Trafikjournalen: Cars that influenced Swedish car culture (The end!)

Before you ask, yes, I have asked Vic for permission regarding this.

The COP both in part 1 and part 2 were among my favourite challenges on this board. But since different countries have different kinds of car culture, I have toyed with the idea to do something similar, but not identical, to show how different cars can have affected car culture in Sweden, and now I have nailed the idea.

So, Trafikjournalen is going to run a series of articles about cars from different eras and how they have affected car culture in Sweden. The first one being cars from 1946-55, then 1956-65, 66-75 and so on, the last part being 1996-05 or 2006-15 (I have still not decided if I will run that last one or not, the future may tell). I will be going through each one of the cars, regarding the roles they have had from new to today, which for some cars may be an interesting story to tell, for others, maybe not so much. That also means that more “regular” cars many times will have more interesting stories to tell than the most exotic sports cars that have been locked in since day 1 to raise in value.

However, unlike COP I will not have any kind of ranking system and no categories. I will just choose some of the most remarkable cars for each round that will get a honorable mention. That means that the car in itself have impacted car culture more than others from the era.

My ideas about the main rules for the competition:

It will be heavily based in reality, so I am giving myself the right to bin cars for unrealistic engineering (that also includes insane ET/PU even if there will be no hard limits). If you are unsure, ask first. Also, the cars will have to follow Swedish regulations (though when the game does not allow for them, I will loosen that up a bit, I will explain that in the actual rounds), which are generally less stringent than in the US so don’t sweat. Also, this isn’t exactly a challenge for the most insane exotics, so most of the limited production and all race parts will be banned (again, I can take that for each round), as well as meme bodies.

You can jump into the challenge at any round, but I want you to stick to the same “brand” through the whole challenge. Sub-brands and badge engineering are OK, as an example, let’s pretend that you would play as GM. It’s OK to be Chevrolet in one round, Opel in another and Cadillac in the third one. It is also OK to put a Geo Tracker into the fourth round but not a Suzuki Vitara. BUT, I want you to register your main brand and all the sub brands, as well as a history behind them and how they are connected, when you enter the challenge. It should be done in a PM to me before, or at the same time, as you send me your first vehicle. If you don’t send me any info about any sub-brands etc, you will have to stick to the exact same brand as your first vehicle through the whole challenge.

Submission time for each round will be around a week, but if I get 20 cars sent in before that, I will close earlier.

The car does not have to be released during the era to be allowed to enter. For example, a car released in 1974 can participate in the 1976-85 round as long as the trim year is between 1976 and 1985. Also, you can post the same model in two rounds, but not the same generation. As an example, let’s pretend you’re playing as VW, it is not OK to post 1984 Mk2 Golf in 1976-85 round, and 1986 Mk2 Golf in 1986-95 round. But it is OK to post 1984 Mk2 Golf in 1976-85 round and 1992 Mk3 Golf in 1986-95 round.

I will not require lore threads, but if you can’t link to one, I want a presentation about the car and its info and history here in the thread. Not one that tells anything about how customers saw the car as new or how enthusiasts see the car today, that’s my work. Your work is to present the car, the manufacturers intentions with it and the history behind it.

Any questions or suggestions before I open for round 1 submissions?


Hooray! This is going to be a good one!

I do have a question though: Can 2 or more players submit modified and rebadged versions of the same car?

For example: one player is Toyota, the other is Chevrolet. Normally they are separate, but for the 1976-85 round, they decide to work together to simulate a badge-engineering deal; Toyota submits the “Corolla,” and Chevrolet submits the same car, slightly modified, rebadged as the “Nova.” Or alternatively, Chevrolet may submit their Nova in the following 1986-95 round, depending on the lore of their companies.
(I know my example comes from the American market, but I don’t want to spoil my real idea from this challenge to everyone. I can tell you more on DM if you want.)

Yes, you can. Though, I want to know that as soon as you send in your cars, and also, chances are that they probably will share the same “review”, if the differences aren’t obvious. For example, in such a review I would probably mention both the Corolla and Nova, but put them in the same review, and mention the differences and the history behind everything, if I had it.

Sending the badge engineered version in different round will be seen as the example with 1984 and 1986 Mk2 Golf mentioned above = not approved.


Is there a Swedish license plate (or series of plates from old-new) you’d recommend using? Or is any Euro plate ok?

I will come to license plate regulations at each round, they have sort of changed here over time, so.


Alright, thanks. If anyone is doing a budget European brand (preferably Italian, but anything should work), please let me know so I can offer my idea in DM’s. :D (If you already have an idea of what you want to submit, it’ll still work)

Also, just to clarify,

Does that mean you want to know before the round in question, or before the competition as a whole? (i.e. do you want Toyota & Chevrolet to tell you before submissions for the 76-85 round, or would they have to have had this idea planned out before even the 46-55 round?)

I realize that I was a bit too harsh now. As long as both of you are in the competition, it’s OK to tell me at that round since it does not involve any new brand or anything. Will change that in my previous post.

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One more question: are interiors going to be required, important at all, or just not a thing at all?

A really nice interior MIGHT give an advantage, but won’t save a crappy car. And you won’t fool me by putting in a “basic” interior and making it look like a Bentley inside with Automation fixtures. Also, an ugly interior will not set the car back because at least you tried then, and if you don’t want an interior, that’s fine too.

