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TV & Movie Car Challenge Round 11 (TMCC11): For the Spirited Driver in All of Us [Finished]

Microchip Brain - Sportscar Heart - Swiss Spirit

The new Munot Helvetia 540S

Who says that a sports car can’t be comfortable? Or that high performance can’t also be practical? And how about having a state-of-the-art, smart car at an affordable price point?

It isn’t science fiction - it’s real life. With the new Helvetia 540S, you don’t have to compromise on anything. Based on our Uniquely Swiss flagship sedan, this car features the sharp design and meticulous engineering of its mainline cousins, all while dusting off some of the world’s fastest sports cars.

Is 150 MPH and 0-60 in under 7 seconds fast enough for you? Thanks to its turbocharged 5-cylinder engine, you get the performance and smoothness of a 6-cylinder with the quietness and efficiency of a 4-cylinder. With an aerodynamics package inspired by the fighter jets in the Helvetia’s home town of Emmen, this sedan merely sips fuel compared to its gas-chugging competitors. Rounding out the exceptional driving experience is engine electronic control, all-wheel drive, trip computer, variable assist power steering, and even ABS, all possible thanks to one of the most electronically “intelligent” sedan designs on the road.

Slipping into the front seat, both new and experienced drivers will recognize the ergonomic Helvetia interior in the 540S, updated for the 1988 facelift. Derived from the latest in combat aircraft design, the Helvetia cockpit fuses high-tech and comfort like almost no other. A warm, inviting, roomy interior with 3 passenger seats brings to mind the other Helvetia models, but careful differences in style and lightweight materials will remind everyone that this is a full-fledged sports car. Would you also believe that its extremely safe? The driver-side airbag is just one clue to the advanced active and passive safety features engineered into this sedan.

If you are still undecided about this make, then think about this this. Our competitors will charge you upwards of $50,000 for a machine without all of these features. But the Helvetia 540S pictured here? It goes for just under $34,000.

Now, wouldn’t you like to feel it yourself? All that’s left between you and a test drive is a trip to your nearest dealer.

And remember - the Helvetia 540S isn’t just a sports sedan. It is a true Swiss car.

Automobile Munot AG - Uniquely Swiss

Die Schweiz fährt!



Dear Automation Discourse Community,


Effective immediately.

You guys/gals/etc… have until Sunday, October 25, 2020, 11:59 pm (23:59) (PDT) to create and submit your entries according to all regulations.


Really, please read the rulebook and verification sheet…

Here is your countdown timer, which is tuned to PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) and should automatically adjust to your time zone (as long as your computer knows your time zone)


Good luck, enjoy, and have fun.

Best wishes,

Vincent and Vincent

ps. @GassTiresandOil , although you submitted your entry a bit early, I will process it right now.



If you’re in the market for an IP Celestia Turbo sedan, we already know that you have a passion for fast cars. And with a 205 hp turbocharged engine, top speed of over 230 km/h and a 0-100 time of 7.3 seconds, who could blame you?

But driving fast can be fun in many cars, the problem there is that you rarely have the chance to use all the performance you have got. After all, neither the highway or the city streets are a racetrack.


At IP we know that the fun should not start above legal highway speeds, it should be there from the moment you start rolling. And in the Celestia Turbo it is. Sports tuned suspension with gas shocks. A chunky leather wrapped sports steering wheel. Direct and precise rack and pinion steering. Four wheel disc brakes on independently sprung axles. Five speed manual transmission. Sports seats that will hug you in any corner. Sticky Dunlap tyres on alloy wheels. That is an environment that will not bore you neither on the racetrack or on the morning commute to work.

One thing, however, will not only bore you, but scare you, when it comes to most cars that can offer the same levels of perfomance, equipment and driving excitement. The sticker price.

Maybe the greatest joy of all when it comes to the IP Celestia Turbo.



Introducing the Alaen Tempa gt5 from Alaen Motors. Enjoy.

Video ad:

Nurburgring lap time:


Millbrook Pescalo Ultima

It’s a car?


Can Franklin Marshall take on the might of the German auto-industry?

Damned right we can!!

The 1988 HiWay GTs.

Interior (please not this is the GTsA interior)


After some screwing around with the naming system, I have decided to drop the caps sensitive requirement.


Featuring a specially tuned fuel injected 4 liter V6 with 218hp@6000rpms and 243lbft@3200rpms * slick shifting 5 speed manual gearbox with mechanical differential * 4 wheel disc brakes with ABS * Distinctive Aerodynamic bodywork * 245/45R16 TYERLLI P5100 tires on unique 16 inch alloy wheels * Touring suspension * Premium velour interior with bolstered front sport seats * 6 speaker premium audio with Cassette player *

Centauri, The stars are within your reach.

