TMCC20 - Only Moment


The year is 2014, and filming is about to start for the sequel to the 2011 summer blockbuster Only Moment, whose story focuses on a former assassin whose addiction to taking lives resurfaces after a burglary attempt.

The production team is in need of an armoured vehicle for a chase scene that occurs towards the end of the movie. In particular, said vehicle will chase after a car driven by the two protagonists (to be specific, a sports CUV in the vein of the Porsche Cayenne or Macan), with plenty of gunfire being exchanged between the occupants of the two vehicles. The screenwriters have sought to achieve an element of surprise followed by a lasting sense of tension during the chase (part of which should be fulfilled by the armoured vehicle’s imposing presence as a previously unknown, but very apparent, threat to the protagonists).

In essence, what the movie needs is a deadly-looking armoured vehicle.
It doesn’t necessarily need to be big, but it does need to be bad.



  • Vehicle model and engine family name: â €TMCC20 - [Your_Forum_Username]â €
  • Vehicle trim and engine variant names are free
  • 1 forum post in this thread is required, and must contain images of your vehicle
  • Vehicle submissions (as .car files) will only be accepted via DM
  • If submitting a vehicle as multiple .car files, state within the DM which one contains the engineering

  • Vehicle model and trim year: 2010-2014 inclusive
  • Engine family and variant year: 2000-2014 inclusive
  • Minimum wheelbase of 2.60 m
  • No glued aluminum or carbon fibre chassis (not durable enough for stunts)
  • No V16 engine configuration
  • No magnesium engine block (safety risk with pyrotechnics)
  • No fuel with a Research Octane Number (RON) of higher than 100 (excessive running costs)
  • No leaded fuel (unsafe and illegal)
  • Catalytic converter (illegal otherwise)
  • Advanced 2000s or Advanced 2010s safety
  • No usage of the advanced wheel and tire sliders to decrease the width or diameter of the wheels
  • No usage of both advanced ride height sliders (though a single slider is allowed for rake angle adjustment)
  • Minimum reliability score of 55
  • Minimum offroad score of 20
  • Maximum approximate cost of $80000 AMU
  • Maximum service costs of $3600 AMU
  • +3 drivetrain quality, +5 wheel/tire quality, and -15 weight optimization for each additional axle
  • No usage of the wheel/tire quality slider except as outlined above
  • No usage of the weight optimization slider except as outlined above
  • Quality per slider must be between -5 and +5 inclusive, except where outlined above
  • Engineering must be contained within one vehicle, if multiple are used for more wheels or separate components (e.g. a gun turret)

  • Maximum of 3 additional fixture-made axles or axles from invisible vehicles, for a maximum of 5 total axles
  • The sizes of fixture-made wheels should correspond to the size of the actual wheels
  • A degree of flat armour plating placed on (or constituting) the body
  • At least 1 mounted gun of any sufficiently large calibre (i.e. no submachine guns)
  • No usage of the advanced wheel width slider (the tread width slider is allowed, but may impact aesthetics)
  • With any usage of the advanced wheel diameter and tire diameter sliders, the former should be half of the latter (e.g. +20 tire diameter corresponds to +10 wheel diameter)

APC (Uncharted 4)

Terradyne Gurkha (on which the U4 APC is based)

Panhard CRAB

Otokar Arma 6x6

Arquus Scarabee

Elite Goliath (Split/Second)

AM General HMMWV/Humvee

Avtoros Shaman

International Workstar (armoured)


Arguably the most important quality, design-wise, is how imposing the armoured vehicle will look in the movie. While camerawork and special effects can help accentuate this, they won’t be able to cover for something that the protagonists’ sports SUV can simply ram off the road. The vehicle should have an indomitable air about it—that is, it should be something that, at first glance, appears unstoppable.
Since the movie is set in the present day (by 2014 standards, anyway), the production team isn’t looking for a decades-old design with sealed beams, nor one that would be right at home on a vapourware supercar. While a fair amount of gaming peripheral-like angles on the body are to be expected, try to also think practically where lights in particular are concerned. While LED bulb arrays are fair game, unbroken LED lines and shapes like those on today’s EVs are too sophisticated and likely won’t do you any good here. The same applies for grilles as well.

