TMCC 21 - The average family (RESULTS!)

Since nobody did object against me hosting the TMCC21, despite giving the chance, I want to welcome you to…




Our film team is currently looking for the chariot of choice for the main characters in the upcoming sitcom, “Familjen Medelsvensson” (Could be translated into “The Average Joe family” I guess), about a “regular” (well, maybe, maybe not) family.

STIG SVENSSON, 49 years old
The father. A cheapskate, besserwisser, and (according to himself) world champion in everything from taking out the trash to building Apollo rockets. Of course, his tendency to overrate his skills puts him in hilarious situations in every episode.

INGER SVENSSON, 45 years old
The mother. Overly patient with both Stig and the three kids, until she have had enough and snaps. Most often the one that has to save the day when Stig has done something stupid, despite his attempts to explain that she does not understand anything.

LINDA SVENSSON, 16 years old
The usual rude and arrogant teenager, an expert at doing…teenager stuff. Loud, and totally unwilling to obey any rules at all.

ANNA SVENSSON, 14 years old
The quiet middle child that mostly thinks that her family is embarassing and just wants to hide somewhere far from them.

SAMUEL SVENSSON, 11 years old
The little rascal of the family, mostly busy with doing pranks that…never ends well, rather ends with unfortunate disasters.

Don’t believe for a moment that the film team is looking for a shiny, brand new Volvo 850 or Saab 9000. As the cheapskate the father is, the car they are looking for is a somewhat worn everyday hero from the 70s or 80s. Not newer than 10 years, which at the moment of the filming means 1987 or older. Also, no 60s cars since they are reaching classic status at the moment, so 1970-87 it is. That allows for comical breakdowns every now and then. Also, the car needs to be practical, to suit the family’s needs, and also to fit in some of the scenes. Are you the one that has the car they are looking for?


NAMING CONVENTION, VEHICLE MODEL/TRIM: TMCC21 - username / Name of your vehicle.

NAMING CONVENTION, ENGINE FAMILY/VARIANT: TMCC21 - username / Name of your engine

YEAR, VEHICLE: Trim 1970-87. Model can be older.

YEAR, ENGINE: Variant not newer than the vehicle trim year. Family can be older.

FUEL: For the sake of fairness, either regular leaded or regular unleaded.

CATS/MUFFLERS: Cats allowed but not required. At least one muffler required.

TRANSMISSION: No preferrence between automatic or manual. Advanced auto banned.

BODYSTYLE: Preferred bodystyles are 5 door wagon or 5 door liftback. Other allowed body styles are MPVs, SUVs and passenger vans (as long as they have rear doors), but they will be put at a disadvantage due to not being as “typical” family cars back then. No other body styles allowed (including 3 door wagons/hatchbacks).

SEATING: The family has three kids, so it needs at least five full seats. More seats are allowed if the body can take them, either as jump seats or full seats.

INTERIORS: Allowed, but not needed and will not be judged (how exciting were they in family cars of this era anyway?)





SIZE: Preferrably somewhere in the C, D or E segment of european car classifications. No hard limits but use common sense. A VW Polo is too small and an Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser too big.

ADVANCED TRIM SETTINGS: Allowed, but if they are getting silly it’s my right to bin the car. Again, use common sense.

ENGINEERING: No hard realism rules, but obvious meme cars, shitty engineering or minmaxing gives me the right to bin the car.

LICENSE PLATES: I would prefer euro sized plates with the texture set to a plain white colour. Why? Since the Swedish plate mod in the game is way too new, 2019 and later plate. But I won’t bin anyone that has the “wrong” plates on the car, though I would prefer it done this way.

QUALITY SLIDERS: Used with moderation, it is allowed. -1 interior quality in a low budget car is of course perfectly fine. Not -15 everything to be able to fit a twin turbo V10 in your car.


After all, the car has to look convincing on TV. Yeah, convincing. This is not a beauty contest, something that looks like a Jaguar E-type does not belong in this show. If it looks like a typical 70s/80s family car, it’s good. If it has some nice details and/or wear and tear that shows that it is not a new car, even better. Up to a point. It should still be street legal, so headlights falling out, doors that is attached to the car with duct tape etc. is of course a no-no.

A reoccuring gag will be the car being filled up with junk for one reason or another, so space is needed. It might even be towing a caravan at some point (but since tow ratings are a bit borked I won’t care about them, only the utility stat in itself).

After all, dad is a cheapskate.

It should be suitable as a family car after all, it is not supposed to be a trackday toy.

It is not supposed to kill the family either.

Dad is a cheapskate, once again, but accepts that an old car might gulp more fuel than a new one.

Breakdowns are a part of everything, sure, but on TV they are staged. Having the car broken down for real constantly will make things harder for the team. Also, a car too unreliable would probably not have survived this long.

Irrelevant for the film team maybe, but still, it would be unrealistic to drive around in something they would not afford to service.

