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Oakland II. Providence Coupe to be more specific. intended to throw hands with the best of the best, the Providence Coupe is the top of the line Oakland available for the 1958 model year. combining excellent performance and even better comfort and luxury features, this car is a spare-no-expense grand tourer for the ages. designed with nothing but total decadence in mind, the car features chrome trimming in droves from top to bottom and out of this world styling straight out of the jet age. a streamliner-inspired hood up front and a huge set of fins in the back punctuated by rocket-inspired afterburner-like exhaust ports let you know that this car means nothing but business.

this car is the first thing I am legitimately proud of that I have made in years. I hope you like it too.


I’m back again, bitches

Providence II redux motherfucker woo yeah

back to the drawing board as I wasn’t satisfied with the previous design. I didn’t intend for it to turn out so similar to the source material, but it’s an improvement either way. 360 cubic inches of fury, positrac differential, and radial tires as standard.

shit just got real. the Providence II Twister is the brainchild of Hollie Patton, head of R&D at Torrento from 1966 to 1989. she figured a 444, 550, or 572 would’ve been far too heavy for the ass-kicking, name-taking machine of Stephen II’s dreams. the result: an experimental 440-horsepower turbocharged monstrosity befitting of a radical new nameplate. the first step was adapting a 360 8-Pak Trans-Am homologation engine for use with a turbocharger. radical changes were made, including a more aggressive cam, bigger carburettors, a new air intake, and modified exhaust headers onto which the single large turbocharger would be mounted. secondly, the bodywork was revised for a more aggressive appearance, vents were carved into the sides, and a new twin-scoop hood was fitted. louvres were bolted to the rear window, and the car was then painted in a flashy colour scheme, and stripes were added to the sides. thirdly, the suspension and gearbox were revised for high speed handling and acceleration, and significantly wider radial tires were fitted. positrac still as standard. finally, it was sent off to the streets and the track in limited quantities to raise hell, as is family tradition.


my gf likes foxbody mustangs but wishes they were slightly rounder more like the sn95 so I made something to fit the description but with a little general motors in it

Providence V. the Pv4 of the late 70s was getting pretty out of date by the late 80s, so Torrento started work on the next generation of the car. forward thinking design, a fun driving experience, and a high horsepower to dollar ratio were prioritized. it was released for the 1992 model year and was reasonably successful. the lowest V8 spec (pictured) came with a solid 270 horsepower, more than enough for some shenanigans.

sidenote: I’m a fucking idiot and managed to forget some details on the car even after about seven checks, so if you notice certain details on the car missing that are present on the other trims, that’s why

Redline. 320 horsepower, limited slip differential, and sporty 2-tone appearance as standard. fitted with 3 spoke rims and sports tires, the Providence V Redline is a considerably more interesting package than the lowly base V8. capable of sprinting to 60 in under 6 seconds, it’s a good deal quicker too.

Blackbird. yet another reason to let your engineers go wild with a version of every car you make. 415 naturally aspirated horsepower from the exact same V8 in the Redline, fed to the rear wheels through a tight 6 speed manual and an aggressive limited slip differential geared to rocket to 60 in little under 5 seconds and bolt to a top speed of 155mph*. fitted with high tech suspension to tackle the road ahead with maximum speed, it’s no slouch on the streets or at the track. it’s one of Hollie’s lesser known R&D rampages. a few visual modifications were made, like a new front bumper, lip splitter, and hood. the only things telling you this is a performance menu special from the insane chefs that are Torrento’s engineering team are the subtle red trim, Blackbird badges, and the big ol’ NACA duct carved front and center into the hood.

*understatement for legislative purposes


it seems almost too good for the era lmao

it is, but I don’t like to 100% follow the rules of realism because when I do I get really fucking bored really quickly lmao so a lot of my cars are just beyond the possibilities of the time but not like insane insane


They look so real though, like all of your classic cars have the broad rears and the double headlights and stuff, you must really know what your doing

thanks! I try my best


90s pony/muscle cars may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the 5th-gen Providence is one of the better offerings of that kind. If the 270-bhp base V8 is an affordable working man’s hero, and the 320-bhp Redline is aimed at those who really want to leave those cocky import rivals in the dust, then the 415-bhp Blackbird is, in theory, capable of harassing contemporary supercars - compared to today, such amounts of power were nowhere near as commonplace in the new car market of the 1990s.


