TMCC31: Estate of the Art [COMPLETE]

TMCC31: Estate of the Art


Our protagonist is a high powered executive for a state of the art semiconductor company, with a happy family and many enemies. His job usually entails ordering people around and overseeing development of ever more advanced manufacturing techniques. However, people are always trying to steal trade secrets, and our lead knows a lot of trade secrets. Thus production needs a car that can do duty for kids and their cargo, while also being fast enough to outrun dastardly saboteurs and corporate spies.

Summary: The producers need an estate wagon for the high flying main character and their family. The kids need boot space, but the driver hates SUVs and wants to be able to gun it on the motorway.


2007 Trim Year
Default (+5) Techpool
Wagon Body
2.75m minimum wheelbase
Five full seats minimum
No race headers or semi slicks
Maximum engine loudness: 40
Maximum Trim emissions: 225
Fuel: 98 RON

Road Legal Fixtures: Must have headlights, taillights, amber indicators, reversing lights, front and rear number plates, and wipers

Car model naming scheme: TMCC31 - [Forum username]

Max budget: $35,000


:star: :star: :star:
Drivability: Our lead wants something to cruise in, not something that has to be wrung within an inch of its life just to get around an intersection.
Comfort: The kids will complain about the ride and then promptly throw up. This isn’t that kind of show.
Safety: This is a rich family’s car, and rich families want safe cars

:star: :star:

Sportiness: There’s a reason SUVs aren’t allowed here
Performance: Sometimes our characters are in a rush
Prestige: They don’t want to be in a car that the police will pull over just for being near their upper middle class neigbourhood
Costs: This is a film production, and production companies are penny pinchers. Overall cost, fuel economy, and service costs will all be considered.
Reliability: No one wants to be stranded on the side of the road, least of all our lead family
Appearance: Would you want to be seen driving something ugly?


Practicality: The five seats and wagon body should take care of this
Offroad: Make sure it’s better than an Ariel Atom

Rules deliberation until 14 August
Submissions due 31 August

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My assumption is that all five seats must be full-sized.

Nothing wrong with the brief. Some more info about the show would be nice, though? :thinking: Now there is hardly any info what we are even making a car for.


How fast are we talking here? V10 M5 wagon? Evo IX wagon? Or just not slow enough to hold up traffic

Somewhere between a 530i and a V10 M5 is what I’m looking for

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So an Ariel Nomad?


I love wagons, and deplore that the game illogically penalizes them with more nose-heavy weight distribution than their sedan counterparts. IRL it’s the other way around. I thought about a wagon/estate challenge with a clause deducting weight distribution engineering costs from the final price of the vehicle. When reviewing it, the judge would set weight distribution to neutral (50), record the price that results, and then set the slider back to where it was for proper suspension and brake tune (as proper as it was in the first place, that is). What do you think?


I may have to see if a certain Grand Warden can survive having the model year pushed back to '07 instead of '09.

any specific market or spec you had in mind?

No, no specific market in mind


2007 Harlan Pursuit 8R

One of the last proper American full-size cars, the Harlan Pursuit combines a big V8 engine, rear-wheel drive and a plush, spacious interior. The 8R goes even further, with a 400 cubic inch pushrod V8 pushing 400 hp. The package also adds adaptive suspension, a limited-slip differential and the leather-and-wood-extravaganza interior from the Jefferson 400L luxury sedan, including a premium sound system and satelite navigation.


Damn, a response like me when I see the buffet and also the same economy… I guess my entry needs some polishing.

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2007 WM Wolford 5.5 Estate

A 500-bhp, naturally aspirated, V8-powered, supercar-hunting estate with room for a whole family and their gear, all for just $35,000 AMU.


I have one prepped - just waiting for it to open.

I think it’s already open, just not mentioned in the title

2007 Primus Merit Sportwagon 280S

You want the prestige and driving pleasure of a upper midsize sedan? You need the space of an MPV? You look for luxury class comfort and the economy of one of these strange Hyco, eh, Hybris, ehm, I mean hybrid cars?

The jack of all trades is here. You just need to buy it to be happy.

ACR Lanea Sport 420

420 is a coincidence we swear

what happens when you put a 3-liter straight six in a wagon shitbox? This. This happens. 420 horsepower from a turbocharged piece of crap. 320km/h. Very comfort and safe speed. Very car.


*NOTE: I forgot to update the pictures when I added the front plate.

Presenting the…
2007 Torrent Frigate Portage B6X

  • 263hp 3.2L Boxer 6 with 240.5 lb-ft
  • 23.8mpg
  • 6.66 seconds to 60mph, 160mph top speed
  • 1.02g skidpad
  • 6 speed advanced auto with AWD
  • $34,200

Fortune favors the fierce

Kotatsu V8 Salamander

Step one, get one of these babies. Step two, get used to the stares of envy.

Presenting the V8 Salamander, a limited model based on the original, widely beloved Salamander, but with Delphinida’s new 4-liter 8-cylinder powerhouse replacing the usual 6-cylinder. The roaring 400 horsepower coming out of it won’t be apparent from the inside, as its comfy-to-the-touch surfaces and premium entertainment features lull you and your passengers into a worry-free rapid trip to your destination.


by Kotatsu Design Team
Powered by Delphinida


2007 Miller Marengo Estate