High Noon Circuit Challenge [4.27] [PART 2]

High Noon Circuit Challenge


Tsukuba Circuit, 9th April 2006


High Noon Club, a name that people haven’t heard for a long time. Some said the club disbanded in early 2000’s due to they crashed into a motorcyclists and caused a death on Wangan line, some say the leader of the club just ran off and completely abandoned the club but in reality, the club just switched to closed circuit experience due to police are getting more strict about street racing in Japan.

With majority of famous HNC members are either left or retired from the club, only 3 OG members are still active in the racing club which is Tanaka, Yui and Mr.B but mostly they just being an advisor more than just behind the wheel all the time. Although there were some new members in the club in the past few years, they were just mostly acting as extras more than main actors or actress.

But this particularly day, the club decided to look out for another famous hot shot to join their club like they always did back in the street racing days.

And what way to recruit member and showcase their skills other than collaborating with Go Go Drive!, a famous Japanese car show where professional drivers test drive almost every car on the planet on Tsukuba Circuit. Mr.B has some cable with some of the executives from the show hence why they managed to do a collab.

Long story, short...

They're looking out for fastest driver and car on Tsukuba for their club.


  • No body requirements
  • Max Trim/Model Year : 2006
  • Min Trim/Model Year : 1970
  • No engine requirements or size limit but no V16 engine.
  • No drivetrain requirements.
  • Engine ET : 150
  • Trim ET : 150
  • Approximate Cost : $70k soft limit, the lesser the better.
  • Race parts and semi slicks are allowed
  • Fuel Type : 100 RON
  • Realism rules applies here as per always. No unusually unrealistic build to my challenge, thanks.


:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
Drivability - Granted they are professional race car drivers but they need that drivability and not death traps and such. They can handle oversteers but not that much oversteers, though.

Sportiness - I mean, they’re looking for fastest driver and car for their club, surely they want sportiness in this club.

:star: :star: :star:

Safety - Don’t want a car made out of paper, that’s all

Reliability - Race cars or tuner cars aren’t known for best reliability but they don’t want their car to be broken down on lap 2.

:star: :star:

Fuel Economy - High Noon Club does enter endurance race that Tsukuba officials held sometimes, so they need a car that does not sip oil like it’s end of the world.


Comfort - Yeah, we know it’s race car / tuner cars, they’re not known for comfort cloud like rides but they don’t want so rough ride that they feel their spine wanted to break

Track Rundown

Tsukuba 2000

Since we have Tsukuba in Automation, your car will be tested on this track so please download the track and test the shit out of your car here! Don’t worry, the track still works in current version and i just tested it on 4.27. Will be tested on 2-laps version.

Instructions on how to install the track : Add a folder called “Tracks” in Users\PC\AppData\Local\AutomationGame\UserData and put your custom track in the newly created folder.

Video Examples

Car Inspirations





Naming Convention

Both of model and engine family name : HNCC - (your forum username)

Trim name : Name of your car
Variant name : Your engine name


  • This challenge will be held on version 4.27
  • Only send 1 car / entry in this challenge
  • Lore are not required but bonus points if you managed to make one
  • Interiors are not required but feel free to make one.
  • Advanced trims stuffs are allowed but please do bear in mind don’t make a 21-inch rims and tires although the stats said 10-inch rims and tires, nudging more outward of the car’s toe than it was allowed to are fine.
  • If a car from 1983 performs better than the car from 2006, they may have reconsider that build so build wisely!

You can send in your entry now!


Are there any restrictions regarding advanced trim settings? If not, why not?

They would primary offer nothing of stats in automation, all within just visual looks, and since this will be tested on the test track within Automation, I see no issue. Unless this has testing within beamng, I see no issue with freedom within the advance fixture trim tab, albeit within reason of course.

This challenge has finalized it’s rule and now it is open!


1984* Sakura SilverVale SSS by MadeMod

Built off of an Original 1984 SilverVale Super Silhouette Special chassis, Kuze Tanaka and the team at MadeMod have modernised the underpinnings, including a brand new Inline 4 turbo, an AWD system, and more modern FIA-spec safety. The MadeMod SV SSS combines the wild stylings of the 1980s, with modern and complex engine and drivetrain technology.

I wanted to do a livery, but I had about 3 game crashes in 5 minutes using the Editable text, so I threw a hissy and gave up, lmao.


are we gonna have a new deadline cuz the new update?

Since recent update has dropped for 4.27 and it affects car stats now, i have decided to just increase 1 more week from the deadline, so it’s 3 weeks from deadline now. Have fun or something idk lol



Summary for the Driver and Car.

