[Side Quest] The Chad Cars Cup

The pinnacle of racing. The CCC (Chad Cars Cup), truly the greatest racing series of all time, hosted by the S.I.G.M.A (Sports International General Autoracing) worldwide. Truly, it is even greater than Formula 1 with the lowest caliber drivers, including Player One, UNNAMED, John Doe and Driver.
Using stock cars straight out of a dumpster, it is the slowest racing series (apart from go-karts) on the planet. Fear them.

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Chad Cars Cup! This “challenge” is more of a “Send your cars in and we’ll use them for something!”.

Before i start with everything, i must say that this is a very experimental idea that we are still working on. Its mostly for fun, but the making of your cars is still important.
In this “challenge”, you will be making Cars from the 80s that are truly budget crapboxes.
Your main goal is probably to go fast, but this challenge is purely for having fun and testing.
Just so everyone knows, there is no proper deadline or event/stream time, its just that we will do this occasionally. Its to make cars, and if we get enough we will expand the series.
Now, before i start with the rules i must say that being fast does not always mean winning. These cars will be tested a real person, but the main part (the racing) will be done by a not so great ai. We are doing this cup to slowly improve this ai and possibly make a breakthrough.


Before i get to the rules, it is important to know what we are focusing on.

You can go for something basic like a Golf! Simple enough.

Or, maybe you want something Japanese like a Mitsubishi Mirage/Colt!

Dont forget that you dont have to make hatchbacks, you can also make something like a Volvo 240!

Remember vans, the Ford Transit is great!

And of course MPVs, remember the Renault Espace?

Now, the rules!


RULE 1: Your car must be from between 1982 and 1988.
RULE 2: Your car must have between 80 and 118 HP. The max cylinder count is also 6.
RULE 3: Your car must be either a hatchback, a sedan, a wagon, a van or an MPV. No cars specifically built to be fast! These are normal road cars, they can be sporty but they can not be sports cars. A GTI version of a car for example is allowed, but your car can not be something like an R32.
RULE 4: Your car must be road legal. (At least 1 catalytic converter, at least 1 muffler, at least standard 70s safety, no racing parts, no semi slicks etc.)
RULE 5: The price limit is 18000. To stop you from messing around to much the min quality is -1 and the max quality is +1. (We prefer that you especially don’t push this rule too much, we prefer your cars to be under 16000 if they are hatchbacks. The limit is 18000 so you can also make larger cars.)
RULE 6: Your car must have at least 2 full seats.
RULE 7: Your car must use 91 RON fuel or 85 RON fuel.

You can send in as much cars as you want! Its for fun after all, although please dont bomb us with cars either.
Also, game version. If you are using 4.2 please send in a .car file. This is our preferred version. If you are using 4.1, please send in a beamng file and screenshots of the stats. If you are using an even earlier version, please message me personally so we can figure out what we can do.
If you want exceptions to any rules, just tell me.


Plastic, plastic, plastic! A good chance of being well liked is your car being realistic, and plastic was and is quite heavily used to lower the price of cars.
As said in the previous suggestion, realism. It is quite important to get your car just right in realism. You can even make replicas of real cars, its your choice!
Do your research on cars of the time, it will help you get closer to something that could actually be mass produced without a large amount of issues.
Dont push the rules too much, they are more guidelines to make something that works well with the ai and fits well in the theme. We prefer that you dont go and make 115 hp cars all the time, we might actually be happier if you make 95 hp cars which cost 16000.


You can send me the cars on the forums, in the showroom section of this discord Brad Lee Garage or DM me on discord.
Your car will be driven and raced on this Twitch usually in the stream after you have sent in your car. We will try to make a document with all cars, the amount of race wins of every car, the out of 10 rating, a time trial time and (maybe) a one sentence description of the car.
Again, there is currently no deadline for when you have to send in your car(s). Send it in whenever you want.
Again, this “challenge” is more for fun than and testing than for competition, so we will also be chill when it comes to everything unlike one of our usual challenges.

If you have any questions, remember to ask them because i can be quite forgetful. The racing is not explained because it is just a car race.