this car is a first for me and was also utter suffering to make because I’m recovering from knee replacement surgery on my right, but my left is starting to get all fucked up so I’ve been double fucked in the leg department for like a month, on top of mental shit clinical insanity (I am out of my mind :3) yada yada but I know for a fact not a single one of you gives a shit and you’re just here for the car so let’s just fucking get on with it

Bridgehead II. a family oriented (duh) station wagon from the good old days of technicolour and jazz. err, correction, civil rights protests and anti-war rock music. technicolour and jazz was the 30s. it has a V8 just like every other Torrento born of the 60s, and it’s got some decent get-up-and-go for something that weighs around about 4,300 pounds. that’s like 12 of me. that’s fuckin heavy. to make up for the heavyweight nature of sluggish handling and less than sporty acceleration, you have a cruise liner’s worth of space inside. the trunk is so massive you could build an entire cathedral in it and still have space for your groceries, surfboards, and unruly children. and a fucking steakhouse. guaranteed.

my bones hurt like a bitch and 3 5ths I need to go lay down


I couldnt care less about the car if your not feeling up to it, you dont need to make anything, just focus on yourself

I never really feel up to it or anything else for that matter, haven’t for years. I just make things in this game if I have ideas and have nothing better I’d rather be doing while I figure my shit out. thank you for expressing some care though, it means a lot to me

us gals gotta look out for each other


made this while having my bi-nightly emotional crisis (that’s where it got it’s name, it’s in latin). I kinda like it. as well, I finally got my old mountain bike fixed up and roadworthy like I said I was going to do like 7 years ago. if only I was physically well enough to ride it…

Flere. from the land of cherry blossoms and some really fucking good noodles that were actually invented in china (much like guns and weed, two other awesome things I love), we bring you yet another 4 wheeled fun-having machine. a purchase of the Flere 2.4 GST will cost you about as much as a plate of sushi, but in exchange you get a front-engine, rear-drive turbocharged V6 tire blazing monster of a budget sports car. with more horsepower than you can count on two hands, finely tuned suspension, a lightweight but strong chassis, and even some snazzy mudflaps if you’re willing to put down a little extra cash, this thing seems like a pretty good deal. it even comes with state of the art tech like speed-variable power steering, traction control, a cassette player, and a back seat actually capable of relatively comfortably seating an adult over 5 feet 2 inches tall. for you europoors out there who look at imperial units like poorly-scrawled arabic, that’s 157.48 centimetres. incredibly spacious, unless you’re me. for the price, you won’t find another car with nearly as excellent value. 6 cylinders. 230hp. 7000 rpm. 5 speeds. 6.1 seconds to 62mph. 130mph. hell, it even gets pretty decent gas mileage. need I say more?

sidenote: I can’t tell what colour this car is, if one of you could tell me what it is that would be great


Looks like a mossy green with some hint of yellow or brown mixed into it to my eyes.


Those would have been formidable numbers at the time of its launch - speaking of which, what trim year is the Flere 2.4 GST from? I’m guessing it was from the second half of the 1980s - if so, I’d love to see a Group A racing version of it. By the way, what body set and wheelbase is the Flere based on? My guess is one of the Mobula body sets, or a similarly-shaped one. And regarding that exterior color:

In other words, a desaturated and lightened lime green that doesn’t look too bright or garish for its time.

From the pictures, I’ve noticed that it’s most likely built on the second-smallest of the Mobula body sets (2.52m wheelbase).

the Flere is an '88-94, and yes, mobula. shorter wheelbase, I don’t remember which one. a racing variant is unlikely because I am lazy, depressed, and don’t know how to make a proper racing car

I would call it pea green.

god I feel awful today, but we ball

Terrain 4XL. a heavy duty, rugged fleet worker loved by patriotic americans and coal rolling dipshits worldwide. sporting large off-road tires, dually wheels, wide fenders, and a big ol’ V8, this blue-collar workhorse means business, be it around the shop, out in the fields, or the construction site. it’s also very popular in the tuning scene due to it’s overall simplicity and build quality with pro-street racers, lowriders, and annoying diesel specimens alike. a reliable and powerful tool of productivity and brute force, the Terrain is sure to get the job done right the first time, unlike your idiot co-worker darryl.

I should probably start using a brighter photo preset for posts because my god you cannot see the front fascia in these studio-style pics


I mean, when is it not the case.

But anyways this is probably one of my all-time favourite Torrento, despite me not being a inferior MPV truck guy at all.

It’s been like this since 4.27 dropped. Personally, I would suggest you to get some light props to the scene and provide some lights from afar, that can make things clearer without the shot itself being overexposed. But hell, I’m anything but a competent photo taker.

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