New for 1988 the top sports trim of the popular Raider sedan, the RS. The standard OHV 3.8 Liter engine has been enlarged to 4 liters, and the output has been massaged from 155hp up to 218, more than enough to propel this light on it’s feet 3200lb sedan to 62mph in 6.5 seconds, and through the quarter mile ain 14 seconds@ 95MPH . A fully reworked suspension tuning gives superior handling and high speed cornering all without sacrificing the comfort you’d expect from a Centauri Raider. Experience the power, the refinement, and the precision of the RS spec Raider.

slight edit to the rear look following some angry regulators


After reviewing a few entries, I’m seeing a weird tendency for some sedan bodies (according to the “body file name” to be labeled as coupes in the tab…)

If that happens to you, I will check the body tab, but something like the car posted above should pass. (well assuming it meets all other regulations)



Alkaev Automotive Industries (AAI) presents the Dragoon, with pedigree fresh from the icy stages of the Monte Carlo Rally. Using the all-wheel drive powertrain developed for our entry into the '85 and '86 WRC seasons, we have adapted it to a chassis with a longer wheelbase. The security all-wheel drive provides ensures fun can be had year-round and in any weather conditions.*


*Please note that the car comes with performance summer tires. A set of winter tires can be purchased easily by upgrading to the Winter Handling package! We’ll even store them at your local dealership, for your convenience.

Now, for the technical stuff. While the turbocharged I4 was impressive in testing, especially fuel economy, the power produced wasn’t satisfactory for a flagship model. Thus, the I5 from our WRC homologation model was further developed for non-racing uses. Since the AWD system was already designed for the I5 motor, this also assisted in reducing the development costs. Prototypes were soon on the road and production began in time for a 1988 release.

Some specs:
248 hp @ 6,400 RPM
243 lb-ft @ 3,800 RPM
5-speed manual (only transmission)
25 mpg
2921 lb
Double wishbone front and rear
2200 L passenger volume (~2400 for the '88 M5)


The Ginan Eucla E25 draws its interior cues most strongly from the Holden Calais VL - the premium version of the 84-88 Commodore.

A VL interior, redone in all red and with a new steering wheel.

Another VL interior, this time showing the casette player more.

The above pictures show a clear outline of the gauges, seat shapes, center console, dashboard and doors. Certainly not as artistic or timeless as the M5 - it is a product of its time, unavoidably dated. Nevertheless, at the time - and for those with a fondness for the time - it is quite the piece.

The Eucla division was rather dissatisfied with the steering wheel they received in their stock E25, however. Such a chunky, heavy wheel was cited as “un-ergonomic” and “unbalanced”. To rectify this - and to create a different experience for the driver - they created their own engine. Rather than drawing from the common and utilitarian designs of Holden, however, they elected for something sportier, something… German. The result was a sleek steering wheel, similar to the 1988 Mercedes 280.

The designers were rather happy with their new steering wheel, until they realised that it resembled the XF Falcon’s wheel. They were rather annoyed at the sight, but quickly took a liking to its doors and seats. No point in wasting a good opportunity, they figured, so they decided to just take those as well. The end result? A rather appealing premium 1980s sedan, but a sedan nonetheless. There are certainly more luxurious, more artful and more sporty interiors out there - but the Eucla is within reach for many more people. The interior comes in grey/grey (as in photo two) with an optional upgrade to faux brown leather seats (as in photo four).

TLDR: Premium interior, but not quite luxury. Holden Commodore/Calais in general, but a Mercedes steering wheel, Ford Falcon seats and doors.


MAHG Upsilon 25 Turbo

The answer is always Upsilon

You are French and you want individuality? Upsilon

You are German and in a hurry?Upsilon

You are Italian and your roads are racetracks? Upsilon

You are cruising on a motorway? Upsilon

You are on a circuit? Upsilon

Yes, the answer is always Upsilon.

Mainly the latest Upsilon 25 Turbo!

Thanks to lastest evolutions of engine technologies, our top of the range Upsilon 25 Turbo, manages thanks to its turbo a top speed of 280kph on the clock and a 0-60 time under 6 seconds! Our engineers managed to gets 11,5L/100 from a 250+ hp, 2,5L engine!! (Modified CX 25 GTi Turbo 2)

Thanks to its leather interior, hydropneumatic suspensions and all the refinements known into actual cars, you get through continents without feeling tired! (Borrowed from the Citroen CX 25 GTi Turbo 2)

Thanks to its single spoke steering wheel, you have a clear view of the dials! Included, Boost and Oil pressure gauge, Trip computer and Outside temperature gauge

If you are driven, We invite you to sit in these large comfy seats with individual cigarette lighter and ashtray!