Sounds like a good idea. I enjoyed the generations challenge from last year but always wished it was set in Europe, so this is pretty much what I wanted.

Just to make sure, we are imitating real car brands i.e. VW, Volvo; and not using fictitious brands.

No, we are using fictious brands, I was using GM and VW as an example to have real life equivalents people can relate to as examples.


sounds fun, i’m in. after all, i doubt COP3 will be out for a while, so someone’s gotta have a stand-in, right?

also do excuse if engineering on my cars is weird. i don’t really know that much about what was common/uncommon in certain eras.


I’ll jump right into the action.


ROUND 1: 1946-55

A short summary of the era:
The Swedish economy was blooming. While most of Europe was in ruins after the war, as soon as we got the materials we needed, we could start up production again in our factories. Cars went from being something mostly used by the wealthy or services like taxi or police, to being something for mr. Average too. After the war, you could sell almost any junk on wheels to any price because there was a shortage of cars, but some years into the 50s, that became a harder task. The future was looking bright.

What happened during this era? (OOC: Including this as it might reflect society as a whole, important to consider in this challenge)

1946: SAS makes their first flights over the Atlantic. The Swedish prime minister Per-Albin Hansson dies. Tage Erlander becomes his successor. Sweden becomes a member of the United Nations
1947: To stabilize the Swedish Krona, import of for example tea, coffee and cocoa gets restrictions once again. Also, to minimize the import of gasoline, a ban on driving private cars on sundays is introduced for a while. The series production of the Volvo PV444 starts up, and the Saab 92 is shown for the first time.
1948: Further restrictions on gasoline import. Disney comics are introduced to the country when the first issue of Donald Duck magazine is printed.
1949: Saab starts series production of the J29 Tunnan fighter jet, as well as the Saab 92 passenger car.
1950: The first Swedish computer, BARK, is shown. The King of Sweden, Gustav V, dies, and is succeeded by his son Gustav VI Adolf.
1951: The restrictions on coffee import is lifted, as the last remaining of the post war restrictions.
1952: A diplomatic crisis between Sweden and Soviet becomes a fact when a Swedish DC3 is shot down by Soviet air force, followed by a Swedish Catalina that was sent out for search and rescue operations regarding the DC3. Tore Hedin murders 9 people before commiting suicide himself, which to this date is one of the worst cases ever in Sweden
1953: Coca cola is introduced in Sweden after the previous ban is lifted. Sweden gets its first highway, between Malmö and Lund. The Swedish BESK becomes the fastest computer in the world. The new Saab 32 “Lansen” makes the first supersonic flight in Sweden.
1954: The 1919 restrictions on buying alcohol are scrapped. The first real TV broadcasting in Sweden starts.
1955: The H55 exhibition shows how modern housing standard should look and is attended by over a million people. Saab 35 “Draken”, the first delta winged Swedish fighter jet, makes its first test flight.

Model year - 1955 or older
Trim year - 1955 or older
Engine family year - 1955 or older
Engine variant year - no newer than the trim year of the car

Banned parts:
Racing intakes
Racing tubular headers
Semi slicks

Restricted parts:
Alu or fiberglass bodies not recommended except for sports cars. May result in binning, if you are unsure, ask first.
Lockers are only allowed on 4x4 vehicles.

Fuel type: Any, but premium might put some cars at a disadvantage.

Emissions equipment required: None (obviously)

Safety: No regulations yet, but a car that will kill its passengers in a fender bender has never been a great image booster, not even back then.

At least one pair of headlights required - can have any shape since Sweden never had any sealed beam regulations, but keep in mind that round headlights was more or less the only thing used in this era. White or yellow lenses forward. One pair of extra parking lamps allowed, not required.

Turn signals required front and rear. The exception is that one side mounted turn signal can be accepted, IF the lens is visible from both front and rear. The lens then has to be orange. White or orange turn signals up front, red or orange turn signals in the rear.

At least one pair of taillights and one pair of brakelights. They can be combined in the same fixture. If orange rear turn signals is used, a red fixture with one bulb is OK in the rear, but for red turn signals, at least two bulbs are required (in one or two red fixtures).

Wiper/washers: At least one wiper required. Washers not required.

Mirrors: Not required

License plate: Any shape or (unaltered) size. There are no 50s Swedish plates in the game anyway and in this era you bought a DIY license plate kit on the gas station (sic!) when you got the car, so they could differ a bit in size.

Gas cap: Any placement, didn’t even have to be on the outside of the car in this era so no visible gas cap required.

Tyres: Crossplies only, maximum rim diameter 16 inches.

Model/Trim : SCCR1 - Your name / The name of the car
Family/Variant : SCCR1 - Your name / The name of the engine

DEADLINE: Sunday the 10th of October, 6 PM CET
Before this, I want the car file sent to me via PM, and also a presentation, ad, or similar of the car in this thread.

(Feel free to ask any questions!)


Well, this might be the right opportunity to learn some then maybe. :slight_smile:

Oh, I saw that I had forgotten to include the tyre restrictions, so please check them out too now, thanks.

To be the pedant in the crowd, but 16" rims, not tires, right?

Yes, of course.

I have absolutely no clue about the engineering of Swedish vehicles so I guess I got some studying to do.