Oh yeah, i forgot a rule. Have fun!


I will try to respond to any questions as fast as i can, in the time of this post just posting i will most likely be sleeping.

Given the low horsepower range, I’d like to suggest a cylinder count limit - probably no more than 6 at most, although 3 or 4 would be preferable.


Oh yeah, sure! Its difficult to get under 18000 with more than 6 but i’ll put in a cap of 6 cylinders.

Another suggestion: Can we use 4v DOHC heads, given that during the time period specified in the OP, even lower-end cars would have it on some trims? Also, what about a maximum engine capacity limit? If it seems appropriate to add one, I’d draw the line at 2500 cc. Finally, with the catalytic converter mandate, unleaded fuel will also be required - on that note, I’m expecting 91 RON regular unleaded to be the sole allowable fuel type.

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Oh yeah, i forgot about fuel. I dont think we need a max engine size though, people might want to make a “diesel” engine in a van with a capacity of like 3.5 liter but very little power.
Also, you can use 4v DOHC if it fits with the car, dont go overusing it. Ive put it in the rules.


Cheap econoboxes are my jam - should have a few ready to post haha.

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Fykselot Memy intensifies

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One more thing: Any restrictions on drive type or tire compound? Realism suggests that FF and FR cars will be the most common ones encountered (although I won’t be surprised if anyone enters a 4x4 truck) - AWD was only reserved for higher-end trims during this era - and back then, sports tires only make sense on dedicated performance cars with at least 200 horsepower or so. Besides, chunky off-road tires wouldn’t make much sense on anything that isn’t a dedicated off-road truck or SUV.

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Why would anyone make a van or estate when they can make a featherweight hatchback?


Because mini trucks and vans are adorable.image
How can you not love something with a face like that? It’s basically a pug on wheels.


Back in the day you could get a Transit with an engine choice that would get you a decently fast van, hence why like 90 percent of transits were used for crime as they could outrun police vehicles


Preach. Although they were going up against British Leyland vehicles for the most part, so that does explain a lot. :stuck_out_tongue:


God, by the 70s they were still using 30 year old patrol cars. Anyways, thinking about entering with a big cumbersome ambulance, whats the rule on having a 3D fixture sort of box on the back of the van chassis?


Alright, i got distracted with GT7 yesterday so i got a few questions to answer. 1: Drivetrain and tires. No semi-slicks, but thats it. Its your choice with how you want your car to drive. Im also allowing AWD because it might be interesting to see what people can do with 115 hp and AWD.
2: Why would anyone make a van or estate? I allow this because these ARE NOT performance cars. Theyre cars that joe shmoe can buy at his local dealer. They dont have to be fast, they just have to be fun and practical. Thats why there are so little rules.
3: Whats the rule on 3D fixture boxes and cars? Go ahead, if it just isnt anything unrealistic or memey its fine. You can even enter 3D fixture cars if you want to!


Here’s your first Chad!

Ishikari Larus SE (E - SHE - CAR - E; LAU - RUS; phonetics for Brad)

What could you do in the late '80s when you needed a family runabout on the weekdays, a backroad hero on the weekends, and all for 16000 AMU? Well, something like this: pick a base model Larus SE in ‘white goods’ white, and then spec the cheapest 2L i4 engine. With 104.5hp under the hood and a sub ton kerb weight, you’ll do 0 - 100 km/h in 8.8 seconds, up to a top speed of almost 200km/h. That’s not even the best part, though: with such an unassuming appearance, you’re all but invisible to the cops!

Are you chad enough for the Larus SE 2L?




Heres the voting for our next main challenge! Vote if you can, it takes very little time. Autobeam Voting 3


Hey all,

First post, just trying to get my feet wet with the challenges and such. I’ve been making all sorts of cars in Automation just trying to set my own rules, now I find this sub-forum and I wonder how I didn’t see it before. Anyway, I’ll get busy on the Chad car concept and we’ll see how it goes.


Welcome Lanson! I myself am not sure if this is the best challenge to start off with as its using an unusual format, but thanks for choosing this!