The Wakai Melody Collab '24

The Wakai Melody Collab '24

The original car, circa 2020
In 2020, I introduced the Wakai Melody DX, a standard background car akin to models like the Corolla, Lancer, and Galant. It's a silver mid-80s Japanese sedan with blocky looks, nothing too spectacular. Surprisingly, it gained popularity among players of the game, prompting me to upload the .car file for others to tinker with. Little did I know it would evolve into a popular platform for modifications, with over 20 different versions created by various enthusiasts over time.

Project Wakai Melody, the origin of this collab

This collaboration marks a celebration of simpler times and the formation of new friendships centered around a shared idea. While the exterior remains very similar, the car has been completely revamped from the ground up, incorporating current-day mechanics and gameplay elements added over the years.

On a personal note, this collaboration serves as a farewell from me. After stepping away from the game for half a year and completing a year of military service, my passion for creating cars, brands and their lore has diminished. While I may stick around to develop some mods and replicate some older builds of mine, it’s uncertain due to current life challenges. I hope you enjoy this gathering of Melody enthusiasts we’ve put together! Thanks to all the contributors to this project!

Please, welcome...

1984 Wakai Melody DX (taff)

The original. Introduced in 1984 and produced until 1989, the original model occupies a position just above the Corolla in terms of interior quality and comfort. It is powered by a standard 1.8L I4 engine (fuel-injected, not carbureted however) and features front-wheel-drive. While it is certainly a boring car, it's not without its charming quirks, such as the heckblende taillight setup. This vehicle embodies the essence of the everyday, delivering reliable performance with a touch of individuality.

1986 Wakai Melody DX Beau Rivage by Spander (Maxbombe)

Unveiled to the public in 1986, the Beau Rivage by Spander presented a promising glimpse into the potential of the Melody platform. This sedan underwent a transformation into a landaulet, showcasing exquisite custom-made enlarged rims, elevated interior quality, subtle sideskirt adjustments, and adorned with captivating Spander graphics. Only two of these were ever made, with one being specifically requested by an anonymous wealthy individual.

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1984 Sebring Harmony (Mad_Cat)

People at Sebring decided that the easiest way to dominate in the compact class market against foreign competitors would be to acquire a license to produce some of the cars of theirs. Harmony is featured with a “small” V6 engine, making just 20 horsepower more than the original I4. The suspension was modified to appeal to American buyers, being much softer than in Melody. The exterior is flourishing with chrome, making the originally Japanese car look much more appealing to its target audience.

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1984 Wakai Melody HSR (kaybee)

Quite a thing, huh? This beast has a 2.5L I4 making nearly 400 horsepower and AWD. Good luck competing against that at rally races, because thanks to massive power output and a light body, it can do wonders around the dirt roads. The looks are something out of this world, don’t you agree? Lovely blue paint compliments the car well!

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1984 Wakai Melody Kaido Racer (copenmechanism)

Slammed, slightly tuned, this pink cutie is the embodiment of late 80’s-late 90’s Japanese tuning culture. The standard engine was forced to nearly 220 horsepower, bumpers almost rubbing against the ground, headrests removed for style points and to install some impressive sound system in the rear. Even a triple pipe exhaust tip, all done to get your attention. Who knows where is it nowadays…

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1984 Wakai Melody Midship (The Stig Is A Spy)

Who says sedans can’t be mid-engined? The team behind the car had to modify the chassis extensively to allow for a turbo 2.5L V6 to sit right behind the front seats and power rear wheels. Suspension was entirely replaced by a uniquely crafted, sturdy double wishbone for both ends. Large 16 inch rims of exclusively golden color replaced stock steelies. And, of course, wider body panels to fit the rims and make the car more stable around the track. It received a limited production run of just 270 cars, so if you manage to find one, take a snap and upload it to your favorite “Spotted!” page.

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1984 Wakai Melody Patrol Car (kwaliteitpotato)

You would’ve seen this thing often around Japan in mid-80’s. A slightly modified medium spec with classy metal hubcaps and fender mirrors, painted in traditional black and white Japanese police livery. Fogs got their glass replaced with yellow one and fancy emergency lights were mounted at the roof and the front bumper. Wakai’s badge was replaced by the logo of National Police Agency of Japan. It’s certainly not a supercar chaser, but it did its job.

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1984 Pikemen Celeste (HybridTronny)

Coming from Malaysia, Celeste comes exclusively in van form, with improved suspension to carry around lightweight loads. The engine remained the same, but it’s just enough for delivering, say, some furniture or a daily load of groceries. Bodywork has been adapted for rough terrain. However, the biggest advantage of this rebadge is a locally manufactured 4WD system, developed specifically for local climate by Pikemen.

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1984 Wakai Melody FWD Drag (66mazda)

Well. well, well! This thing got a teeny 2 liter inline 4 pushing… checks notes How much?!

