Touge Showdown Maou Championship (Bruh)


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This is a challenge themed around Hot-Version’s series where they take tuned-up cars and see how fast they go down Gunsai (watch the latest episode of that here). The idea is to create a video in the Hot-Version style that includes a timed run and a BeamMP touge tournament. Hopefully it’ll go better than it sounds.


Rules and Regulations (SUBJECT TO CHANGE; CHECK OFTEN)
  • You need to make your car in the open beta branch. If you import a car from stable into open beta, the engine disappears.
  • If you use mods, please tell me which ones you (think you) used.
  • No quality sliders.
  • Model and stock trim year should be the year your car came out (anything goes here, as long as it matches your car’s appearance and engineering). Tuned trim year should be 2020.
  • Carbon panels and chassis are banned. Yes, even partial carbon. I know they do carbon panels all the time but because they are on the model and not the trim, your stock model would have to also have the carbon which would be OP.
  • Stock trim must have at least 90% desirability and 50% affordability in Sport, Family Sport, Light Sport, Fun, Pony, or Muscle (or in their budget/premium variants).
    Do not use the Markets tab, it is irrelevant. I mean the Demographics list in Trim Statistics:
  • The stock and tuned trims have to use the same engine family.
  • Stock trim can use Regular or Premium octane and tuned trim can use anything up to Ultimate.
  • Maximum combined (front + rear) tire width for the tuned trim is 590mm. They can be staggered or square, they just have to add up to 590.
  • Semi-slick tyres are banned on the stock trim and mandatory on the tuned trim.
  • Sequentials can only be used in the tuned trim.
  • Automatics and DCTs can only be used in the tuned trim if they were in the stock trim. You must keep its type, number of gears, and spacing the same as stock, but you can change the top speed. If you swap to a manual or sequential, it’s fair game to change anything.
  • Maximum combined front + rear downforce is 350 kg (771.6 lb, 3086.4 bananas) (that’s for both trims)
  • No interiors please. This isn’t really a fixture editor proficiency contest, though I encourage you to try for a competent exterior design and maybe even a livery. You can make an interior for photos but delete it and make sure to set window transparency to 0 when you actually submit your car.
  • Please don’t use real brands anywhere. I get that driving fictional cars down a real course kinda breaks the immersion, but just suspend your disbelief for now.
  • Advanced trim settings are fine.
Naming Conventions
  • Model: TougeMaou [username]
  • Stock trim: The name of your car from factory (e.g. Toyota GT86, Mazda RX-7, BMW M3)
  • Tuned trim: What your tuning shop calls it (e.g. Revolution 86, FEED FD3S, ASSIST M3)
  • Engine naming doesn’t matter, just make sure it isn’t the default. You can come up with a cool realistic name, but you don’t have to.
  • When you export your tuned trim to BeamNG, reduce the name to just TougeMaou [username].

PM me a .zip containing your Automation .car file, the tuned trim exported to BeamNG, and any additional stuff you deem necessary that I could make use of in the video, like a cool picture you took of your car or your tuning shop’s logo.
In that PM, you can also describe what your car is and what you’ve done to it, or you can put that in a post in the thread.
If you don’t have, I will export the car for you.
You can resubmit your car as long as it’s before the deadline.

The first thing I will do when I receive a car is check it over. If it breaks a rule or a mod is missing, I’ll tell you and you can resubmit it with any issues fixed. If you misname or stick an interior in your car, I’ll just rename it/delete the interior and re-export to Beam (but I’ll still let you know in case you want to do it yourself). Because of this, I’d recommend you don’t wait until the last second before the deadline.

You don’t just enter a car and then sit around, though. You can also optionally contribute by doing your car’s timed run and participating in touge battles.


So, you want to do your timed run yourself?
First, download the BeamNG map, then follow the guide below to do your run properly.

Course and Running Guide

This is the actual course.

To get there from the parking lot, follow the red line.

I need to see you going under 60 kph the moment you reach this sign:
You should start recording your replay before you reach it. Once you pass it, you can go on full attack. You don’t have to be surgically exact; trust me, cheating will be obvious.

Once you pass the sign, you aren’t allowed to put any tires on the grass, nor can you use slow-motion.
This is a good video example of what would be deemed a legal replay except that I ran on the grass about 20 seconds in and was driving a pickup truck from 1979 (turn captions on).

Timing starts when you pass the red line and ends when you pass the green line.
I will be timing your run by measuring when your front wheel passes these points as accurately as I can via the BeamNG replay footage.

