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Trims Production units

Hi, I really like the game. Especially when it becomes better. But there are few things that are disturbing, which probably becoming better then everything else. But here is my suggestion for this time,

It would be nice if some equipment took too much production units. For example lets say I have a car the P2, and I have different trims but the only thing that differs each trim from each other are the engine this should not take up to much production units, as its just a small difference. The same goes foe the transmission.

Well, if the engine is different, the transmission might have to be built to handle a higher amount of power. For a real-world American example, you wouldn’t put a GM Turbo 350 behind a 454ci big block, but you might use a Turbo 400. (I know there’s a technical name for those two automatics, but I can’t remember it.) However, the car might have both a 350ci ‘small block’ and a 400+ci ‘big block’ engine in it, which will obviously output different levels of power.

Now, if you’re using the same engine, but one transmission’s a 5 speed manual and the other’s a 4 speed automatic, that should only amount to the difference between MT and AT. I don’t do much in Campaign, so I don’t know if that’s how it’s calculated or not.