Throttle sliders in dyno

My suggestion is, whether it is possible to implement a throttle slider (like it is in fmod) to rev the engine on the dyno manually (with live hp and torque figures) :smiley: sry for my bad english, its quite late in the evening (0:30)

Yup! Been pondering this for the revamp, SHOULD make it in I think :slight_smile:

YAY :smiley:

I would love this too, would be nice to manually set the throttle in the dyno for instance an engine might run fine for a few seconds at 8000rpm but after a minute it might overheat etc etc so would be nice to be able to leave the throttle at max etc etc

Will definitely be buying this when I scrape my funds together :smiley:

good idea!

Glad you brought this up treav0r.