The Themed Car Challenge 2.0 - S01E01 - 2004 Premium "Homologation" Sedan

Gentlemen, time to build some cars!

Welcome to the _actual_Reboot of the Themed Car Challenge - the TCC Shakedown - and also a reboot of the infamous Automationeer Standoff.

The format stays unchanged - the Guideline is as usual on the Bottom. go to this Google Docs Spreadsheet build your car, fill in your data and send it to me. If any stat has a minimum Value or limits in the top bar, please follow them!

This is not a CSR Clone - in CSR you build cars, and the host decides who wins. Here you build cars… and decide who won. You dont need the best Ad, or the best Photoshop to impress the Judge. Here the amount of Judges is everyone who is a forum user. They can go by ads or by pure stats.
HUGE thanks to @titleguy1 for co-hosting and kicking me in the rear

2004 - A new racing league is on the horizon - not many details are known yet, but we all know that one thing: The car has to be a homologated touring car - otherwise the participation is impossible.
It is obvious that the market is saturated with sports cars and cheap sedans - but it would be enough to sell 5000 cars a year - at best.
However the competitors in the field are hard, with cars like the BMW M3, Mercedes Benz C32 AMG or Audi RS4. Your CEO has set you one goal: Make a premium sedan that can go fast - and if nessecary very fast - and ofcourse as cheap as possible and with the most whizbang technology. The cars must sell, so they better be good!

Submissions possible until 31th of October 2019

~The Rules~

Car Body can be from any category and cannot be older more than 20 Years!

No CNC Parts
No Semislicks
Fuel Super 98 Unleaded
Limited Production Parts ALLOWED (Read as: Anything that has Aluminium in it… CF and Fibre Glass are not suited for large production runs)

Minimum Driveability 40
Minimum Sportiness 30
Minimum Comfort 25
Minimum Prestige 40
Minimum Safety 45
Wheelbase equal or longer than 2.51m
4 Doors + 4 Seats

Trimyear has to be 2004, so technically you CAN send in a facelifted 2004 trim from your 1990 model

Tip: Those buyers (as in: YOU) might sell their cars in 5 years - take it into consideration that they might want to get a good resale value, since they may or may not want a newer model or had a incident that forces them to buy a new car.

Any Questions? Go ahead and ask!

I highly recommend to post a small advertisement of the car here to appeal it to the future customers in the voting but you don’t have to do it.

Have fun on this challenge!

Minimum of 4 Seats and 4 Doors - if you make a Liftback with 5 Doors and 8 Seats - thats fine for me.

Yes it is a production car you make - but keep in mind that you make it as a homologation for a touring car race league.

Send the .car file to me - please dont publish it here, you dont want to lay open your secrets.


do we upload the .car file for everyone to download and look at for voting?

No only send the .car to me please

Do you mind if we input values in the table while we are tuning as a sort of placeholder (assuming we dont take up more space than necessary?) …Or I guess I could just download it too :stuck_out_tongue:

You can fill out the stats and change them as you go, as long as the stats match the final car that you provide to Pyrlix!


Isn’t a four-door saloon supposed to have five seats by default? Also, should there be a maximum emissions limit for entries to be eligible?

Five seats by default isn’t really viable for all saloons considering that some saloons do have 4 seats. Expensive ones mostly

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Ultra luxury cars like high end S-Classes, and most if not all Rolls, Bentley’s and the like get 4 seats, 2 individual rears, but other than those most have 5 seats

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The rear seats of the Lexus ISF?

Unless of course you consider the centre part to be a seat in which yout butt and back will hurt…


Those are minima. Your car has to have atleast 4 seats and 4 doors - otherwise it cannot be counted.

As for the maximum emissions… it is not needed because it is inherently balanced within the running costs

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It’s mid engine. What more can I say? Are any other options mid engine? No? Then why would you have anything but this?


What will they be marked and judged on?

The judges are the forum users. You can later on choose the car you would buy. (which is not your own one)

Is there also a required naming scheme for this challenge?

There’s no naming scheme, just send it.

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Reduit LX7

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2004 Hanson Hawk HRE

A true sports car for the whole family, starting from $44,500.


2004 Epoch M10 - RSA ER (Mk. 4)

Special homologation sedan version of the Epoch M10 RSA

(I’m not 100% happy with the stats, but it will have to do. I guess that’s what you get when you base it on an existing ‘lore’ model instead of making from scratch)

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2004 Honghu Beifeng - Heilong 355


China got bored. China stuck a large 4.0L V8 into their luxury sedan. China now has a racecar.