confident enough to open it yet.

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I think that “yet” is the key word we wanted to hear.

That’s cool. I was looking for something that just isn’t available yet. I’m no modder, so I don’t really feel comfortable requesting things on the forum; I’m just hoping it will be available before this challenge officially opens.

Hey, I got a car for you.

BV1 Stunt ST: 1985 Royal Miara ST (Standard Trim)

powered by
BV1 RI4 208ci OHC4 ST 304BHP

Top Speed: 133 mph
Acceleration: 0-60mph @ 8.8 seconds
Horse Power: 308 BHP
Price: $13,600

Royal Miara - (16.8 KB)

I know, I shouldn’t multi post, but… Where are the rear view mirrors? I don’t think that car is even street legal without mirrors.

There are so many things about this car that looks so off my mind is imploding.

Notably, the wheels.

If the tires are staying that way, why bother with wide fenders?


For a car with 300 horsepower it’s not all that fast either. And it’s too thirsty to boot.

Anyway, has the competition actually opened yet?


REALLY tempted to post my car (Zasteros Feirhein) in this thread because really it isn’t out of place in the 80s
and it has perfomance to keep up to speed.

The problem really is that i havent found the right character and that the challenge is not really open.


Here is a updated version. Only $100 more expensive.

Here is the new download:
Royal Miara - (16.8 KB)