Timing belts/chain - Asymmetrical plates

I’ve looked into the suggestion forum all morning and I would like ask something.

1)The engines can use timing belt or timing chain. There is any chance to have this option for all the distribution system? This can improve the MTBF of the engine, year service costs and so on.
2)Some cars (like the Alfa 156) have the cutout of the car plate on one side of the car. Are you thinking to put this option in the car designer?

About Knight valve and gear-to-camshaft-distribution (cinquino.net/public/lucusta/201032012739_img251661.gif) I think I’ll know the answer. But Knight valve are so fascinating… :mrgreen:

Thank you for reading.

1st I dont know, But as it is about the engine designer, the developers said its gonna be on the long run (not even final game maybe?) but as DLC. Wonder where this one belongs.
2nd has already been discussed before. But not directly in a certain topic but in the way we can place things. I remember Daffy saying the game can easily be editted that the cutouts dont get centered just like certain badges maybe. I myself was talking about the Alfa, but also Lancer Evo and some other cars having this as an example.