Taking “shortcuts” after bad roads sometimes is part of the script, it is good if the car at least can handle it somewhat before it gets stuck in the middle of nowhere.


Rules can be discussed until 3 PM (GMT) the 1st of september, then submissions will start.
Deadline (in case nothing happens) - 3 PM (GMT) the 15th of september. Before that I want the .car file sent via DM and a description of the car posted in the thread.

In case the engine designer update will drop before that, deadline will be extended to 3 PM (GMT) the 22nd of september, and ONE resubmission will be allowed.

Maybe a little more inspo (even if it’s not supposed to be a copy of this). Sorry, not sorry for the language of bork.


What about load capacity and cargo space? Surely those have to be factored into the practicality calculations.

Well, as I have understood it, cargo space affects utility while passenger space affects practicality, so you can’t really sacrifice one for another without hurting one of the stats. Load capacity is utility AFAIK, but too much load capacity most often means stiff springs hurting comfort. I will look mostly at the stats, but if the raw numbers are too silly (like 100 kg load capacity or 100 litre luggage space) it will clearly hurt the possibilities to win even if stat numbers are good.


one tip for readability

pls put an empty line of space in between each rule


The New 1980 Gascar 1015

An excellent classic that is totally not a forgotten old shit car.
Proudly made in Finland by Kekmet Automotive.



Why no mentioning of 4 door sedans?

Because it won’t look as hilarious on TV when the car is loaded up with junk if it is all hidden in the trunk. So, no regular sedans this time.

Any transmission preferences?

Nah. Manual or auto is up to you to decide, both have their drawbacks when it comes to important stats here, and both were common during the era. However, I am leaning towards a ban on advanced autos. They give too much of an advantage, and sure, they were around at the end of the era, but we aren’t looking into the luxury class now



Any rules regarding negative quality?

I would say that’s kind of a “soft rule”. Used in moderation, fine. -1 interior quality on something supposed to be a budget car is nothing that will send you to the bin. -15 on everything to be able to fit a twin turbo V10 is a one way ticket to the bin. In between that, use common sense.

is the 1985 Toyhatsu Tony 1800GL AdvenTouring

The car from the Future…as seen in 1982.
As we all know Japanese cars totally never break down or anything, at least if “well maintained”. Luckily Biltema has both a Haynes manual and lots of parts available.
Manual and no ABS because obviously Stig don’t need a car that thinks it can Car better than himself. It does have Electronic fuel injection, because that’s NASA grade high tech and superior to carburetors.
Other quirks & features that might brighten boring family life:

  • a flimsy cargo cover that doesn’t actually cover the cargo area, very useful when going through the Tull (rear flap fell off)
  • a top mounted rear wiper which tends to randomly fall down into “5:30” position
  • a tow hook (the 5kg tow rating is obviously a typo, it is totally rated for 1500 kg)
  • a roof rack for any stuff that won’t fit inside
  • a big, totally car wash proof, antenna for excellent radio reception
  • a cassette player because WTF is 8-track anyway
  • bigly windows for good visibilty
  • DOUBLE sunroof, the kids will love it!
  • petite mirrors to encourage skill-based reversing
  • super classy Gold paint, with tasteful touches of Swedish Chrome
  • rugged modernist dorky AF design
more brown

There’s a whole medium size bike in there if you stare hard enough


Another question I forgot

Will AWD be allowed?

Since Subarus and Tercels were around and fits the brief very well, yes. I feel that I can’t put a ban on it then.

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Wow that’s a funky wagon you have there.

Almost too funky for a boring and mundane Swedish family.

Luckily I have a solution. It’s a car.

Wow, that’s definitely a car.

Look it can turn.

more car


Sorry, my evening became very busy with things I had no control over…but yeah, it’s open now!

So what does this mean for 3-door wagons; are they allowed or not?

Not. Only bodies with rear doors allowed, should maybe clarify that a bit, thanks.


We would like to introduce the 1984’ Valentine Valkyrie-FT, This is the perfect everyday family utility vehicle with just a touch of sportiness utilizing a rear biased AWD - Uton 4.3 inline 6 tied to a 5 speed stick. Premium 8-track & interior will make you feel like you’re traveling in style while achieving almost 20mpg on average. This vehicle falls at a very comfortable 21K making it an easy to reach, comfortable economy family vehicle.


When the main goal is to get there

When all you want to do is just arrive

Same great name, now with a new face

The 1987 Sabre Wagon, from Axxus


1986 FMC Gannet for sale
A few dings, paint and wheels could use a cleaning, fresh off lease so it’s basically still like new




1981 Matsuma Fuji 1800 DLX


1986 Ishikari Morus SE 1.5 AWD

Ishikari is a Japanese manufacturer which loves mating their small, economical engines to their simple AWD system for those thrifty drivers who love venturing off the beaten trail.

The SE package is complimented with further protective plastic cladding, a full size spare wheel and an integrated roof rack.

There’s a little wear and tear here and there, but it’s all cosmetic.

1978 Moravia Jestrab 1600 Automatic