The Street Showdown Challenge - On Hold ATM

Finally. It’s here, although 90% of you will dismiss the epilogue that I said on like…several posts ago.

Welcome to the 1st ever Street Showdown event!!

Tired of all those CSRs, CSCs or what not? Want some action that is not found on your typical serious professional race events? Feeling a little bit rouge? Played NFS or Midnight Club before? Well, here’s the race you wanted!

“Erm, what the hell is that?”
This is a race event where you compete with other drivers and cops be the winner of the race. It’s all about beating everyone in an high-stakes racing event. Wanna try it?

“How the fuck this game is going? Am I missing something?”
Here’s how the game should be play like:

Day time: Well, here’s the place where the actual races are set on. Everyone is competing on the same field, and you must win by getting the first, second and third places, and after that you need to beat the Showdown King (a.k.a. me) in your Tier 3 car and win the event. There’s a total of nine events + 1 final event against the Showdown King for the top 5 winners.

Note: Since most people is asking me how the races are done, well, they are done in Automation with custom tracks that I made myself. (the laps are quite crude tho tbh) Laps of circuit races will be determined by me, with shorter circuits having more laps. Each round will be consist of a track, and who comes first will be the winner. (Also, sorry for the lack of info given to you guys :sweat_smile: First-time event hoster problems.)

Night time: Here’s the high point of this event. With this, you need to use your skills and wits to evade from cops from the event. Miss one step and boom you’re arrested. But if you survived nighttime, then you could get more fame and this would also have a negative effect on your infamy rating ie. cops will be treating you worse on those pursuits. Also getting caught means you will effectively out of the race until the next night, with your infamy rating (we call it “wanted level”) back to zero. And this is the interesting part: Do you joined Once More or anything similar? If so, this time period is like those events, where you could RP your way to evasion by yourself, your friends or everyone else.

“How points work for the event?”
I glad you asked this. Here’s the rule: In every race, the first will get 20 points, the second will get 16, and the third will get 12 points and so on. For the full list of points I’ll give you a handy chart.

Place Points
1st 20
2nd 16
3rd 12
4th to 6th 10
7th to 9th 8
10th to 12th 6
13th to 16th 4
17th to last 2

NOTE: Rules may change with player count.

And for those worrying being arrested will affect points, don’t worry. Your points will NOT be deducted. Just you can’t do the next events the next day until the day has ended anyway.

“So, where do I start then?”
See the rules below. This could give you a clear idea of what should you do on the race.

“Alright, I wanna join. Could you tell me what to do now?”
Firstly make your vehicles. Then send me the file and I will check it. If everything’s alright and I have confirmed your entry, you can really sit down and relax until the event has started.

“Final question, will you buy me a copy of Need For Speed: Heat?”
No. Get out and buy your own.


BMW not part of the race

Notice: Rules yet to be finalized. All changes and improvements are allowed until finalized.

In order to view all rules, please visit this spreadsheet provided here.

The spreadsheet not only provides the rules for the game, but it also provides the entries, upcoming races and of course, info who won the races etc for the event. The list will be frequently updated until officially finalized.

How to submit?

  1. Obviously make your cars first, and if you’re done, send it to me by PM on here, Discord (BannedByAndroid#8899) or on Steam.

Car and engine name: SSC - (username)
Trim and variant name: Whatever the fuck you want

  1. Create your character. Also prepare some lore for both your car and your character. Use the format for your entry below.

Character Name:
Character Nickname (aka. name used on races):
Character origin country:
Backstory and description:

  1. By then, you can wait until I verified your entry. If you’re successfully entered the race then you can wait until the race is officially started. But if you’re not, you need to revise your car until your car has meet the standards.

  2. IMPORTANT: I will only allow at most 20 players to join the event. Beyond that point, sorry, wait until next time. If your entry is invalid or you haven’t got a full list of cars then I will reserve your place and I’ll wait until you’re done, unless you’re taking it too long to finish.


  • The Showdown King - The most obvious one. Getting 1st place on The Great Race + beating the old Showdown King means you’re getting this place. (Not interchangeable with Grand Winner)
  • Grand Winner - If you managed to beat everyone else but not the Showdown King then this is the prize for you. (Not interchangeable with The Showdown King)
  • Tuning Master - Given if you’re the creator of the best car in race.
  • Grand Designer - Given for the best designer of vehicles.
  • King of the Night - Given for the best person who make the most interesting RP in Night Time.
  • Legendary Evader - Given for the person who has the best performance in pursuit events.

If you really want to involve in this event but you don’t want to join the race, then feel free to join to help other people, give suggestions on the race or anything else that is useful enough for us. Don’t worry, everyone’s welcome. (As long as you’re not here to shitpost or something else)

So what are you waiting for? NFS Heat launch day? Bring your horses and roll it out!


