The Return of Group B Rally - {Cancelled}

“You know what?” the WRC asks, “why not boost popularity and return Group B rally?”

And so, the revolution began.

Rally fans everywhere are bracing for the surge of epic cars. Group B rally, if you’re unaware, was a popular rally sport in the 1980’s that ended sadly with a series of deadly crashes. However, thanks to new safety regulations and others, it’s back and better than ever. Here, people will compete in only the fastest cars. Because of the regular homologation systems, your company will need too send out 2 cars: A street car with at least 200 units produced (doesn’t change your car whatsoever) and a race car, with extreme amounts of powerrrr. Now, for the regulations.

Please, if you don’t have the steam version of the game, use vanilla parts only. Build 151002 please.

[size=200]—Regulations for all cars—[/size]

[quote] ***Tech year 2015.
Engine family must be the same.
Cars must share the same model.
Cars can only run on unleaded fuel.
No tech sliders past 12, plus or minus.

[size=200]—Regulations for street cars—[/size]

[size=200]—Regulations for race cars—[/size]

Race cars will be scored off of their speed up the Pikes Peak Raceway.

Please name your model and engine files like this. All others are free for you to name.

The deadline is October 20th. Maximum of 20 entries.
Amount of entries: 7.

If you are not mentioned, please tell me. I’ll let you know if I forgot about your entry or not.

Oh yes, I am participating in this.

Will the best Street cars get reviews?

Yes. Yes they will.

Question: Automation is currently incapable of simulating offroad and rally conditions. How will you account for this given that higher offroad usually results in slower lap times?

I asked titleguy about that on the irc, to which he replied by removing off-road and utility from the list of weighed stats.

Pikes peak is paved over these days anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


I missed that, so this is more Run Group B Spec Cars Up Pikes Peak. I can dig it.

(500hp limit only, sobs ;_:wink:

I am preparing a YBARRA contender

i’d try for this but my PC is out for the week :frowning:

Now, Titleguy, if you pull a Rileybanks…

Just wanted to clear something up, but if this is going to be done on a road map, (Pikes Peak, which is paved over), then does the ‘rally’ car have to have high off-road capabilities, or off-road tires? I know that its meant to be group B rallying but it just wouldn’t make sense to focus on off-road capability for a paved track.

The Race cars need 40-45 Off-road Capabilities, and for that you’ll pretty much always need off road tires.

Since it isn’t weighed and it won’t change one bit on the track sim, I think you could just ignore that off-road recommendation.

I will contend in this! I would show a picture of my car, but I have not released the street version so I don’t want to spoil it! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m considering entering this, but I have no idea how to interpret the “recommended” stats. Particularly the offroad one, which, as Leo said, one might be better off completely ignoring. How are the road cars to be judged? Which stats matter and which ones don’t?

[quote=“titleguy1”]Please name your model and engine files like this. All others are free for you to name.

Do we literally write the word “model” or “engine” at the end of the name, or do we write the name of the model or the engine in the place of it?

I assume that this means literally naming them -Model and -Engine, so as to prevent any kind of confusion should the files be exported in a non-standard fashion.

That said, if the exporter/importer works as intended, which I believe it does, naming conventions are only important insofar as the username is presented in an organised fashion!

Also, you’re going to be using the points system to judge the street cars and you’re ONLY going to be RACING the race cars, right?

Yes @ Microwave.