The Wells Collection

edit…screw these first 3 cars…they may see life again…maybe not.


When limits are unknown, anything is possible

Whether your first, or last…it doesnt really matter

More pics and vehicles coming soon.

A little observation, might be used as an advice - I see many such posts. I open that, see literally nothing attention catching - just a typical sentence or two - so I close the tab and forget about it. Post is too short to auto-mark as tracking, and since I don’t see anything special, I don’t mark it myself nor comment (that would mark it too). Due to that whenever it’s updated with actual (possibly interesting) content I don’t notice it, as it doesn’t show in my “Unread” list. And since there are many, many brands on the forum I don’t usually read the topics I don’t have tracked - just to not sink way too much time into the forum as I once used to.

In short - there’s nothing wrong with teasers and WIP threads, but it’s always good to include something to catch attention :slight_smile:


I do appreciate your words!!

Hopefully I don disappoint when the time comes.

Might have to add an SUV to the lineup. At Wells, we know the competition is fierce but we are prepared and ready.

We strive to offer nothing but quality, from start to finish.

On a side note, RESPECT to everyone on this site because REGARDLESS of WHATEVER…

we are all here for pretty much the same reasons. Me personally, I started drawing cars in my first coloring book and the love has been there ever since. Thankyou Automation!!

Meet the all new 2nd gen Wells Kitana Blade 2.0

It looks sad from the front, and speaking of which, the design seems too minimalistic for me. But what about under the hood? If it’s any better in this regard, then an exterior redesign could well make it competitive again, as it should be.

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Alright, look.

Simplicity is good. In fact, many killer car designs are centered around simplicity, and overdesigning is a major problem in many cars. However, it’s also important that you follow the common proportions of cars. There’s a community made image about the general proportions on modern day cars, but my deadass can’t find it. Regardless, looking at real life cars, and you should see a general pattern that makes them more or less coherent. Look at the Nio ET7 above, and see how simple yet organized it is. You shouldn’t do cookie cutter cars, but ideally, every part should have its purpose that contributes to the general image of the car. Which brings me to the second thing I want to whine about, that is the general integration. Automation uses fixture system that allows you to combine multiple fixtures into a coherent general shape. Because well, real car designers doesn’t slap fixtures onto a premade body, they start it from scratch, so with Automation, to put it in a blunt way, it’s bascially “faking”. So it’s important to make the transitions in between them as seemless as possible. This can be hard for many people, but if you’re interested, there are community guides about some techniques you can use. For starters, layering is a great tool that you can use. Another challenge of designs is sometimes how “flat” it looks. Sometimes, the design for a front end of an Automation design just looks like a drawing on a flat paper, instead of a three dimensional design. So sometimes, body molding can help greatly. Again, look at the Nio ET7 above, notice how it doesn’t have any flat surface in its front facia? In some ways, it’s a part of the limitation of the game. You can counter this however, by doing some body moldings. It can be tricky, and it takes time to master, but you’ll be surprised at how effective even a tiny bit of body molding can do to your design.

Below is a simplistic Automation design, the EFI Nakiri by Lazar

End of ranting. Designing is subjective. However, there are some specific things you can do to improve it. At the end of the day, you should decide what works for you, but hey, doesn’t hurt to try some new things.

Hopefully this helps

edit: I found the damn pic


That eT7 is Gorgeous!!!

I play this game in my spare spare SPARE time, I SUPER thankyou for the post above. I will look into that for sure, because I definitely want my designs to improve…

I do love this 2nd iteration of my Katana though…more pics and engine specs coming soon.

When standing out just doesnt cut it.

this car has potential, the front and rear lights are diffrent to most other cars which means that people will recognize it while still being realistic. With that said, i can tell that you’re new to automation because you’re using those chrome grills that should be left for classic cars. to help you get better at making cars and get a good design language for Wells i want the .car file so i can remake it into what i see it as

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Given that this thread is about one of your brands, it definitely deserves to be moved to the car design subforum.

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As you can see, I fell in love with those grills lol. But yes Im down for any help I can get.

The only thing I ask at this point, at least for now, is that you only share the new .car file with me…is that fair to ask?

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I appreciate that man!!

And to answer your question about the engine specs, the currently installed engine is currently under a major re-work. We hope to have it completed and tested by this weekend.

yeah i can do that, but can i post pictures of my version here?

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Yes indeed. Just know that I may have a lot of questions afterwards on how to do certain things lol. Im actually right now about to start watching some of these youtube videos in slo motion to get some more understanding.

File is on its way.

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Introducing our entry into the plenty crowded hot hatch segment…

The Wells DRIV GT, packing a 296hp 2.0t i4 this hatch has one thing on its mind…FUN!!

The DRIV GT was designed purely for enthusiast, and not the faint of heart. Power is routed to the front wheels through our house designed 6spd manual transmission, all aluminum block, coming in at a very nimble 2651lbs and double wishbone suspension at the front and rear…corners beware.

For 65k you too can rule the streets and the track, It’s time to bring excitement back.

Up next…


Introducing the new for 2021 Wells J-100 subcompact sport coupe.

If you’re gonna do it, might as well look good while doing it.

Made to be easy on the eyes and easy on your pockets. For a mere $28,100, who said looking good has to break the bank.

Power comes from an all aluminum DOHC inline 4 producing a healthy 155hp @6k rpm. And our slick shifting 6spd manual will help you keep the power where you need it at all times.

If style is what you want, style is what you get, and save a little bit while you’re at it.


Also posted in Sports car/Super car thread

Here’s something I’ve been messing around with. This is the Vendetta, from Wells Automotive.

What you see here is our version of a stripped down Porsche 911 ready for track duty. Its got an all aluminum 3.7liter turbo charged and direct injected flat 6 in the rear pushing out 535hp to the rear wheels.

Electronic skid protection is there for your protection, if you dont like to venture to the wild side of things, which is fine. The Vendetta knows how to be tame when needed.

The cars pictured here ring in at $92,100.

The buck stops here, where the rubber meets the pavement.


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