The "Low Effort" car competition

I have a passing interest in Trackmania, and with that brings some interesting content, namely this:

Decently self-explanatory. Make a TM map in under 10 blocks.

Partway through the video it occurred to me that this would actually be a pretty cool idea for Automation. We have a wide breadth of choice as far as fixtures are concerned, so why not run a challenge around it?

Ok so here’s the challenge: make a car under any or all of these limits:

10 fixtures (very hard)

25 fixtures (difficult)

50 fixtures (medium)

75 fixtures (easy)

100 fixtures (very easy)

Rather than judging based entirely upon styling, this will be judged via a combination of styling and creativity of fixture use. Being able to use fixtures in unusual ways is a skill like any other, and will be rewarded. If you make a car that uses incredibly unique techniques, it will be scored highly.

I hope to judge this as more similar to one of the magazines, such as TOR or Trafikjournalen, rather than having a set due date.

Name it (LEC(fixture count category) - yourusername)

for example (LEC25 - Ldub0775)

no real submission limit, but try to be reasonable

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Ain’t “very hard” still using twice the number of fixtures that the real professionals are using? :rofl:

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For the difficult and very hard categories, it may well be easier to make something from the 1990s and earlier because cars back then generally had simpler shapes and styling features. Anyway, a detailed interior will not be necessary or even desirable in any category.

Do door handles count as 1 or 2?

Hmm, what is the bare minimum to make a car look road legal?

  • A pair of “all in one” integrated headlights that have the indicators and headlights in one fixture. Needs to be wrap-around to also function as side reflector/indicator.
  • A pair of “all in one” tail lights that have the indicators, rear lights, and brake lights in one fixture. Needs to be wrap-around to also function as side reflector/indicator.
  • A pair of mirrors.
  • One wiper (a pair if they can be mirrored to only use one fixture, otherwise it’s already two).
  • A pair of door handles or buttons.
  • An exhaust tip.

So that is 6 as a bare minimum, which still assumes that:

  • A number plate is not required (show room model?)
  • A grille is not required (EV car?)
  • A gas cap is not required (EV car/hidden cap under lights '50s style/tank under the bonnet Trabant style?)

Assuming those are indeed required, then we’re up to nine required as bare minimum… What is the one remaining optional one to “spice up” the design? :smiley:

I think that also brings up the question: Does mirroring a fixture count as two? Because on the fixture list it only counts as one.

1 fixture. mirror doesn’t count

lol who said it had to be road legal

Fair enough. Would be quite a power move to submit a completely bare car in standard Automation red and say it’s an EV race car with some proximity sensor and automatic door opening mechanism… Or if it’s an open top you don’t even need a door opening mechanism at all. I guess technically then you could submit a zero-fixture car.

I guess this is what the inspiration pics should include :rofl:


I have a lot of cars that I can enter here and I dont know weather to be proud or worried


The Rodent Car Company Maus. Unbranded.

I’ve assumed that Alloy wheels are classed as a “free” fixture.