Introducing, The Fargo Customs restored Denison Condor pavement oval track racer from the 1980s.

Imported and converted to right hand drive with a brand new 06 Widow engine producing horsepower that can hang with the sports cars in japan.

The Driver, Hanson, imported this car for car shows and getting into street races with bets. Hanson lives in some apartment in Tokyo for about 15 years and runs a small mechanic shop monkeying around with engines ranging from a simple lawn mower his neighbor needed fixing to truck diesels that threw a rod. He bought this car to be his pet project that isn’t really suppose to be driven on the streets to tinker and make serious horsepower and speeds. naming the car ‘Black Star’

Rumors about Hanson and his car spread to the underground racing scene in 1996. ever since hes upgraded the car over the years until 2006 where he dropped his holy grail engine to be tweaked, tuned and upgrade over time. hooning around former and popular vehicle spots sometimes tuning it to take off like a dragster on straight shots for controlled shows but that Itch of street racing has taken some hold and made a name for himself.

The documentary.

Released in 2006, a Japanese crew was following the adventures of Black Star as one of their many car highlight in the street scene. filming its many moments with its driver. a few weeks filming, Hanson treated them with some wild moments that got some moderate popularity for those who keep track of these things, even giving out a poster in the DVD case on some copies.

Hanson finally sat down to watch his handy work after weeks of filming and other stuff. his friends and a handful of garage workers see film early.

(The film intro i threw together)

Showcase vid - YouTube

Hanson ear to ear grin, loved it. the day after hearing of some event happening with Go Go Drive! and some other drivers, he shrugged and decided to meet up there for the event and see what happens. getting everything ready to show.

Specially after paying the hefty tax on the car.

Wizzy wam wongus, you now have pictures


would the lap time be the highest Priority (above the 5 stars) ?

Mons Customs and Mons Racing

(re)Introducing the

Nazda Niata "Trackday" edition

Lore? Well… Mons got their hands on a slighly abused Nazda Niata and built it into cheap track day car for a customer. However, the customer forfeited payment, and thus the car… Saddled with a car Mons did not want, they decided to rebuild it once more, but this time gone were the HP limits, the turbo restrictions, and the seats actually have padding.

Rebuilt for the second time, the car was re-imported to Japan to compete on the High Noon Racing Circuit.

Spotted somewhere in Japan: the Nazda Niata rebuilt into a race machine by Mons Customs and tuned by Mons Racing. Drivers sought. Are you brave enough?

Drivers sought. Are you brave enough?


Can the engine be newer than the base car (as if it had an engine swap)?

Alright. So restromod or tuner are a no go. Old race car, like a DTM or an older supercar, are those acceptable? Just want to make sure I’m on the right track. :slight_smile:

I’d say look at the inspiration cars and decide if tuner cars are allowed or not…

my bad, I thought I was on another thread, yes, u can make a DTM or old supercars if u like, my bad

1995 Riviera Daje Competizione.

The early '90s saw a rapid succession of supercars: it felt as though a new one was launched every other week, endowed with bigger engines, tighter handling and even more extravagant interiors. Everyone was enthralled by the supercar craze, including the Italian car manufacturer Riviera.
Historically focused on the GT market, their designers and engineers raced against the clock to produce a supercar of their own. They adapted their GT platform and sculpted a new partial aluminium body; they stripped out their luxury interior to save weight, replacing wood and leather with composites, aluminum and alcantara; and, lastly, they requested their American engine suppliers to deliver the most powerful engine yet. The result was the Daje Competizione, featuring a twin turbo 6l v10, producing 663hp and 458lb-ft of torque. All this tinkering culminated in a 0 - 100 km/h time of just 4.8 seconds and a top speed of 334 km/h. They managed to sell just over 100 cars in the 5 years of production, mainly due to having little market recognition in the supercar segment. Reluctantly, the model was retired.

11 years later, they’ve heard of rumours of a revival of the legendary High Noon Club, and saw a perfect opportunity to vindicate the Daja. They crated their museum model, after shodding it in some semi-slicks, and sent their chief test driver alongside a small support team for a chance at glory.

