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TV & Movie Car Challenge Round 11 (TMCC11): For the Spirited Driver in All of Us [Finished]

Uhh I forgot to send out this warning,
I will not be able to remind you if your car does not meet the csr realism rule. Such a rule would be better enforced through judging.
The only exception is the interior design rule.

1988 LCE LE5 V8 S

Just another personal luxury coupe? Think again - it’s actually our flagship world-beating 4-door, 5-seat sports sedan, powered by a 300-horsepower 5.7-liter V8, mated to a 5-speed manual transmission driving the rear wheels via a limited-slip differential. With 4-wheel independent suspension, 16-inch alloy wheels shod in high-performance tires, and 4-wheel vented disc brakes, we definitely haven’t neglected cornering and braking either. And you’ll find a true premium interior inside, complete with a Becker cassette tape player, plus a driver’s airbag for improved safety. Best of all, you can get one for just $34,500.

Interior inspirations

Interior inspirations: 1985-95 Mercedes-Benz W124 E-Class (front) and 1988-94 Jaguar XJ (rear)



A grey Import of an 1988 Ecamobile Ace GT. Being only one trim below the “21” trim this features a 5L V12, Luxury Interior and other Autobahn tech.

Ecamobile is a 1980 establishes german company firstly only making Forced Induction products but branching out into car making after buying up engine research and car company Pfeil Performance, who still design the engines for Ecamobile. The Ace is the first car by to company, coming with a I6, I6 Turbo, GT V12 or V12 TT “21 Blackjack” trim


Autodelta proudly presents their new flagship car. AMP up your life with the 1988 Autodelta Orcinus 3400 V6 AMP. Get your own copy of our press release down below!

As the brochure got a tad bit large, and as the forum doesn’t support PDF files, I added two possibilities to view the brochure: with the pages as pics here on the forum and as a flipbook for the full brochure experience. Check them out below.

Autodelta Press release per page

Link to Flipbook version of the brochure

ORCINUS US-brochure by Marv - Flipsnack


Holyshit dude… applause


oh fuck I realized I forgot to post application updates. Should do so tonight?


Do you lowkey actually work as an ad designer for a company? Lol, anyone without automobile knowledge would think this is an actual ad brochure for a real car at first glance!


@V4guy and @nialloftara Thanks for compliments. I got a bit carried away with it, but loved making it. I partly got carried away because of some frustration I had with part of the models body morphing back to the base morph every time I opened them after closing the game.

I’m currently unemployed (but looking for a job) and studying, so no. And my experience with designing stuff is rather limited too. I used paint, MS Word, MS Excel and a website (Canva) for this, and the only previous experience I had with that website before was designing my resumé. I do have some experience with writing stuff like short stories/social media posts/road-books/etc. for the real life car clubs I’m in. Along with having written some research papers and project-related products for my study.

My biggest example for this one was the pile of car brochures I’ve gathered throughout the years. I love the lore those have, just like old car magazines and books. I used some pictures, the general structure and some of the ideas from those brochures. And I used the 1990 AMG Mitsubishi Debonair brochure as an example for the front page and background designs of my brochure.

The only thing I regret is not having a rickroll somewhere in it, like one of the lore posts another person (i’m not going to say who) posted in this challenge :joy::ok_hand:


When this was released in 1985, no one considered it to be a performer. Being based on an outdated RWD platform while most of the competition had moved to more efficient front wheel drive designs and having a 1,8L four cylinder as top of the lineup, it wasn´t either competitive as a commuter or as a sports sedan.
After 3 years of lackluster sales, they used a minor facelift to re-release the car with a new top-of-the-line version, the COPA. Equipped with a 2.5 liter turbo engine capable of reaching 254 hp, it was now able to compete with the elite of the premium cars while offering a much lower price.


So after some attempts at auditing, there are a few entries with morph issues…
Apparently I missed one of them, only being made aware of such an issue after the creator messaged me about it.
I’m trying to think of a way to fix this while I get screwed over by midterms.


I just got done with a round of those when I made my entry. Best of luck to you with yours!

I know my entry had a couple small issues but I did the best I could with some stuff like the trim and bumper lip. Got them to cooperate as best as I could.


Uhh so apparently Vena’s power got cut (it was intentionally scheduled by California Edison (probably for maintenance, fire risk, etc…)), and will be until the 19th.
This is going to throw a huge wrench in the current plans, as we were going to do a big audit push before I have midterms leading up to the due date.


The new due date will be:

Sunday, November 1, 2020

+1 week


1988 Turból Centurion 4.0 ZR

In 1988, looking to inject new interest in the now-aging MkIII Centurion, Turból made the high performance 4.0 ZR trim, previously only available as a coupe, available for sedans. While this simple addition cost Turból little to produce alongside the 4.0 ZR Coupes, it made the Centurion 4.0 ZR Sedan one of the fastest production sedans ever produced at the time.


ok I think I have an idea to ensure that the “latest version” is entered, to account for some potential unlimited submissions issues.
When submissions end, I will PM each competitor the following:
Engine power and torque

ps. Vena’s internet is still having issues

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Chambord Auto is glad to present our brand new variant of the XEL.

The XEL variant has an I6 3.0L that generates 200HP and a lot of comforts.
Now imagine, this car with a little touch of sportiness… And we made it the XE I6 4.1L Turbo. A massive engine that generates 350HP!

The XE 4.1T does from 0 - 100Kmh in only 4.8s. A top speed of 273Kmh (170Mph). All of that in an AWD 5 Manual transmission for those who really like to have the control of the car in their hands.
And it still contains the same luxurious interior, ABS, hydraulic sterring, alloy wheels and comfort of the leather seats and Dolby Audio System of his younger brother

You can have all of it for only $34500!
Go now, to one of our Chambord Auto Dealerships and take a closer look at this piece of engineering.


Only just looked through the thread, just noticed you used the Grace Jones Citroen ad stuff, you deserve a medal :stuck_out_tongue:



Low effort post cause haha I need to sleep, also A Silver York for $30K? Well here you have it. the Precinct Concorde Z takes the entry-level Precinct and makes it CONCORDE what’s that mean? well, it’s fucking fast… now fast by Silver York standards or… actually fast? well judge for yourself, it might not be the fastest thing on the planet but hey it’s a Silver York with a cool body kit, a V8, leather bucket seats, the finest in-car technology around, and hell… you still have the eagle of luxury on the end of your hood.

This folks prove Silver York can be cool, together with cocaine and vanity mirrors perfect.



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1988 SSV 350 LE

" Your standard Runabout Premium-ish Family Four-door Saloon made by an Indonesian car factory with supervision from Japanese SSV brand "

Premium Interior (sorry no Photoshop skills at all so...)

Front Interior Image
Rear Interior Image

Instrument Cluster


powered by 3.5 I6 MPi Naturally Aspirated, with 0-60 time of 5.9 seconds it will beat BMW M5 but with cheaper price.
All Yours for $ 31,200 MSRP, discounts and deals available may vary per dealers