Tycoon mode: Brand Engineering & Platform sharing

Wasn’t sure if I should post this in Dev Questions or here, but here goes;

Would it be possible to introduce Brand Engineering into the Tycoon part of the game?

Some examples:
It’s 1956, I’ve been steadily building a reputation for building family saloon cars, middle of the road stuff, reliable, fairly priced, mundane. Now I want to move up-market and built luxury cars. I have a new design, a new engine and a brand new factory to built them in, but I don’t want to enter a market that I’m not familiar with and perhaps damage my good reputation.
So I set up a new brand or division to produce my cars under. (Chevrolet-Cadillac, Ford-Lincoln).

It’s 1972, I’m an European Car manufacturer but see a trend developing that might give me a foothold in the USA car market. I’m still unsure on taking the gamble I’m afraid that if I launch my cars in that export market and they fail, I’ll not be able to get a foothold there later with my reputation damaged.
So I set up a new brand or division just for export. (Datsun-Nissan).

It’s 1980, I’ve been a manufacturer of exclusive sports cars but the market is running dry, I don’t have the funds to become a mass-production company. I strike a deal with a rival company to make a more sporty and more exclusive version of one of their best selling cars. We both benefit with added revenue and reputation gain. (Lotus Cortina, Lotus Carlton).

It’s 1994, I’m a manufacturer of several family cars, saloons, hatchbacks, wagons and coupés. Costs are on the rise and profit margins are slim. I strike a deal with a rival company to share platforms, either making the same cars but with our own badges and different facia in the same factory or using the same engines or possible even using the same dealerships. (Ford-Mazda, Chrysler-Mercedes/Lancia, everything ever by GM)



Yes. Already thinking of all these things :slight_smile:

Awesome news, glad you guys are looking into this kind of more in-depth stuff. :smiley: