TV & Movie Car Challenge (Round 10): Low Skill and Fast Cars [Results!]

TV & Movie Car Challenge (Round 10): Low Skill and Fast Cars

“Hi There! Did you ever think think we would have 10 seasons of this? Can you belive that after 10 years we still can find these drivers roaming around your hometown”

“Every year we pick the worst of the worst and let them loose in your testing facility. We teach them basic driving techniques and show them how to be safe behind the wheel. Every episode we will graduate someone until only one student remains, who we will give the title of ‘Gasmea’s worst Driver’. But to find our worst driver we gonna give our bad drivers test after test. And for that we will give them our: Brand. New. Ride!”

“Um guys?”

“CUT!” the director screams, “Where is the car guys”
“Got lost.”
“I dunno”
The director sighs audiably “Just put a new tender out and we’ll see who will reply”

The producers are looking for a new hero car for the newest season of “Gasmea’s worst driver”. An edutainment TV show displaying inept drivers and teaching useful driving tips. The hero car is getting drivin at least once every episode. It will be used for mostly higher speed test.

Rules for the car:

  • Trim year 2015-2019
    We will be buying a more modern car but mostly Remaining stock. Nothing brand new.

  • Max aprox. cost of 40k
    We have a production budget here. Less is better

  • Automatic gearbox
    We are dealing here with low skill gasmean drivers, they will likly be unable to drive stick

  • RWD
    We are planning to do some challenges where AWD or FWD would make the test harder than they need to be

  • At least 2+2 seating
    While mostly the bad driver and their partner will sit in the car, sometimes Andrew likes to tag along

  • Fixed roof
    Due to safety concerns we can not allow any convertables. We are mostly looking for coupes and saloons.

  • 91/95 Ron, Catalytic converter and ESC
    Your normal legal stuff

  • And yes please keep realistic with your car engeering

What we are looking for



The hero car needs to be easyish to drive and ofc look good infront of the camaras! Well. As much as possible. But also it needs to keep the drivers safe, and should be able to take a hit… or two… or ten.


0-100 km/h time
Service Cost

The car needs to get to speed in a reasonable time. And lower Service Costs and PU/ET times allow us to keep the car alive for longer.


Fuel Eco

Please dont send us money pits. We are not planning on doing cross country drives, but being on an airfield in nowhere means that it is a bit far to the next fuel station. And of course saving money where we can is always a plus.

Naming Scheme:
Model/Family Name: TMCC10 - “Username”
Trim/Variant Name: Car/Engine name


And some king made a 113 video long playlist of all seasons
CWD S01E01 - Canada's Worst Driver Season 1 Episode 1 - YouTube

Submission are now open until the 21st of September 1pm GMT+1



Can our model year be 2015? because

Just wondering is it like, model year has to be below trim year, or can they be the same so model and trim is 2019?

the trim is 2015-2019 so why couldn’t you use the polestar body? i believe it’s supposed to be a slightly used car not a brand new one. so like 2010 model year and 2015 trim is fine

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You can’t select a 2015 body because that’s part of the model year, so if you have to have model year below 2015, you can’t select / use it. That’s why I was asking.

One more thing: How about handling? I’m expecting the film crew to want a car that’s agile in the corners, and not something that oversteers or understeers too much.

Ugh, what, why would you have to have the model year below 2015? As the rules are right now I’d say any trim year between 2015-2019 is allowed, and thus any reasonable (i.e. not 1976 for example) model year up to 2019 is allowed.

Good assumption, but it is not stated, which is why I was asking.

Years 2015 and 2019 are included in that

A) Common Sense B) Drivablity
If you want me to send a Widowmaker, its getting a quicker yeet than its 0-100km/h time


From what I’m reading in the rules, driveability and safety are top priorities. I would think that would cover the handling aspect.


Submissions are open!

Dont forget to send something in this time @Sky-High :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll get it done nice and early!

A big 5.0L V8 and uh, that’s about all the redeeming qualities.

Zephorus Warrior

More Pictures


Can you give us a guideline of acceptable PU and ET? Sorry if that’s dumb but I’m not that good in that part.

lol 5.0L considered big

nope… we goin 7.3 image


Looks at & Reads Intro

Welcome to, Canada’s Worst Driver:


Some Inspiration while I think about it:

2014 Cadillac CTS-V that the show purchased for $60,000. they also had other New(ish) Muscle Cars for other seasons starting with season 6 with a Brand New (2010) Camaro In response to complaints about vintage used cars being demolished in previous seasons.


The Knightwick EXXc


2016 Atlantan Toreador R/T

Extra Pictures

am i going to do this format for every challenge entry? yes


The 2019 Vernon Toros LT with 460hp of Tire Shredding Horsepowers


Should had saved my AMC The Machine for this challenge.