* DISCLAIMER: I’m not affiliated with EA or Ghost Games, and this is only an event inspired by it.



December 5th, 2019
11:20 PM
Location Unknown

A man, sat down against a table in his bedroom, and started up the laptop that was located in front of him. Outside the window, is a blacked out 2009 Gavin Bayview Police Interceptor, equipped with a bullbar and modified wheels.

He the puts a cup of coffee onto the table itself, while he turns on his laptop. Besides him there’s a picture of a modified Ursula R1, which was infamously known to be involved in several illegal street races before it’s disappearance in 2012 after a street race in Horizon Bay. Little was known about the vehicle’s mods and it’s current location.

The laptop has finally started up. He then opened a word processor program and started typing a new document with it.

“Summer, 2012. Horizon Bay. The Great Race. 6 racers and a fuckton of cops were involved that day. Lots of tires were shredded. Lots of damage has caused. Chaos were on the highest in the city. There’s no way to hide. And a single misstep, means that you’re gonna be in prison, and spend the rest of your life waiting for nothing. Lots of racers were arrested. But I’m not sure I’m the only lucky one on the race.”

"Years of mafia life have told me something about the world. You can’t trust anyone in the world of crime. Just like the 21st day of last month that cyka “Death Eye”, who didn’t give me the money after he promised to do so if the raid is successful. And I did all of the driving. Like, seriously. What I wanted to get a contribution for them, but I always ended up with nothing to spare. I mean, Fuck them. Those cykas thought they are the rulers of the world? No way. The underdogs will rise against them.

“And just yeah, back to the showdown. I’m not sure whose in the race, at all. It’s has happened since like years ago. But…”

He proceeded to drank the coffee from the cup. The coffee is still warm, despite the night is cold. But he stopped typing for a while. The guy then went to the kitchen alongside with his cup of coffee.

He then proceeded to turn on his television. At that time, the television was reporting about some news.

NEWS: “A street racer gang was dissolved by the Horizon Bay Police Department last week after…”

Suddently, he was reminding back to the days of his illegal street racing career, back in 2012.

6th June 2012, San Diego
4:40 AM
Some garage in an yet unknown location

CAR RADIO: In other news. Street racers have been arrested in La Mesa at 10 PM yesterday. San Diego Police Force has stated that the racers are driving illegally imported and modified vehicles…

A green Ursula R1 entered the garage. Inside the car, a 30-ish year old man whose real name yet to be unknown (let’s call him “anon”) parked his car in his hideout’s garage located somewhere in the backstreets of San Diego. The car is heavily modified and has an aggressive bodykit to pair the car. Of course, he’s The Showdown King, which is infamously known for it’s involvement on several street races and serious police chases.

At the same time, he’s talking with his phone. A female voice can be heard on his phone, possibly is his client or someone else.

UNKNOWN VOICE: Reminder, in the city of Horizon Bay, California, at this Saturday, Showdown time. I’ll call you back later.

ANON: I got your back. See ya.

closes phone

ANON: (in mind) The race is just weeks away, and I’ll see what will happen next. But of course, this baby beats every racer known to man. Or should I need some tuning? Probably.

He proceeds to get out of his car, got some tools and start tuning his car for the race. Nobody know’s what’s inside the car, except for the fact that it’s heavily modified and contains a turbocharged V8 under the hood.

But yeah, this green car is has a pretty shady history by itself. Some rumors said that the car is illegally shipped from Germany by anon himself, while other said that the car is in fact a stolen vehicle. But beyond the forged license plates, the road-unsafe tuning and probably the fact that the car is involved in criminal activities, nobody would know what the hell it’s came from.

6th June 2012, Horizon Bay
11:53 PM
Parking Lot, Opal Street

Since it’s pretty late when Anon came, there’s barely any vehicles on the parking lot, and no other people was in there other than a sleeping security guard which slept in a small hut.

This is San Francisco obviously but whatever, I’ll just use this pic because Horizon Bay doesn’t exist IRL.

The Showdown King drove a used Saminda pickup truck, and arrived the parking lot. He then stopped the car and immediately wait for a dealer to come.

ANON: turns on his burner phone and tries to call the dealer

But not long later a guy drove a old car and came to the parking lot. That man, infact, is the dealer anon mentioned. The dealer is known for selling pretty much anything illegal. Shortly after the man came out of his

DEALER: Here’s the secret weapon you wanted. gives some mysterious package to The Showdown King I know you don’t want any racers to take over your place, and with that you could beat them whatever you wanted.

ANON: Sure. takes the package and left

The Showdown King has left the parking lot soon after. And not even 1 minute on the Saminda pickup is gone from the parking lot.