To sum it up, your engineering should more or less match with your design, and (to a lesser degree) vice versa. If the vehicle was dinged up, or built or inspected on a Friday, take a point or two off the chassis or body quality. If you have an interior with sideways-facing bench seats behind the front row, I’ll expect a rear bench or two on the engineering side. Custom fixture-made offroad coilovers? I’ll be thoroughly disappointed if you chose leaf suspension. Of course, not all fixture-made components can be accounted for with certain engineering choices, hence the (admittedly hacky) quality-and-weight-per-axle rule.

I want to encourage unconventional vehicles to some degree, while also ensuring that at least a handful of examples (or at least one fully functioning prototype) of any of them could reasonably be produced. There’s a difference between quirky engineering and shitpost engineering. If you feel like you’d be better off justifying certain choices with lore, please do so.
This one should be self-explanatory. Despite a couple of the inspirations above, the producers aren’t looking for armoured_truck.png incarnate. Note that heavily modified road-going cars and trucks (e.g. the Killdozer in car form) are also an option.

While the production team is willing to spend a little more for something that’ll make an impression on the big screen, it’d be worth their while if they got what they paid for. As with similar challenges in the past, given the choice between two vehicles with essentially the same visual impact and stats, the less expensive one will win.

  • With up to 100 RON of octane available, you might be wondering what the point of using a lower-grade fuel is if it has no effect on stats. Well, for each full octane point below 100 (down to a minimum of 91), $50 will be taken off the approximate cost of your vehicle. As I'm only taking into account the approximate cost after this bonus is applied, you can use this to your advantage by sacrificing engine performance to fit other things within the budget or just make your vehicle cheaper overall.
  • As per usual, interiors are not required, and not having one won't negatively impact your score. Of course, a suitable, well-made interior will help your score, and a shoddy, out-of-place one will hurt it.
  • Every body type is allowed. Even discounting the overabundance of resources at the antagonists' disposal, a bit of suspension of disbelief is usually expected for action movies, so if you want to slap armour and a gun onto a Rally Fighter or even a jacked-up supercar, you're more than welcome. Just be wary of the impact on the aforementioned intimidation factor.
  • Aside from the stuff outlined in the Requirements section, other advanced settings such as engine placement and scale are fair game.

  • 2022-06-20 21:56 EDT: removed advanced engine scale restriction, clarified things relating to wheels, added grip quality as required for extra axles
  • 2022-06-20 22:08 EDT: increased cost and service cost limits
  • 2022-06-20 22:18 EDT: more clarifications, removed incomplete wording
  • 2022-06-21 00:21 EDT: added fuel octane bonuses
  • 2022-06-21 14:35 EDT: added rules for use of multiple .car files per entry, opened submissions

2022-07-25 00:00 UTC

If no one has any objections to the updated rules between now and when I get to my PC tomorrow, I’ll officially open the round then. The deadline should be roughly 3 weeks from when the round opens.

Clarification needed on octane. 100 RON (in-game Ultimate) is the max available, but will there be a score bonus for going with, say, Regular or Premium, which are actual pump gas and not a specialist product? Or should I just tune for 100 and forget about it?

Thanks for bringing that up.
Since it doesn’t seem to do anything in Sandbox, I think I’ll implement an after-the-fact $50 deduction from the vehicle’s approximate cost for each full octane point under 100 (rounded up, by the way), to a maximum of $450 for 91 RON (“regular”) fuel. The logic for this, at least from my perspective, is that if you’re confident that your vehicle won’t be too expensive, you can benefit from better engine performance.

And yes, you can use this to stay under the cost ceiling (i.e. I won’t instabin an entry whose approximate cost in-game is up to $450 over the cap, as long as it has a low enough octane to stay under it when I factor in the octane bonus).

