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There comes a time where one must look at their cars and wonder, Have I really been using the same cars for the past 8 years? This is the question currently running through the mind of Marco Johnson. Marco is the owner of The Racing Experiences based out of Tailem Bend in South Australia, specifically at The Bend Motorsport Park. He moved his business from a private circuit to The Bend not long after it opened, but he never updated his fleet of sports and supercars for people to use.

That’s changing today. Today Marco sets out to refresh his outdated fleet with the best and newest that the car companies of the world have to offer, to give the people who pay him, a fun experience to remember for years.


This Challenge will take place on the 4.2 Opt-in Alpha build of Automation

• Model, Trim, and Engine Variant years from 2015 to 2020 (2022)
• Engine Family years from 2000 to 2020 (2022)
• Maximum Trim PU to not exceed 225
• Maximum Trim ET to not exceed 200
• Maximum Engine Variant PU to not exceed 160
• Maximum Engine Variant ET to not exceed 190
• Loudness must not exceed 65
• All engines must run on Premium 95 or Super 98
• Safety to not fall below 40
• Approximate cost soft limit 115,000 and hard limit 135,000
• A catalytic converter and at least one muffler are required
• No Race components or Semi Slick tyres
• An Advertisement promoting your car must be posted before the deadline

Judgement Criteria

The Top Requirements

Marco and his drivers may be (mostly) trained professionals, but they still want to be able to drive these cars. Some of them may also be driven by guests depending on their experience package

The cars need to be fun and quick. A high Sportiness will mean a more fun experience for both driver and passenger, but be careful to strike a balance with drive.

The clients expect fancy cars, the most prestigious (within the budget of course) rides will definitely be the attracting factors to the higher paying guests.

The Clients are rich or looking to drive something pretty. A car that looks like it was made without care will be looked down upon compared to a car that looks fast standing still.

The Middle Requirements

It’s important to Marco and his team that the cars are comfortable to be a passenger in. It’s not the most important factor, and to some it might be more fun, but on the whole, comfort is good to have

The cars are being thrashed around a circuit for up to 12 hours a day, they need to last. Simple as

There’s already a minimum value, but the more the better on the slim chance something does go horribly wrong.

Brake Fade:
Keep it as low as possible, potentially even zero. It’s the same thing as Reliability. They get run a lot, can’t afford to swap the brakes every week.

The Bottom Requirements

Acceleration and 1/4 Mile time:
Something that goes fast is exciting.

Track Time:
It’s important to be fast around the track, but it’s not a make-or-break deal unless there’s two cars that are so equal as to be unbreakable. Think of it as the tie breaker.

Fuel Economy:
Lower consumption is better, but it also isn’t a deal breaker.

This one is weird. There’s too big, and there’s too small. That’s for you to sort out.


Up to Five cars will be declared the “Winners” of this challenge, with it depending on how many cars end up within the challenge. That number will be at least 25% of entrants up to a maximum of 5 cars, but to a minimum of 1 car.

Scoring will be on a Cool Wall-style sliding scale.

Top requirements award up to 20 points.
Middle requirements award up to 10 points
Bottom requirements award up to 5 points.
Footprint and Brake Fade will not be scored, however.

That leads to a maximum possible score of 125 points.

Cars will be tested on the Automation Test Track

There will be no use of Beamng Drive in this challenge.

Here are a few inspirations for your builds


Entries will open on March 17th 2022, at 12:00pm NZST assuming no issues with the rule set.

Entries will close on April 1st 2022 at 11:59pm NZST assuming no updates to Automation’s Alpha branch break everything.

Naming Schema

Any entry found not following this schema will be disqualified.


Is a detailed interior mandatory? Also, in this day and age, I’d expect the catalytic converter to be a three-way unit of some kind.

there is no requirement for an interior.

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Is there a limit on something like wings? Are we allowed one in front and one in back, or just one wherever?

Just keep it reasonable and realistic. If it’s obviously cheesed to shit, it’ll get a swift bonke


Do this challenge allows V16 engines on entries?

posted march 15th


Trying to flush out those pesky time travellers.

I understand that not everyone has a key, so I don’t think V16s are allowed here.

Anyway, are there any restrictions on advanced trim settings?

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Just two seaters or does the Racing Experience have multi-seat rides around the track? 4 seats like an M5 or AMG Black? Or more seats? Example on the Nurburgring it is not uncommon to see multi-seat highly modified and motivated vans out there… there’s even one with a Porsche engine midships.
Curious if that was a possible direction (or maybe a sub-group possible)? I’ve got many related delusions of building fast multi-seat rides for good throughput and a bit of a party atmosphere for riders that want that experience. Thoughts?

I am unable to read my own clock, that should be the 17th


Keep the changes within reason.

The inspiration cars are the inspiration cars for a reason.


I think the engine PU/ET limit should be more lenient, if there is to be one at all. I’m having trouble building a modern 2020 V10 with no negative quality.

I’ll make a few testers later today and up requirements if I find things don’t work right


The Following Rules have been amended due to the previously mentioned issues (sorry for the delay I had no time yday and little today)

has been changed to

has been changed to

With these changes, I will give about 12-15h for additional questions and deliberations.

Will exterior aesthetics be judged? If so, I’d expect them to be factored into scoring for prestige.

That is something I entirely forgot to account for, I will add it to the Top Requirements and amend the scoring

I got busy again. Stupid Work.

Entries are now Open

Entries will close on April 1st 2022 at 11:59pm NZST assuming no updates to Automation’s Alpha branch break everything.


Croutons and Baguette Torture

Two litre were never this quick

2020 Renwoo Projet Spa


2020 FMC Mamba S Edition|attachment (29.0 KB)
sits in the FMC lineup as a proper mid-engined sporting car, with all the modern safety, performance, and comfort assists that modern technology can offer. The “S Edition” is the mid-range trim of the line and offers a normally aspirated 5.0L V10 engine and 6 speed dual-clutch transmission, routing power to the rear wheels. The Mamba S Edition is lighter and slightly more nimble than its brother, the Black Mamba, which is AWD and equipped with twin turbochargers. Most owners looking for a balance between power, handling, and comfort tick the “S Edition” box, and a lucky few will get a chance to select the sinister two-tone “Alyssum Green” and flat black paint job. The color combination is exclusive to the “S Edition”.

The Mamba S Edition’s V10 runs a redline of 8,000 RPM, and produces 485 HP. This is detuned slightly from its max capabilities to ensure lap after lap of reliable performance. Cooling is enhanced with the enlarged radiator and air intake ducts in the bodywork, and a rear fascia with large sections of reinforced mesh to allow hot air to flow outward. All Mambas ride on sophisticated pushrod suspension with semi-active dampers, and a low but still safe to drive ride height. Carbon brakes all around keep braking distances exceptionally low, and the staggered tire setup (265/40R18 front, 315/35R19 rear) on 3 piece forged alloy wheels keeps the handling under control. Final skidpad g rating is 1.21 on the standard sports compound tires.

The FMC Mamba S Edition laps the Automation track in a scalding (but not nuclear) 2:05:71. What’s amazing is despite this non record-breaking lap, it still accelerates ~0-62mph in 3.4s, runs the 1/4 mile in 11.47s, pulls to its electronically-limited top speed of 199MPH (pull the governor off and the gearing will take the “S” to 213 MPH), and it still gets 28.3 mph when not being flogged. Amazing performance from a car that costs $106,000.


I will only accept entries that have been DM’d to me, jsyk