Okay, uh, this thing got a teeny 2 liter inline 4 pushing exactly 1080 horsepower, going to wide and soft front wheels. A true dragster, developed by Kaizen is quick like a bullet, tearing drag strips and its opponents in ridiculously efficient fashion. It’s equipped with a roll cage and a parachute, since it just won’t stop once you reach speeds of over 300 km/h by the end of 1/4th of a mile. Also, 6 exhaust tips and a huge intercooler. Ain’t that cool?

More photos:

1984 Wakai Melody DX Cyberbonk (tf2merch)

The year is 2075. Night City is flourishing with brand spanking new Archers and Rayfields. But among them, stands a strange boxy car from a brand long gone, turning 90 years old. This Melody is updated with all of the newest tech like self-driving, scanners and whatnot. Interior is filled with screens but keeps the 1980’s aesthetic nonetheless. The original engine was viewed as non-viable for current times, and as such it was replaced by a late 2040’s boxer 4 making 505 horsepower. Of course the powertrain is replaced by an AWD. If you don’t fear the streets, take a ride. You’ll enjoy it.

More photos:

1984 Wakai Melody MiG Performance (taff)

The most formidable, swiftest, and trendiest production model offered by Wakai boasts a larger 2-liter engine, delivering an enhanced power output of 186 horsepower, courtesy of a finely tuned turbocharger. The addition of an all-wheel-drive system enhances overall handling dynamics. Bodywork was reworked heavily, improving overall aerodynamics. A sizable wing was installed as well. MiG is the renowned German tuning company which contributed to the suspension and turbo upgrades, complemented by numerous interior enhancements.

(MiG branding by HybridTronny)

More photos:

1984 Wakai Cacophony DX (Texaslav)

Coming from the other side of Atlantic ocean in relation to Kaizen Trolling Solutions dragster, Cacophony wields a monstrous 9.4L Big Block and has been converted into a RWD drag strip destroyer. The gearbox only has 2 gears, just like your classic American dragsters. It’s got enough torque to take the front wheels off the ground for a second, but thanks to engine’s weight that is the most you’ll get from it. It’s certainly a clash of cultures - a powerful and fearsome internals of American origin combined with a modest and simple base from Japan.

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1984 Wakai Melody Coupe Kaido (kanye_westt)

Exactly the kind of car you’d suspect to see when googling “Bosozoku”. The engine remains stock, but the body was modified significantly, with replaced headlights, fashionable fender mirrors, widebody kit of sorts, a nice looking oil cooler and an ENORMOUS exhaust. Rear doors were welded, turning it into a 2-door sedan. Japanese love Group 5, what can I say?

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1984 Wakai Melody RCX GROUP B (EnCR)

Another, even crazier rally build, this time fitting Group B regulations. Upscaled stock engine with brings the performance of the modified car up to 430 horsepower. Obviously, it has AWD and the interior is stripped. Compared to HSR, the bodywork was reworked in a greater capacity for full-out widebody, required to handle the strength of the updated engine. Of course, the reliability is high, however the car didn’t enter many competitions due to financial troubles of Wakai.

More photos:

1985 Bradford-Wakai Melody Regal Turbo (Zetra)

Ah, legendary Brandford… The company specializing at borderline insane cars of all sorts with intense exteriors and equally impressive internals took an interest in Melody. You wouldn’t be able to tell it used to be a Melody once if the designers at Brandford didn’t keep the front and rear of the original car. In this unique case, the engine wasn’t replaced but rightfully improved, pushing nearly 160 horsepower to all four wheels. Despite the 80’s turbo technology, the fuel economy is impressive for such a sports car of the era. Unfortunately, Regal Turbo was never properly marketed outside of Japan, which led it to being pretty much Japanese-exclusive. About 600 units were sold in Japan itself, compared to measly 14 in the US and 3 in Europe. Despite that, years after the production ended the car saw a resurgence of interest, springing the price sky high.

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Thank you!

As a final note, I want to thank all of the people I met throughout my near 5-year presence in the community, no matter what kind of relations we had. It was a journey that helped me realize my creative side, as well as gain plenty of friends. I applaud Camshaft Software, Official Automation server, Automation modders, a certain side server, many Automation-related influencers and you! See ya around, someday, sometime!

The Melody Collab '24 (top); Project Wakai Melody (2020, bottom)


now this is epic
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wish i could have gotten another entry in but doing the one car alone was still plenty fun, thanks for putting all of this together! :blue_heart: :heart:


It’s amazing to think that a single unassuming 80s Far Eastern mid-sizer could spawn so many variants, each with their own purpose, to fill a specific niche. All of them are tuneful variants of the same basic Melody - and I expect nothing less than for its successor(s) to receive similar treatment.

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