This makes sense considering that cheaper fuel leads to generally lower running costs, all other things being equal.

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Submissions are now officially open—you have roughly 3 weeks, so try not to rush it.
Don’t let the production team down!


is semi-space frame allowed or not? it’s also made of aluminum after all

Yes (since if its IRL counterpart is anything to go by, it uses welds and rivets in addition to adhesive).


If you’ve completed your vehicles, now might be a good time to submit them so I can review them sooner.
Don’t forget that every entry also needs a forum post with images (in the form of an ad or otherwise).

Oh, yeah: it’d also help me out a lot if you describe what your vehicles are armed with, since a vehicle’s arsenal isn’t the most apparent in-game.

2014 AT-HI Mori MK1, the Grim Reaper of Your Dreams

Do you need a fast and effective way to Unalive your competitors with easy? Do you need a car that could protect you from the pesky agents sent by the IRS cuz you hadn't pay any of your taxies? Do you need a car that could blow the fuck up some clueless, under-equipped, and staving conscripts in a certain European warzone?

No need to worry, AT-Heavy Industry have just the right machine for you. We at AT-HI present you our newest innovation, the 2014 AT-HI Mori MK1, the Grim Reaper of your dreams. It is powered by a 3.5L LMH V6 by Cosmoth PowerUnit, making around 670hp. It’s paired with an AWD 6 speed manual allowing it to launch from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.1 seconds and a top speed of 310 km/h. It is also equipped with an experimental autopilot system, Electric Var. Power Steering, ESC, and Launch control to optimize your driving experience.

Armament wise, Mori is armed with an advance computer assisted aiming system, a 20mm Autocannon, 3 switchblade drones, a state-of-the-art Electronic Warfare System with an integrated radar, a micro missile launcher, an AT-HI scout drone(w/ radar), and 4 multipurpose grenade launcher with 3 modes (Smoke/ white phosphorus/ High Explosive). It is protected by 4 advance explosive reactive amour capable of taking a few AT-GMs, full composite armor panels for maximum protection and less weight, and a bullet-proof canopy that could easily handle high caliber rifle rounds. It is also compatible with a remote weapons aiming system for your buddy to have some fun while away from danger. If all fails, we also have a Glock 18 near the seat for close combat.

It is now available in many colours including stealth black, forest camo, and arctic camo. You could find Mori on our website ;

AT Heavy Industry, We Can (Not) Make Shit Go Ka-Boom

Due to the relative lack of entries, I’m considering extending the deadline.
If at least 3 votes are cast towards either of the two extension options within 24 hours, the chosen extension will become final, and I’ll create a new countdown timer and update the main post accordingly.

  • No Extension
  • 5-Day Extension (to the 20th)
  • 10-Day Extension (to the 25th)

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The deadline has officially been extended to the 25th!
The top post has also been updated with a new countdown timer link.






should have done that lmao




  • Twin 30mm Autocannons
  • Quad TOW-2 ATGM
  • 20L V10 Diesel Turbo
  • Active Steering system
  • Composite Addon
An effective IFV that can rip through the streets nimbly with its 4WS and crush any obstacle with its powerful engines and rugged protection for the crew inside and ride along troops. Capable of maneuvering through large varieties of terrain and the active air suspension system to provide a seamless ride.

If you have an entry and forum post ready, you may regret procrastinating on submitting them.



…Shit, how do i make it bigger?

It was bigger just a second ago, I was scrolling through it. So whatever you did, undo it!

Um idk,

This is a rear-engined armored offroader with a crewed minigun on top and 2 front-mounted 50-cals. It seats three, with the middle person’s seat bottom being able to rise up to man the minigun turret and rotate with it. It is powered by a 8100 aluminum big block, which only powers the rear wheels as the amount of weight at the rear axle allows the damn thing to cover any and all challenging terrain regardless - with help from the massive armored skidplate at the bottom. No proper military would buy it, but it looks cool ig.

I kind of lost motivation on working out the finer details of this thing, but I think it should still compete and be judged.