Tri/Quad Turbos

As an example, BMW has put single, twin, tri, and quad turbos on I6’s. I’d love to see TT on inlines and quad turbos on V’s at the very least.

Also, it would be awesome to have one turbo per cylinder :slight_smile:

Shhh, before BMW reads that! :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, while I get why two turbos per bank or single for a V-engine would be needed, I don’t get why anyone would ever need three or more turbos for one row of cylinders. It’s not like we make performance diesels which can rely only on turbocharging to make power - we deal with petrol engines, and those can also rev. Come on, just today I’ve got quite a resonable performance I6 which gets 186 hp/litre with a single turbo - that’s more than standard M4 levels, only a bit short of the GTS - with one turbo less. With a second turbo, whether parallel or sequential, the GTS could be beaten easily I think.

In short, I think what we currently have, when supplemented with twin turbo I-/single turbo V-engines (which is coming in the turbo revamp some time in the future) will be more than enough for both normal and insanely wild builds.


Because Alpina… They are insane

Did you hear about that 12-turbo 7 series they’re coming out with? Can’t wait…

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Firstly what szafirowy said.
Secondly, you have to consider reliability and weight. Adding that much extra stuff will take a toll and it only takes a Google search to find out the track record of these BMW’s with turbos spammed on. It’s just additional time to develop 3+ turbos for very little real use (as there are significant drawbacks as aforementioned) while at the same time, single or twin turbos can produce more than enough madness. What’s the point?


Putting a bunch of turbos on just for the hell of it, that’s why.

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I want to make the new V16s with octa turbos. Diesel. And two stroke. Lets do this! :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::joy::joy::joy:

Nah dude, radial 21 cylinder!

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