Tune the Ryota [Contest with win]

Hey guys !

I had an idea while i was designing a car…

And , yea. i’d like to start a little contest. you have to customize The new Ryota Khiya. :smiley:

The rules are simple ;

Customize the car , and the best one will win.

How do i have to post my result?

  • Upload Pictures of you car. front view and rear view are the most important ones. But you can post as many pics as you want.

-Upload your car Platform. You can find it here : C:\Users*Your Username*\Documents\Automation\Platforms then search for ex. ’ Ryota Khiya.lua ’ and upload it

If you should win , you’ll get a PRIZE !

  • Your Khiya will be presented in the official Ryota threat

  • You will get an exclusive , unreleased Ryota which you can redesign , name it how you want … You can do everything with the car . It will be yours . :wink:

Additional information and help

  • End of the contest : 22nd February 2014 [Date may change during the contest]

  • How to upload a file (your Ryota for ex.) Scroll down to the options bar. you’ll find it there.

  • just customize the platform [size=85]but if you want you can also make your own engine[/size] :mrgreen:

  • Bodyshell editing not recommented. because you have to start a completely new car then.

  • Next contest will start in March

Some pictures of the car :

Ryota Khiya - Rev - 0.lua (25 KB)

Any questions? Just ask here :wink:

Have fun at participating! :mrgreen: [size=60]Sorry for some english mistakes[/size]

Tune just the platform, or the platform and engine?

I should think it’s just the cosmetic look, because it says upload the platform, but it says nothing about the engine.

Also, are we allowed to manipulate the bodyshell, or just the fixtures?

Alright, guys. This is my attempt. I call it the Khiyeah. I took your platform and revised it using my imagination. I kept a few things (so you can make sure i didn’t just build an entirely new car) but most of it has changed.

[EDIT] i forgot to add the file [/EDIT]

DQE Khiyeah - Rev - 0.lua (64.8 KB)

Its only visual customizing (fixtures , because for bodyshell editing you have to make a completely new car). But if you want , you can make your own engine for the car ^^

Nice LED-Lights Tom :slight_smile:

Here is my entry. It is more of a “sport” model Khiya, rather than a completely new car. It is aggressive enough to attract people looking for performance, but not too crazy, because that might discourage potential buyers. In my opinion, the car should be paired with a 1.8L to 2.6L turbocharged I4.



Platform File:

Ryota Khiya - Rev - 2.lua (24.3 KB)

Nice and clean design ! And i see its more aggresive now :mrgreen:

Thanks, I try to keep my designs free of unnecessary fixtures. :smiley:

Same here hehe^^

Here’s my attempt, I haven’t really changed much of it, just the back and front lights and grilles. I did try adding a wing on the back but it really didn’t suit the car so I went without.
(Sorry I couldn’t attach the platform file, the game screen glitched and went out of proportion after I minimised and I couldn’'t click anything on the game)

Here is my entry:

Ryota Khiya Chikara (which means Force)

Running gear:
First of all, I started with giving it Double Wishbone springs to reduce weight and increase sport feel and tameness.
It has gotten AWD to put all that power to the ground, increasing acceleration times.
A manual gearbox with a single standard clutch and 6 gears is added to the car to deliver a full range of torque up to 248 km/h.
Extra large brake discs are placed to get the car down to 0 km/h fairly quick.
Tire width front: 195mm Rear: 215mm.
With a total weight of 1178.2 kg, the car is fairly lightweight, but still quite luxurious.

I moved the foglights inwards, and the indicators more up and left, to make room for extra cooling fixtures.
On the hood, there are two vents added to increase airflow through the engine bay and let the heat out.

A diffuser is added to create a more stable airflow under the car, therefor creating a more stable ride at higher speeds.
Two red reflectors have been added on the edge of the bumper for a little safety, but also aesthetics.
a double exhaust on one side has been added, to give it a more sporty look, but not too agressive, creating a slight illusion that this car might not be fast, but it actually is.

An GMS-T16 engine from Mosam Automotive is fitted inside the Chikara.
With 270HP, the engine delivers enough affordable power.

Hm…Maybe a new bodykit,smaller grille and new HR5S Engine for the Khiya. And due of my tuning brand is named Charizma, i will name it Charizma RK (Ryota Khiya)

Great design wizzy ! Also the engine is great :slight_smile: You’ve done it very well ^^

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi, my version is simple, and friendly, here goes…

[quote=“8bs”]Hi, my version is simple, and friendly, here goes…


cool idea with the lights :slight_smile: ! like it^^[/quote]

Here it’s my attempt :slight_smile:

Razyx, the rear you have done looks amazing !
Again a great entry :mrgreen:

Front done, working on the back and the engine.