There's an unleaded fuel issue we need to talk about

Okay, so, I honestly don’t know if anyone else has brought this up, but has anyone else noticed that the current unlock dates of unleaded fuels(apart from regular), are fairly out of sync with real-world automotive history?

Honestly, my biggest pet peeve in this regard is this: as of this latest build, premium unleaded fuel remains unavailable until 1985. But there’s a major problem for those of us trying to build realistic cars from a particular era(from about 1972 to 1984), especially American or Australian models-in the real world, premium 91 octane (AKI, that is) unleaded fuel was, in fact, fairly widely available starting in the middle of the 1970s(and was, in fact, at least where the U.S. is concerned, the standard fuel for many mid-size and most larger automobiles, particularly those with bigger engines, such as GM’s 455, or the Cadillac 500, etc.), especially here in North America, although I would wager that a similar timeframe also held for Australia and perhaps much of Europe as well(granted, though, I must my knowledge is a bit murkier regarding the latter).

So, I would like to propose a reasonable and realistic change to the current system: firstly, we should move back premium unleaded fuel to about 1975-76 or so, primarily to reflect the realities of the North American market in particular(and sportier automobiles across the world in general). I would also add that 93 octane “Super” unleaded could reasonably be moved back to 1987-88 at the latest, if not back to about 1984 or so, especially with the popularity of Italian supercars, including here in the United States.