2006 AT Rushia, The Queen of the Road.

This, is the 2006 AT Rushia, the Queen of the road. It was first built to compete in the Gr3 series, it did quite well, but then they quit for unknown reason. But still, they still continue making the road car version of it. It was paired with a 1.8L B4 turbo making 441hp powering the 6-speed sequential gearbox paired with an AWD system, with this, it could goes from 0-100km/h in just 3.4 sec. Thanks to its aluminum chassis and carbon fiber body, it only weights about 1020kg. With it’s near race aero kit, it could make 940kg of downforce at its top speed. One of its best part is that it only cost you around $67k brand-new.
It is now available at your local dealerships and on our website,


AT motors, we can (not) make gud cars

2001 Hinode Rusa


Sumanto is an angkot driver in Jakarta, making a living by carrying passengers to destinations around the city. He drives a 2001 Hinode Rusa, which has been lengthened and fitted with a high roof for passenger-carrying duties. He is known by his passengers and colleagues for speed, the city’s gridlock traffic never seemed to have much of an impact on his time taken to reach his destination.

Joshua is the son of a of a wealthy family, making his living managing his family’s large food conglomerate which makes its fortune mostly off instant foods. Joshua uses the money he has to fuel his passion for cars. He drives a 1996 Suisei Tengai Fuji GTR R-VI, which was smuggled into the country as a “Suisei 4WD” truck.

One night, Sumanto’s neighbour’s wife broke her water. Immidiately, Sumanto rushed his neighbours to the hospital through the highway. Coincidentally, Joshua was also on the same route that night. And just as fate intended, they met.

Cruising at a comfortable 180kmh, the Rusa passed the GTR without effort. Not accepting this defeat, Joshua turned the boost knob to unleash the full might of the engine’s "280"hp. Joshua pushed and pushed, but the Rusa kept pulling away. Eventually the GTR reached 270km/h, and that was enough for him. Not only was his car slower, he did not have the courage to push further. Joshua eased on the gas, defeated but refreshed.

Joshua pulled over at a rest stop. It was 2AM, but Joshua needed more. So he called his secretary on his brand-new Nokia 9110 phone.

“P-pak Joshua…” the secretary uttered, “What do you need at this time?”

“Jessica.” Joshua said, “Find me the owner of a Hinode Rusa angkot. B 1269 KD. Please.”

“I don’t think anyone would be awake right now…” the secretary rebutted.

“Yeah, whatever.” Joshua replied, “Just do it ASAP, when everyone is up. Sorry about this, and go back to bed.”

“Wh-” the secretary asked as Joshua hung up on her.

With his powerful connections within the government and police force, Joshua managed to pinpoint the location of Sumanto and his angkot. The two had a talk at a warung, getting to know each other. They eventually got onto the topic of cars. When asked about his Rusa, Sumanto simply said that the car was sold to him for cheap since its previous owner died in a crash while driving it. Sumanto popped the hood. Joshua gasped at the sight: a 3.0l six-cylinder (possibly lifted out of a Hinode Tempest or Mahkota), turbocharged. When asked about power, Sumanto simply said, “Mboh.

Offering him to enter the world of motorsport, Sumanto initially disagreed but eventually gave in after hearing the money that Joshua was willing to offer, under the condition that he will only race in his Rusa. Joshua brought the Rusa to his mechanic for some much-needed repairs: a general overhaul of the engine, refurbishment of the drivetrain, and a set of new tyres that actually have treads. In addition, the Rusa was given an aerodynamic body kit and had most of its panels replaced with carbon fiber. Even so, the car still retained its angkot cabin and out-of-place badges that were stuck on for whatever reason. Joshua intended to repaint the car with his company’s colours but upon hearing about the High Noon Club, Joshua decided to send the car as-is to Japan to take part in Tsukuba since the livery won’t be ready by then.



Takahashi Wolf “Black Widow”

A one-thousand-one-hundred horse force to be reckoned with.

As Stock

The Black Widow

Additional infornation

The Black Widow is a modified 2006 Takahashi Wolf, with the original engine block and internals rebuilt and modified for the new power and 9200RPM redline. A sophisticated twin-turbo system brings the 3.5 liter engine up to 1,100 horsepower, and in turn brings the rather heavy 3,500 pound car up to 100km/h in just 2.8 seconds.

The chassis was rebuilt from the original monocoque to a light tube frame design, and partial aluminum panels help with weight, while not exceeding the budget.

The aero and suspension kit work in tandem to tame the beast of an engine at high speeds, and in spite of the low drivability at low speeds, the combination of massive downforce and sophisticated ESC system keeps the car stable at high speeds. They also help the car to corner. During private skid pad testing at high speeds, the team found that the massive wings allow for up to 2.4 G of cornering grip.


1998 Kazuki Ariant Sport

Tuned for ultimate circuit driving.