Turbo manifolds

a little response to the youtube video (youtube.com/watch?v=zSnpDLXmNTg)

what about ramhorns or custom manifolds? (e.g. theboostlab.com/store/produc … _56301.jpg)

ignored? :frowning:

Oh, sorry, thought I’d already answered this. Maybe eventually but not a huge priority as compared to other aspects it doesn’t make a huge performance difference, and it makes the piping etc. even more of a pain to line up.

im still not saying DO IT NOW :smiley:
as far as im concerned, they should be a choice, i have seen a whole lot of turbo manifolds and they seem to make a diffrence before the turbo kicks in
after that it is the same

only a commentary, look where is the turbo at picture.

Maybe you can make something like that long headers.

I don´t know how much difference can be at performance, but it win in design in comparison with short cast headers of video.
They can be an option.


It does make somewhat of a performance difference, but not a huge one, and at the moment we’ve already got enough work on our hands getting all the configs to work with ONE manifold :stuck_out_tongue: