Transverse/Longitudinal Mounting

So far the game only seems to support transverse mounting. I know most inline 4’s are mounted that way today, but there are a lot of older cars with longitudinally mounted 4’s.

Is this a feature that’s going to be integrated into upcoming versions?

Yes, for sure, the only reason that you’d only have seen transverse engines so far is that we have only made one chassis type so far and its designed for small hatches with front mounted transverse engines. In the final game you’ll be able to mount them front, rear or mid, and face them Transverse or Longitudinal

Transverse-mounted V8 hatchback / compact. heh.

so we will be able to have rear engine front wheel drive ? lol

We will tie your game-key to a version that can only build rear-engine, FWD cars… :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually Wikipedia points out some good points for a RF configuration

But of course its not perfect

So it really doesn’t seem like a stupid idea to include it as an option at all to me

You missed an important bit

[quote=“T16”]You missed an important bit


I wouldnt say missed as much as I would say conveniently left that part out :mrgreen:

The good reason to leave it out is that it’s uncommon as hell and we’ve already got enough work on our plate as it is :stuck_out_tongue:

We would be much better to focus on something uncommon but cool and sometimes used, like rotaries

I would absolutely LOVE to see rotaries in the game at some point.

MF layouts should also be considered. In an MF layout, the engine is inside the wheelbase but in front of the driver. This drivetrain was used heavily in small French cars and is nice because it allows all the bragging rights of having a mid engined vehicle :smiley: combined with the practicality of a FWD vehicle.