7th June 2012, Horizon Bay
12:40 AM
The Coast Residences, Saint Weston Street, Oliver District

This is Los Angeles, not Horizon Bay.

The person returned to a hideout located in The Coast Residences, a small apartment complex located in the suburbs of Oliver District. Meanwhile, just happened somewhere he saw a blue 1985 Ursula F3 with a V8 in it. That’s Andrei Ivanov, another well known street racer from Russia.

ANDREI: (in Russian) Hey, comrade! Wanna have some kvass or what? Or…

ANON: (in Russian) Shut up you cyka. I don’t think I need a bottle of kvass right now.

ANDREI: (In Russian) Okay. How’s the preparation for the race, comrade?

ANON: (In Russian) Doing it. I got a special weapon to beat them tho. Not going to tell anyone here. Besides can you just…

ANDREI: (In Russian) Okay. Fine. Not gonna bother you. I’m leaving soon, see ya.

Andrei entered his car and left. Several minutes later, The Showdown King himself returned to his hideout and wait for more info.

(in the hideout)
ANON: Okay. Showdown@2012. I’m sure I’ll win again. Maybe. Unless someone got anything better.


The Showdown King:

(More info coming soon)

Username Character nickname (name used in races) Car
Me 1 The Showdown King 1995 Ursula R1 600

1 - Not an official participant.

The only time you will see The Showdown King himself on this event is on The Great Race, which will be held after all races and RP sessions have finished. And of course, only the top 5 of all race events will be facing the challenge against him.

I will be open for some RP as well, but if anything, none of the events will affect The Great Race itself (ie. I will always come to the race for sure) and my character will be not affected by any problems until TGR.

Driver list:

Username Nickname (name used in races) Car
Vena.Sera423 Night Rain 2010 Factory W Tuning Vinette
DoritoDorifto Bonnie 2002 Kepler Antares
Mikonp7 CrowdControl 2005 Deer And Hunt SuperCoupe
Aaron.W L.As Blackbird 1996 Tanaka 300X Turbo Spec A
ST1Letho Ghost 1984 Kurokama SC-R
Indomaret Mr. Singh 1946 Karmann Type 5
Xepy Hornet 2010 Kuma RCX
randomtuner Kai 1990 Jupiter Taikana
titleguy1 Seraph 2011 Rigore Caelum MT-R Coupe
yangx2 Usagi 2003 Huangdou Sprint
donutsnail Gray 1979 LCm79/80
Lazar Johnson 2012 EFI Komi S
Falling_Comet Himitsu Otaku 2012 Suisei AMC Tengai Railgun S
Vri404 Senna 1985 Valence Durene V10 Custom
The S-cop Reaper’s Courier 2011 Marksman JSB Sabre Utility Reaper Phase II
Aruna Snake Eyes 2012 Python Essencia
SpeedLife1 DarkCloud 1998 Reizei Oxygen SE 2.0
GassTiresandOil Motor 1970 Armor Tempas
Supermini555 Sidewinder 2003 Taruda Jinsoku R
variationofvariables Pepeng Kaliwete 1998 Yuro Glaze 2.4 L Coupe
nialloftara The Midnight Marauders 1967 Centauri Marauder GTX
TheTechnoVampire Mitzu 1993 Voltan Roundabout RS
yurimacs Elan 1979 Bradford Urform Turbo

So now its just one car ? No tier 1 class, tier 2,…

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Yes, since most of you wanted to change the rules. Besides that having too much cars may cause an impact on the race.

Ok Doki I liked the idea of the tier 1 tier 2 class now the most ppl will use hypercars. :confused: but anyways good luck all.


Don’t worry, those hypercars will be nerfed on the race.

Looks at rules.
Sees the high weight limit.
Looks at Voltan Switchback and Roundabout.

Sorry buddies, as much as I want to use you, I can’t because of the weight limit.

Looks at weight limit again.
Glances over to newly made Voltan MPV.

Well, I may be able to enter with a Voltan model after all. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Any UE4 body within 1946-2011 except SUVs, trucks (utes are allowed), vans and meme bodies

I’m gonna stop you right there

It doesn’t say about MPVs/Minivans, only vans. And I look at that and see only panel vans being omitted, not MPVs.

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You win.

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Time for a Honda odyssey


That’s my idea! No stealing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, you can do one to. lel


Nono I will be different I can tell you


Guys, shitposting aside, if you have any improvements to give me, please tell me below.

If anything is done, I may start the entries soon.

So, how are the races handled?

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You can find all of these in the General Info section. I haven’t finished the races yet, but it will consist of several circuit, sprint and special races, and a final race which is still TBA.

Am I stupid? Where can I find the deadline…

It’s not even started yet dude