The journey is a bit long? Enjoy our 6HP Hi-Fi radio for all your favorite tracks! (Borrowed from a Renault 25 V6)


But don’t think only the engine had been rejuvinated!

Safety as well!! 4 ABS vented discs are standard as well as broken bulb detector!


This top the range vehicle is available to you from 34 300$!!


Why do I have a feeling before I even enter mine that in terms of the “CSR style realism” rule I could fail, because I’m sort of going for a risky take… in the sense I’m going for that Skyline inspiration and raising you a bit of a later 90s type take…

Updated my ad post with additional images and details.

I Know It’s A Bit Modern Looking, But It Do Have That Future Vision

I’m straight ripping the interior from an R32 GTR

That’s all folks!

The 1987 Courageux 100

Luckily this is just the standard TLx, not the super performance model

The Couraguex-Lynx 100 CSR

Power comes from the same 3.0 inline six engine as the standard car, however the pistons, crank and con rods are replaced with forged components. A turbo has been installed and individual throttle bodies are there for maximum air and fuel flow.

The brakes have been upgraded for maximum stopping power and they nestle behind massive 17" alloy wheels with upgraded summer tyres.

The front bumper has been designed for maximum cooling and the bonnet has been vented as well.

An aerodynamic wing has been fitted to the rear with a smoother rear bumper design.

A strong 5 speed manual gearbox sends power to the rear wheels utilising a helical cut geared rear differential to put the full power onto the road.

A premium interior with leather sports seats for the front occupants and a comfortable leather bench for the rear passengers. High quality multi speaker stereo with full logic cassette player for entertainment.



Weekly entry updates and reminders 1 (as its the end of Sunday):

The following below have been accepted into the competition, with a proper forum thread post. Of course resubmissions are allowed assuming regulations are followed.


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Please contact me if you think you got forgotten


The R32 came out in 1989 IIRC? A R32 inspired car that is one year older would not be unrealistic IMO.

The 1988 Axion Sirène XS

The 1988 Axion Sirène XS is Axion’s first entry into the performance sedan market, and they came in swinging. The Sirène XS sports a 3.5L naturally aspirated flat-6 making 300hp, rear-biased all-wheel drive, and a 5-speed manual with a short throw shifter. The Sirène XS is capable of 0-60 in a mere 5.8s, and onto a top speed of 155mph. XS models also get an upgraded interior with Dynatex synthetic leather seats, faux sandlewood interior trim, and a sporty three-spoke steering wheel.
And the best part? It only costs a mere $31,200, almost $20,000 cheaper than the M5.

Visually, the XS model differs from standard Sirène trims with exclusive 16-inch Monoblock wheels painted in bright silver, an aerodynamic bodykit, a rear decklid spoiler, quad-pipe exhaust, and the XS-exclusive Galaxie Blue and Gloss Black exterior paint.

Full Specifications

-Longitudinally-mounted, cast iron block and heads, forged internals, 3.5L/3500cc horizontal-6, dual overhead cams, 4 valves per cylinder, multipoint electronic fuel injection

-300 horsepower at 6,700rpm, 244lb-ft of torque at 6,000rpm, 7,500rpm redline

-45F/55R split all-wheel drive, 5-speed manual with reverse, viscous LSD

-MacPherson struts (F)/Semi-trailing arm [R] with standard springs, twin-tube dampers and passive sway bars

-2 piston 305mm vented discs (F)/1 piston 305mm solid discs [R]

-P225/50R16 sports compound tires front and rear

-Hydraulic power steering, ABS and Advanced 80s safety

-Galvanized steel monocoque/aluminum body panels

-17mpg combined

-0 to 62 in 5.8s, 155mph top speed

-3,084lbs, 57F/43R weight distribution

Additional Images

Interior Inspirations

I took my major inspirations from the Ford/Merkur Scorpio, Peugeot 405, and the Saab 9000. If this were a real production car, it would use the center console, wood trim, and the shifter from the Scorpio, the steering wheel and gauge cluster from the 405, and the upper dash (climate/radio controls and the clock) and seats from the 9000.



With the death of the Ibis Raptor due to emissions requirements earlier in the decade, the engineers at Ibis realized this left the fun–to–drive brand without a fun–to–drive car. So after a couple meetings, deliberations, and shuffling of expenses, the company began development on what would become the Redtail. The key feature of the car—and its raison d’etre—was to subsidize the development of the company’s first V8. The Prometheus series was designed to be as compact as possible, while still providing a reasonable amount of grunt for the money.