Two ideas

Have either of these been done?

  1. None of the current challenges seem to care about interiors at all. What if I started a series that was meant to be primarily or exclusively for interiors?

UPDATE: IDC01 - Muscling My Way

  1. Reverse reviews. This would be more of a writing challenge than car-building. The idea is that the host puts up a .car, and entrants all review it. The best-written review wins.

Of course, either of the challenges would have far more detailed rules than the above. Just kicking around ideas for now.


I must say I love both ideas! For #2, though, maybe a good idea is to send all reviews to the host, which later publishes them… to not influence other participants too much.


I’ve thought about the interior challenge idea before. Not sure how a winner would be judged tho, seems like it would be a community vote based system.


I also have thought about an interior only design challenge before, maybe base it off one body to make it easier to judge.

What stopped me is the fact so many people complain very loudly about building interiors so would anyone enter?

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Well, an interior-only challenge wouldn’t be of interest to those who don’t like interiors, so I’m certain people would actually enter such an event.


For an interior-only challenge, I’d recommend that a base car be provided, with the engineering and exterior design fixed - neither of those two should be allowed to be modified in any way.


I agree.


Do we want to try a test? Cause I have a late 60s muscle car that I have been MacGyvering together just now that could be a test mule for an interior comp.


Sounds good to me.

And qualms, queries, concerns? And I just kept it simple with Interior Design Challenge.

I would tend to agree, but how is it different from posting car adverts?

Judging would be mostly subjective, but that’s no different from exterior design. I would evaluate it not just for form - colors, thematic cohesion, plus whether it just plain looks good to me - but with an eye to function. For example, recently I saw an advert featuring hard and protrusive door latches right where the driver’s elbow wants to be. I’ve seen lots where rear legroom just…isn’t. Storage space is always welcome…

I can see a few ways to do it:

  1. One body, one engineering, one exterior, you make interior to match existing design language. That Bombardier, for example.
  2. One body, one engineering, you make exterior and interior with your own design language.
  3. Engineering and stats simply ignored.
  4. Take an older existing .car (with an interior) and remake it in a new generation to existing design language.


I like the idea about reviewing the host car. Also, an interior challenge would have to have a good exterior design so that it can be synchronized with the enterior.
Loving both ideas for sure.

  1. for sure.

Yep, #1.



I wonder if a more complex, heavier-styled exterior would actually be easier to design to than a simpler, more ambiguous one? IMO, thematic and color harmony with exterior elements should be a main factor in judging criteria.

@xsneakyxsimx - do you want to run this one? I would, but I’m about to launch a pilot/trial/first run of Fleet Allocation Challenge and don’t want to bite off more than I can chew, especially since I’ve never hosted before.

On the other hand, if I don’t run it, I’ll be tempted to enter it, and that might be even worse.

I could probably whip up some basic rules for this if people are interested.

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I say go for it. If I had won csc I was going to do the next round as an interior only challenge. So in lieu of that I think you should do it

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