Tsukuba Circuit 2000 (with 1 lap and 2 laps editions)

UPDATED to Version 2.6.0 (6/11/2014)!!

Here is the Good Ol’ Tsukuba Circuit! Enjoy. :wink:

DOWNLOAD: mediafire.com/download/hyb7q … +ver26.zip
It just comes with two editions, one for the 2 laps and the other one is for only 1 lap.
The defaut is set to make 2 laps, and sector 1 time is showing the first lap time, and sector 2 showing second.
If you want to change it to 1 lap edition, then simply rename “track1lap.lua” to “track.lua” and that’s it!

Any comments will be much appreciated!

Special thanks to ElSaico’s “Automation Track Builder - a visual track editor”
without his genius work, I wouldn’t even think about making custom tracks.

His website

Discussion thread

Some random video clips to get an idea of this track and to get excited! :stuck_out_tongue:

HKS GT Supercharger // The Attack - ARVOU S2000 Time Attack in Tsukuba Circuit

Tsukuba Circuit with 50 defferent Cars Lap Time

Many thanks for making this. It’s one of the tighter tracks featured in GT5. Looking at it from above allows me to understand why I kept missing the apex on the tightest hairpin before the back straight…

thanks for the comment.
I’m planning to improve the track with more authentic running route and also revamp the map entirely to implement realistic slopes, cambers, and sportiness.
I’ll post a updated edition in few days…

Can i use this for an event? :3

sorry for being late. it’s great to see my track used in such events, mate! :smiley: