Turbo flutter

I know it’s not necessary, but it would be a great touch to the game, since the current turbo sounds aren’t entirely convincing. I know this must be a question that is asked very frequently, but I’d like an answer :slight_smile:
Oh and by the way, i’d like to be able to have the option to put single turbos AND twin turbos on every kind of engine, except V12 and V16, because both sound ridicoulous to put only one turbo. I’m guessing this’ll come in the Forced Induction Revamp?

Yep … I’d also like sequential twin turbos. :thumbsup:

And for those V16’s … quad turbos :grin: So we can make Devel 16’s :grin:


If quad turbos are on the table why not for V12s as well? Then we could make that Chrysler concept.

Time to be a smart arse :slight_smile:
Why not turbo per cylinder for I4’s?

I’m thinking dual quad carburetor setup on a four banger.

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On a flat 4, for sure! 1 per bank!

Twin-charging might be nice.

I would love compound turbo/supercharging but to be honest a direct drive centrifugal supercharger is what I am most looking foward to for DSD