Turning radius and Engine width

Engine width in front engined car changing the turning radius.
Turning radius increasing practicality

Balancing common rear engined cars in the yearly days
Balancing using i3 engines instead of i4 engines.
Give new dept to the choice between oversquared and undersquared engines.
Helping to end the max it till it don’t fit tactic.

The only things that affect turning radius are tire width and width of the wheel well. Meaning that narrower wheels and wider wheel wells (i.e. front suspension) improve turning radius due to more steering lock. Engine size would only affect drivability as increased weight makes the steering heavier.

The wheel well size is affected by engine size. If the engine is smaller you can make a wider wheel well.

The way the game works, the engine bay size is designated before the engine, so no matter how small you make it, the wheel wells won’t change size. What does affect their size is the suspension settings, and of course morphing the wheel arches.

They don’t need to change size. It’s just stats to simulate it. Smaller engine giving more practicality.