To submit your run, PM me the BeamNG replay file of anyone (not just you, can be your friend or whatever) performing the run either inside your submission .zip file or separately. It should be named the same as your car model (TougeMaou [username].rpl).
Resubmissions of just the replay are allowed as long as the car is unchanged.


By default, me and my IRL friend who is decent at driving will drive all the cars for the time attack and touge battles. But, if you think you’re faster than us (which you probably are), you can join the BeamMP server. You are not going to necessarily drive your own car, but I will try to get the driver who did a car’s timed run to drive it in the battle too. You can participate if you just want to drive, you don’t have to submit a car.

First, you need to join the discord. I know it’s lame to have to join someone’s discord, but it’s technically optional. I need to be able to quickly organize drivers and have voice chat for coordination during the battles. The BeamMP server IP is also on the discord because it’s private. If you live too far from my PST timezone, you might not get to drive at all, so please keep that in mind.

The competition will operate via a seeded single elimination tournament. The car with the fastest timed run will compete against the one with the slowest one, then the second fastest car will compete against the second slowest one, et cetera. Eventually we will arrive at the winner, who will be crowned Maou of the Touge.


If you win (and enough people want a second round), you will get to suggest a theme for next round; maybe a naturally aspirated or 2 liter battle, an FF versus FR battle, a “shuffle” battle where the car builders and tuners are all different people, etc. Please keep in mind that this is not a typical challenge where your cars are judged to a score, so you will not be able to judge the cars yourself if you win, but you will get to decide the rules to which they are held.

The deadline is June 18 at 2:00 AM UTC. BeamNG got hotfixed today, everything seems to work.

Submissions/resubmissions close on that hour.
PDT/PST is for reference, that is my timezone.

Good luck and godspeed!


Intewesting hmmmmmm


Literally 0 (zero) entries. Remind me to never put effort into anything for any of you guys ever again. Lmao.


There was no actual rules to speak of automation wise, and beam challenges are particularly limiting since not everyone has access to it, ESPECIALLY when you have to join another discord for it.

The challenge idea is good, it just needs a better execution.

A clear format, with specific rules for engine and trim ET, Quality etc.
Making two cars is also a lot of effort, especially since they have to be engineered differently.
Using the desirability and affordability is a pretty bad way to judge the cars, set a max price value, set a minimum drivability and reliability. Use the stats that automation offers, there’s a lot of “cheese” that can happen when just using the market tabs, build a few different test vehicles, average the stats and prioritise them in a sensible order.

There was also no clear “this is how you do well” other than just go fast. No stats to speak of in automation, no priority list.
I would guess this is why it failed.
If you simplify it all down to make one car, with some good rules and inspiration cars to look at, simplify the beam element so that only you drive all the cars in a time trial rather than battle, or even get rid of the beam side entirely (I know that’s not the point but you can always judge Automation and Beam separately)

The official automation discord is a good place to ask for help on a challenge like this, as lots of people make huge beam oriented challenges, and very often end up like this, because it’s too complicated, too much effort and annoying to get involved in. @SideswipeBL


Yeah, sorry, I didn’t have any inspiration for drift/touge cars. I mostly build American land-ships, not small and fast sporty cars.

I’ll echo Riley here - I enjoy making lightweight sporty cars, and touge is cool to me, but the challenge was too unclear beyond “go fast”, and being forced to join extra discords is never something I want to do.

If you are interested in hosting challenges in the future, then I’d like to direct you to [Side Quest] The Chad Cars Cup) which I think is similar to what you had in mind, and was really fun to do. And don’t be discouraged, we were all new at one point!


Hey, thanks for the link @Quneitra and getting me here! Nice challenge idea you got, but i do have to agree with the quick look i have taken that it could use a lot of work. If you ever need any help or advice, im here. If you want to host another challenge i suggest contacting me for some advice. (For auto-beam, i don’t know much about automation only.)
(Almost) Always happy to help!


Did you guys even read the op? there’s like 15 rules and doing anything in beam or joining the discord was completely optional. You could literally have just submitted an automation car with a stock and a tuned trim and you’d be entered in the challenge. And since when do I have to spoonfeed you guys a guide to doing well other than “go fast?” It wouldn’t be a challenge if I told you how. The literal point of the challenge is to “go fast,” what else do you need me to tell you for you to make me a fast car? Holy shit.

Btw I’m not “new” quneitra come on man that was just salt in the wound.

No worries man! Your challenge was awesome and I really enjoyed it :slight_smile: Had to miss out on BBR unfortunately, but hopefully I’ll get in on the next one.

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In my case, I originally did like the premise and want to participate, but the lack of traffic on this forum made me completely forget this challenge existed before I could come up with an idea for an entry. ):

Maybe, after a bit of rules discussion and tweaking, a re-booted version of this challenge might get enough attention to succeed… especially if its timetable doesn’t overlap with similar challenges like Bottom Drives too much.


Wait, what? You are saying that you cant tell people how to go fast, because that’s not a challenge? Sure, i can understand that partially, but you cant just tell people to do what you think that they should do.
Just giving people almost infinite choices is just not a good idea. Give them a range of options, or (for example) a few types of bodies/style of car. Anything can be a touge car if you think hard enough. Keep in mind that people can more easily make a choice if there are less options, such as the CCC.
These rules are not concrete enough for a autobeam challenge (in my opinion) to count someone like me into entering, and the ones that are concrete are partially very weird for an autobeam challenge.

For example, i think the desirability stuff is kind of irrelevant and kind of weird for this kind of challenge. Why do i think that? Its an automation figure and cant be compared to real life easily.
Has anyone ever noticed that i rarely use stats like drivability or sportiness in my challenges? Same reason.
I can understand the rule partially in a real life perspective, but this isn’t real life. If i removed all interior parts off of a VW Golf and removed the doors, (almost) no one would want it, but that doesnt mean that it cant be a race car (or in this case a Touge car).

Another weird one to me is why allow advanced trim if you have a max tire width? From what i know of, changing the wheel and tires in advanced trim does change physics in beamng. Im almost 100% sure that that is true, so the tire width is basically useless. If you wanted to do that properly, you would have to say that advanced trim settings for wheels are not allowed.

The main issue i see is that i could make an f1 car if i just fit it into desirability and affordability, which already tells me that these rules are heavily flawed. That in itself already puts me off a lot.
Something i always look at is to never just allow an f1 car to be entered. No one probably will, but in theory.

All in all, i could see this possibly working for an automation only challenge (if you banned open wheelers or certain bodies), but this just is very flawed for a fully functional and fair autobeam challenge.

Sorry if i was way too harsh, but that’s just how i see it.


Yeah the scheduling was what I originally thought the issue was. I don’t even know how many other challenges were happening at the same time as this. I didn’t want to make the deadline too early (school got in the way in that case) or too far off (people forget about the challenge) but also I really wanted to make the topic as soon as possible because I was excited. so that was my fault.

@Djadania The reason I used demographics as the metric is because I kind of wanted to see how far people could push it. Also, the desirability and affordability were with regards to a few specific sporty demographics; Track was not one of them. I figured an F1 car would have trouble working in any demographics other than Track (and wouldn’t be very affordable). The idea was that if it could sell well enough in any of the sporty markets at a reasonable price, then it would be a reasonable thing to expect a tuning shop to use as a base. In hindsight I probably should have also had a rule where the car can’t have too much Track or Super desirability, like over 50 and the car is deemed too upmarket/too fast, but I think in the moment I assumed the affordability rule would curb high ET supercars before they got too out of hand.

On advanced trim settings, the only guy who joined the discord, ARM_Tune, actually did so to suggest some rule changes and they were really good ideas which I implemented immediately. He suggested the tire width limit (because nobody in the real life counterpart of this challenge is running 395 section tires obviously) and he told me advanced trim settings don’t affect the effective tire width in Beam. Guess he was wrong? Idk. I never tested it and you sound like you did so I’m inclined to trust you. I definitely could have tested that out more before making the challenge, but like I said previously I was busy with school because it’s almost over and I just wanted to get the challenge out, advanced trim settings be damned. Nonetheless huge thanks to him for seeing all the issues in the original rules and taking it upon himself to tell me so I could fix them.

Also no I’m never rebooting this lol.

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Ok, you probably should have put a little more time into testing, then stuff would have ended up better. A delay would have probably brought a few entrants in if you made some changes to the rules. I dont know which challenges are always going either btw, its more of coming up with something that really stands out that matters.

And ask other people to test stuff too, so if there are any flaws that they can more easily be found.

TBH I just forgot about it. No offense intended. Maybe reboot this (simplify down into smaller bits?). And let’s go


OK, let’s keep things civil; I think this discussion has probably gone far enough. Yeah this challenge didn’t take off, but that can happen. No need to attack one another over it.


I’m pretty sure no one’s attacked anyone, just saying. (That is all)