Trackpaduser's mods

Hello everyone.

I thought I’d make a thread to showcase my mods.

80’s Mini-truck

A small truck that is not based on the Suzuki Samurai. It is very short, with a 2030mm wheelbase, making it the car with the shortest wheelbase available.

It is unlocked in 1985 and is within the Kei car regulations for that year.

It comes with two versions, a small truck with '‘detachable" roof’ and a small pickup truck.

It can fit a decently sized I4 longitudinally, as well as naturally aspirated V8s. The engine bay is a bit too narrow for trans-axle mount engines. … earchtext=

90’s Van

A generic 90s European commercial van.

Currently has an MPV variant with windows and a low roof. Cargo variants with low and high roofs are planed. … earchtext=

60’s Mini-roadster

A small roadster based on the Austin-Healey Sprite Mk1, with the roof from a Triumph TR6 as it has proper windows.

When using Macpherson struts, the mounts poke through the hood, although this can be “fixed” by morphing the pontoons. The issue does not appear with double wishbone suspension. … earchtext=

Aerodynamic hoodlatches

A set of aerodynamic external hood latches for your race cars and track cars.

They should appear in your game as vents. … earchtext=

MX5 Style Taillights

A set of taillights similar to those of an NA Miata. … earchtext=

Door handle pack

A small pack of door handles. Also includes a separate keyhole. … earchtext=

If you have any comments or suggestions, post here or send me a PM.

EDIT: Dropbox started blocking my public links due to excessive traffic, causing some issues with schoolwork.

Therefore, I removed all links of my mods from this page, with the exception of the links to the workshop.

If you want these mods for your standalone copy, please use the mod pack.

Awesome little not-jeep!

I did notice some of the exhausts stick out really far from the car

aside from that, awesome model! Very smooth, very nice looking!

Yeah, that’s the issue with transparent things.

Drag you exhausts toward the sides until they look normal, then you can drag them back in.

I don’t really know what causes this issue, but I know that the UVW mapping in general is not super great. It works fine for most purposes, but in some situations issues pop-up.

I like this! If you want us to officially include it ingame, send me an email at and I’ll send you the form to say we’re legally allowed to use it :slight_smile:

I already have a few PMC concept cars with this body style in the makings! Another great addition to the automation community!

Hats off to you good sir!

EDIT: on a side note, I am very pleased a 440cid v8 fits in this bad boy

What type of top end?

I am actually surprised that an engine that large actually fits. But that’s a good thing.

amazing I cant wait to play with this one in about 10 seconds lol


I’m loving that running board, I wish the 40’s sedan had that feature.

A great car and great ways to adjust

one of my favorites


I made a pretty off-road worth mini-truck out of this model with brush guards and tow hooks

Nice job. I really like what you did with your door handles, I never though of that.

Also, you remind me that I should start thinking about making a few off-road related fixtures.

Already thought of light bars and external hinges, but completely forgot about external tow hooks, even though they are very important.

Also, for those who wanted a real gaz-guzzling off-roader, my next project might interest you.

I’ll let you guess what it’s based on.

I too have been waiting for this! Time for somebody to host a kei car cup!!!

A heavy duty off roader! I can’t wait

I just hope I won’t run into issues with the large wheels and the wheel wells on the chassis being too small.

As for the Kei car cup, personally I would wait at least until we get some sporty Kei cars, like the AZ-1 or the Cappuccino.

Ooohh, that AZ-1 :smiley:

I will probably release a revision of the mini-truck.

After screwing around I believe the model has some issues and I want to fix them.

-I will make most seams narrower, to fit more with the cars currently in the game.
-In order the make the front slightly less tall, the lower part of the body has been squished lightly. I also slightly raised the front bumper, lowered the entire model and raised the ride high, so the frame doesn’t show up as much.
-I will make the tail gate very slightly round, as it seems the perfectly vertical surface is the cause of the glitch with exhausts. Preliminary tests seem to show good results.
-I will remove the ability to add fixtures to the wheelarches and floorboard, because IMHO they always look pretty bad.
-I am also looking to give a bit more depth to the side. Right now it looks like a mirror.

I would not say so. It can look pretty well… Assuming the rest of the car can keep up with the insanity. (But the insane designs is why you’ve made the overkill wheel arches possible for a mini truck, right?)

Hahahaha, that’s complete madness.

Alright, I’ll leave the stamping on the arches. It might also help not breaking stuff people made as there is currently no surface with other paint as the material.

The first three changes I will do for sure.

The tallness of the front is something that has been annoying me pretty since the model was fully functional. Made some tests and cutting the vertical part in half makes a fairly big difference IMHO.

I am also changing a few things to the LUA to keep the radiator from poking out the front. If you don’t morph the shape and use monocoque, the radiator shows up through pretty much all the grilles.

And the mods to the tailgate will fix a glitch and the end result is barely noticeable.

Very cool. Thank you!